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The Young Lords: New York Bronx Museum exhibit

If you’re in New York be sure to check out “¡Presente! The Young Lords,” a new exhibit focusing on radical Puerto Rican nationalist and civil-rights activist group Young Lords. Fighting for racial equality and Puerto Rican independence, Young Lords established a New York chapter in the late 60’s to help fight oppression within their communities and organize marches and protests to further awareness of their cause. The exhibit takes place at the Bronx Museum and includes memorabilia, fine art, and photographs from the groups events, including the horrific 1971 Ponce massacre perpetrated against the group by local law enforcement. Check out the following Wall Street Journal preview to see images from the show, which includes Shepard’s ‘Visual Disobedience’ piece HERE.

Also, check out this WSJ article on The Art and Activism of the Young Lords HERE

“SID: superman is dead” exhibit in paris

If you’re in Paris, be sure to check out “SID: SUPERMAN IS DEAD,” a unique collaborative exhibition by Shepard and photographer Dennis Morris, a tribute to the life of Sid Vicious. SID features rare original paintings by Shepard, shown alongside the legendary and archetypal photos of Sid taken by Morris.

“Sid remains one of punk’s most enduring icons even if he is a classic example of style over substance. I was a sucker for Sid’s image as a teenager, and I still am, even though I see him as less ‘cool’ and more tragic and cautionary these days. I have made many images of Sid over the years, and I thought I had retired him as a subject until Dennis Morris-the photographer of the most intimate and iconic shots of Sid-approached me about a collaboration. Dennis’s archive provided an amazing treasure trove of Sid images to work from in creating the paintings and prints in the ‘Superman Is Dead’ show.” – Shepard

In addition to the paintings and photographs, a limited number of prints will also be available at the exhibit. If you’re a fan of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, or music history in general, take advantage of this rare opportunity (from now until August 1st) to own a piece of cultural history preserved in this unique collaboration!

Please visit Magda Gallery for more info and click “more” below to see pictures from the show.

Shepard Fairey – Superman is dead

From 4 July, 2015 to 1 August, 2015
Opening 4 July, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm

Magda Danysz Gallery – 78, rue Amelot – Paris 11

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Help fund the trap door at the edge of the universe!

My good friend Noah Warner wrote and is making an indie film called Trap Door at the Edge of the Universe. He’s got a great group of actors lined up and only needs 18 grand to get started. I think it is always great when good ideas can triumph over deep pockets, so help these Davids in an industry of Goliaths. Those rocks and slingshots are cheap but NOT FREE! Thanks for supporting independent art!

Click here to support!

Last week to see Urban Nation’s “Freedom” Show!

This is the last week to check out Urban Nation’s: Project M/8 “Freedom” show in Berlin, featuring some pieces of mine as well as work from D*Face, Maya Hayuk, Cyrcle., Word To Mother, Miss Van, The London Police, Herakut, Snik & Evoca1. It’s rare to have such a diverse selection of artists from all over the globe showing under one roof, not to mention the many murals that were constructed to coincide with the exhibit… this one’s not to be missed!

Check out some recap pics HERE and HERE, and be sure to check out the show if you get a chance!

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“Wasted Youth / Your Eyes Here” (CAC Malaga Edition)

D*Face and I enjoy collaborating and we both agreed that it would be great to do a print to celebrate our simultaneous shows at the CAC Málaga.  We used very different color palettes in our murals there so we decided that since we both liked black, red, and silver – that we could put our chromatic differences aside and join forces on those three colors for the print.  I’d still recommend seeing the murals in person if you have the opportunity, but this print is an avatar I can be proud of.  All of the prints are signed by me and D*Face so you know that meant they had to travel to Spain and back – luckily, they’re all in good shape.  Thanks to the CAC Málaga for facilitating such a great show for both of us!

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PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes

It’s simple, “when money equals speech, speech ceases to be free.” Corruption surrounding big money in politics affects every single American. It’s time democracy regains its voice!
PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes systematically breaks down corruption in politics and provides solutions and steps we can take to regain our democracy. Check out the trailer below and help support independent filmmakers shedding light on fundamental issues. Shepard designed the poster for the film which can also be viewed below. Thanks for caring!

Click HERE to order the DVD

400 copies of the poster are signed and numbered by the director John Wellington Ennis, click HERE to purchase

For further questions or concerns please contact: [email protected]

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too many names

My friend Saber just finished a very powerful piece dedicated to those who have been shot by the police over the past year. I applaud his willingness to tackle a controversial topic. He explains the piece HERE.
Check it out!

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Post 4th of July Reflection

I did a good bit of reading of American political speeches over the weekend from Thomas Payne to the present. I never intend to embark on a civics lecture, but I think the whitewashing or rewriting of history is important to be cautious of. Please read on.

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IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I GUESS – opening at Subliminal projects July 18

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to present IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I GUESS, a group exhibition featuring new work by Greg Bojorquez, Tim Diet, Mark Drew, Michelle Guintu, Jeramee Haynie, Patrick Martinez, and Kevin Woodruff. The title of the show is a direct reference to a lyric from The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre. Yet the show also touches on indirect references, such as the intangible essence of summer in Southern California, the individual experiences each exhibiting artist has had with music, and the disparate communities music can bring together.

The work in IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I GUESS ranges in form and style but all retain the general playfulness that permeates throughout Los Angeles. Bojorquez highlights a sunnier side of the music industry with photography showcasing the smiles and swagger of some of hip-hop’s biggest names. Diet’s paintings are a mash-up of pop references, cartoon characters, and thug life. Drew paints musical genres in the form of stacked cassettes with an old school rhetoric that echoes current cool. Guintu paints, draws, and imagines a neon-toned life sprinkled with her favorite stars and musicians. Martinez visually recreates Los Angeles life as he sees it, breathes it, endures it, thinks it, observes it, and loves it…ultimately paying homage to it in the form of neon word plays, paintings of flowery gun stashes, cast still life’s of fruit, soda pop, and Cheetos, and birthday cakes dedicated to rap royalty. Woodruff is a performance artist with literal and figurative interest in the ways music can move a person, while Haynie’s sound installation brings the viewer back to the exhibition’s origin: music and it’s oh-so-colorful culture.

In Collaboration With Andres Guerrero

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 18 · 8 – 11 pm

1331 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Obey Euro Tour – Recap

The opening of “Your Eyes Here” at the CAC Málaga last Friday was a complete success and the turnout was incredible! This opening marked the end of a 3-week European tour with projects in Berlin, Munich, and Málaga. This was the first time the crew returned to Málaga since painting the Paz Y Libertad mural in 2013, which was accompanied by a mural painted by fellow artist and friend D*Face. Appropriately enough, D*Face also returned this year to open his show “Wasted Youth” alongside “Your Eyes Here” at the CAC. Both comprehensive exhibits run through Sept. 27, 2015. If you’re in Málaga, be sure to check out both shows! As always, thank you to the team, the many facilitators that made this tour possible: Positive-Propaganda – Munich, Urban Nation – Berlin, and CAC Málaga – Málaga, and Jon Furlong of Obey Clothing for capturing the journey with his inimitable eye!

Take a look at pictures from the show. Thanks for caring!

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