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PATIENT 13 Kickstarter Campaign

Obey supports grassroots movements; art can change the world. A friend of mine is trying to do just that with a documentary called Patient 13. It will follow the patients and scientists of a clinical trial that looks like it might find the cure for diabetes. Diabetes hits home for me, literally, as I’m a type 1 diabetic.

Patient 13 is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund following the scientists and patients through the human trial. You can participate in changing the world through art by clicking this link and getting involved in the campaign.

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Drop in the Bucket All Star Benefit Concert

HENRY ROLLINS, COREY TAYLOR OF SLIPKNOT, DAVE NAVARRO, SCOTT IAN OF ANTHRAX, AND DAVE LOMBARDO OF SLAYER – All come together WITH A SPECIAL DESIGNED PRINT BY SHEPARD FAIREY for Drop In The Bucket’s star-studded Benefit Concert, Wednesday, Nov 30th at the Avalon Theater!   Its an All Ages show with more Artists TBA!

Funds raised at the event will be used to expand Drop In The Bucket’s vital programs into the northern region of Bahr el Ghazal region of South Sudan. This area is on the verge of a major humanitarian crisis due to the sudden influx of returnees coming from North Sudan following South Sudan’s recent independence.

Tickets will be available for pre-sale purchase at $25 through Ticketmaster at http://www.ticketmaster.com and at the door for an increased price with availability pending.  For more information, visit www.dropinthebucket.org.

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Occupy Democracy

I support the Occupy movement for the same reasons eloquently stated by Robert Reich. Check it out!



Support occupy la now!

The Occupy LA encampment has been warned that they will be evicted from City Hall lawn in the next few days. If you believe in the democratic principals of free speech and the right to peacefully assemble, please send the message below to the LA City officials listed. Anyone who has ever felt like a spectator in our democracy needs to recognize that the Occupiers are fighting for you too. Please show your support.

Very Sincerely,
Shepard Fairey

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Occupy HOPE V2- revised

After Conversations with Occupy Wall Street Organizers, Shepard Fairey Releases Revised “Occupy Hope” Design
I am not directly associated with either the Obama re-election campaign or the organizers of Occupy Wall St. After I put my Occupy HOPE image and brief statement online Friday, I received responses from people and some very important issues were raised. It is hard to put across complex ideas with an image, and even harder to have a reasonable discussion in this polarizing, sound-bite oriented, media landscape, so I was grateful for some thoughtful feedback. My most eye-opening discussion was with an organizer of Occupy Wall St. who remains anonymous to preserve the lack of hierarchy within the movement. Below is a bit of our dialogue, which shows the many nuances to be navigated…

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JRF x Obey Clothing

A few months ago Steve T. and myself met up with Jason Filipow to interview him on his collaboration for our Holiday 11 limited series tees. We visited his studio and got a closer look at the history and his passion for collage, typography and punk rock culture. Jason is a very talented artist, and has been involved with Shepard and the Obey family for many years. Enjoy the video interview and make sure to check out his work. www.julietromeofoxtrot.com


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Occupy HOPE

This image represents my support for the Occupy movement, a grassroots movement spawned to stand up against corruption, imbalance of power, and failure of our democracy to represent and help average Americans. On the other hand, as flawed as the system is, I see Obama as a potential ally of the Occupy movement if the energy of the movement is perceived as constructive, not destructive. I still see Obama as the closest thing to “a man on the inside” that we have presently. Obviously, just voting is not enough. We need to use all of our tools to help us achieve our goals and ideals. However, I think idealism and realism need to exist hand in hand. Change is not about one election, one rally, one leader, it is about a constant dedication to progress and a constant push in the right direction. Let’s be the people doing the right thing as outsiders and simultaneously push the insiders to do the right thing for the people. I’m still trying to work out copyright issues I may face with this image, but feel free to share it and stay tuned…
-Shepard Fairey

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S[EDITION] x OBEY Digital Art Collaboration

I have always been interested in using a broad variety of techniques and materials, and so it was really exciting to take on the digital medium for the first time with the artworks created for s[edition]. Peace Guard is an evolution of a pre-existing idea, and yet by animating the artwork with the exploding gun barrel and the regenerating rose it has given it a whole new meaning, which I find fascinating.
– Shepard

s[edition] brings digital limited edition art by the world’s leading contemporary artists for the first time to mobile phones, iPads, computers, and television screens. s[edition] gives everyone the chance to experience the fun of collecting. Each edition is numbered and authenticated with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. The platform allows users to follow artists, browse and acquire works, download them to digital devices and screens, send editions as gifts to friends, and start their own collections.

For more information please visit www.seditionart.com, and the free iPad app is available for download at the iTunes store.


Paper / Scissors / Tape / Collage

My talented friend Pat Roberts has a show this Saturday in Glendale, California.  Check it out.


For more info go to popularvulture.com

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Shepard in conversation at Book Soup

Shepard will be  in conversation with Richard Polsky, author of “The Art Prophets”  at Book Soup in West Hollywood Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 7pm.  No reservations are needed but the room capacity is only 100 so get there early!  Shepard will not be signing any books or prints at this event.  Wine and hors d’ouevres by Animal Restaurant.

Book Soup 8818 sunset Blvd WEHO CA 90069  booksoup.com

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