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My friend Saber just finished a very powerful piece dedicated to those who have been shot by the police over the past year. I applaud his willingness to tackle a controversial topic. He explains the piece HERE.
Check it out!

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Post 4th of July Reflection

I did a good bit of reading of American political speeches over the weekend from Thomas Payne to the present. I never intend to embark on a civics lecture, but I think the whitewashing or rewriting of history is important to be cautious of. Please read on.

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IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I GUESS – opening at Subliminal projects July 18

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to present IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I GUESS, a group exhibition featuring new work by Greg Bojorquez, Tim Diet, Mark Drew, Michelle Guintu, Jeramee Haynie, Patrick Martinez, and Kevin Woodruff. The title of the show is a direct reference to a lyric from The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre. Yet the show also touches on indirect references, such as the intangible essence of summer in Southern California, the individual experiences each exhibiting artist has had with music, and the disparate communities music can bring together.

The work in IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I GUESS ranges in form and style but all retain the general playfulness that permeates throughout Los Angeles. Bojorquez highlights a sunnier side of the music industry with photography showcasing the smiles and swagger of some of hip-hop’s biggest names. Diet’s paintings are a mash-up of pop references, cartoon characters, and thug life. Drew paints musical genres in the form of stacked cassettes with an old school rhetoric that echoes current cool. Guintu paints, draws, and imagines a neon-toned life sprinkled with her favorite stars and musicians. Martinez visually recreates Los Angeles life as he sees it, breathes it, endures it, thinks it, observes it, and loves it…ultimately paying homage to it in the form of neon word plays, paintings of flowery gun stashes, cast still life’s of fruit, soda pop, and Cheetos, and birthday cakes dedicated to rap royalty. Woodruff is a performance artist with literal and figurative interest in the ways music can move a person, while Haynie’s sound installation brings the viewer back to the exhibition’s origin: music and it’s oh-so-colorful culture.

In Collaboration With Andres Guerrero

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 18 · 8 – 11 pm

1331 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Obey Euro Tour – Recap

The opening of “Your Eyes Here” at the CAC Málaga last Friday was a complete success and the turnout was incredible! This opening marked the end of a 3-week European tour with projects in Berlin, Munich, and Málaga. This was the first time the crew returned to Málaga since painting the Paz Y Libertad mural in 2013, which was accompanied by a mural painted by fellow artist and friend D*Face. Appropriately enough, D*Face also returned this year to open his show “Wasted Youth” alongside “Your Eyes Here” at the CAC. Both comprehensive exhibits run through Sept. 27, 2015. If you’re in Málaga, be sure to check out both shows! As always, thank you to the team, the many facilitators that made this tour possible: Positive-Propaganda – Munich, Urban Nation – Berlin, and CAC Málaga – Málaga, and Jon Furlong of Obey Clothing for capturing the journey with his inimitable eye!

Take a look at pictures from the show. Thanks for caring!

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Happy Birthday Debbie!

Happy Birthday to one of my all-time favorite icons Debbie Harry!

It’s been a pleasure to make a few portraits over the years and get to know both Debbie and Chris Stein.

Check out the other portraits: here and here!

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My interest in S.I.D. has several layers and I’m not putting across one message. I think Sid Vicious is a good example of the culture of music and celebrity, and style versus substance. When I fist got into punk rock, The Sex Pistols were my favorite band and Sid was the member I was most excited by based on his notoriety and image. I later realized that Sid made the least significant creative contribution to the band other than his look. Like it or not, Sid is one of the dominant symbols of punk rock and he embodies cliches of rebellion and self-destruction in ways that I look at as cautionary now but I saw as an exciting form of non-conformity as a teen. Dennis Morris captured both candid images of Sid and Sid as an over-the-top character and performer. I’m excited about this series because I think it presents Sid in multiple dimensions. I’m happy to bring this collaborative exhibition of mine and Dennis’s works to Paris, if you’re in the area please head to the Magda Danysz Gallery to check it out. – Shepard

A collaborative exhibition between Dennis Morris and Shepard Fairey
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 4th 6-8pm
Magda Danysz Gallery – 78, rue Amelot – Paris 11
On view July 4 – August 1, 2015

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Positive-Propaganda: Paint It Black

I met Sebastian Pohl last fall when I was in Berlin painting my Rose Shackle/Make Art Not War mural. Sebastian explained his Positive-Propaganda project and his passion for bringing artists with social and political themes in their work to do public art in Munich. I knew the non-profit art association Positive-Propaganda from my friends Cyrcle, so I was intrigued, but what really sealed the deal was Sebastian’s understanding of the politics behind my work, and his unrelenting vigilance to find a good wall for me. We discussed doing an anti-military-industrial-complex image because there are many weapons manufacturers around Munich, but we ended up with an ideal wall for my Paint It Black image… one of the buildings for Munich’s renewable energy department! The cultural-mayor Josef Schmid even endorsed the mural because Munich is one of the few cities that supplies all of its citizens with power from renewable sources. Citizens of several German cities have voted to return privatized utilities to public control and demand that they move away from fossil sources to renewable sources. If Germans can do it, Americans can do it!

I donated one of my Paint It Black pieces on wood to help Positive-Propaganda raise funds for future projects. You can read more about it HERE.

You can donate or become a supporting member by visiting this page.

Check out the mural and more pictures from Munich HERE!

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Jacob Lewis Gallery is pleased to present On Our Hands, an exhibition of new paintings by Shepard Fairey. The exhibition will be on view September 18—October 24, with a public opening reception September 17, 6-8pm.
On Our Hands is the first solo exhibition of Fairey’s paintings in New York City since 2010. In his new body of work, Fairey builds up the surface of his canvas in densely collaged relief, calling to mind a city wall layered with decades of distressed flyers. The paintings reflect on contemporary issues facing our global community: political corruption, environmental apathy and abuse of power. The exhibition is marked by a focus on corporate influence in government and the resulting inaction toward environmental concerns by the powers that be.

“I am incredibly honored to show at Jacob Lewis Gallery. I have known Jacob for years, and he has always maintained an insightful understanding of my aesthetics, techniques, and philosophies,” says Fairey on his inaugural exhibition at his representing gallery in New York.

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After painting my eight-story mural in Málaga in 2013, I was very excited about the opportunity to return to such a beautiful city and not only do more art in the streets, but showcase a broad range of my works from throughout my career at the CAC.  I’m excited for the public mural and the solo fine art show that opened tonight at the CAC Málaga.  The CAC is a beautifully laid out space that lends itself well to the variety of scales and configurations of my work and I’m also proud to be showing at the same time as D*Face, an artist I consider a friend and inspiration.  Check out the latest shots from Jon Furlong and Obey Clothing below.  Thanks for caring! – Shepard Fairey 

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Euro tour update!

Check out the latest shots from the Euro tour, including opening night of “Freedom” (group exhibition curated by Stolen Space an association with Urban Nation) and more eye candy from the streets of Berlin. If you’re in the city, be sure to check out the show and the variety of murals which coincide with the exhibition.

Work continues, and we’re all really excited for the opening of Your Eyes Here at CAC Málaga this Friday, June 26.

As always, thanks to Jon Furlong / Obey Clothing for all the great pics!

Keeping checking back for the latest!

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