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Style Wars Auction

The purpose of the Style Wars Restoration Project auction is to raise awareness and monies to restore the original negative of the first hip-hop documentary. Style Wars isn’t only the first film of its kind capturing the spirit of the original artists who gave birth to this would-be global movement, it’s also a historical document and portrait of New York City that captures its dramatic decline in the last century and the creative spirit of the youth who gave birth to a worldwide cultural movement. Proceeds from the auction will benefit The Style Wars Restoration Fund through Public Art Films Inc., an organization dedicated to producing films and videos about grassroots cultural expressions. For more information about the film and the restoration project, please visit stylewars.com.

You can find the auctions here.

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Are 1,500 Reasons Enough?

Another message from Brave NewFoundation:

This weekend, many Americans will mark Memorial Day at barbecues or other patriotic events, but thousands of families will spend the day dealing with the heartbreaking absence of a loved one. Others will spend the day like they spent every day for the last decade: hoping there’s not a phone call or a knock at the door to tell them their deployed family member won’t be coming home.

This should be the last Memorial Day we put military families through this agony for a war that’s not making us safer. Watch our new video and then sign our petition to tell your Member of Congress why the troops should come home from Afghanistan.

More than 1,500 troops have died in the Afghanistan War so far, and the best way to honor their memory is to get our men and women home. President Obama and Congress will soon decide how many troops to bring home and whether we’ll keep wasting $2 billion a week on a senseless war. It’s critical we let them know we want a swift return of all of our troops from Afghanistan.

It’s time to say, “enough is enough.”

Is compassion out of favor?

I have often discussed with my wife and friends the components I think are essential to a healthy society. On the one hand, personal freedom and personal reward for hard work are needed. On the other, policies that promote collective benefit, equality, and protect the most vulnerable people in society. I have never felt that ambition and compassion are mutually exclusive, but our culture seems to be moving in a direction favoring “every person for himself/herself”. Compassion seems to be out of favor. The sad thing is that this mentality seems to lead people to favor policies that are antithetical to their best interest. Many of the people opposing healthcare reform are the very people who would benefit from it. This LA Times editorial addresses exactly what I’m talking about in a clear and thoughtful way.  Check it out and then just look at the comments to see the truth in the sentiment of this editorial. Govt. can’t mandate morality, but compassion is essential.  Right wing culture has encouraged people and corporations to pursue profit no matter how harmful it may be. Thanks for caring.
-Shepard Fairey

LA Times Editorial

OBEY Man Hole

A friend just sent me a photo of one of the manhole covers I designed for the streets of Milan. I can finally say that my art is no longer just metaphorically, but literally, the gateway to the sewer.

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Skateistan – the first Afghan Skateboard school

Skateistan is a school in Kabul where about 400 kids, boys and girls, “rich” and poor – skate on a daily basis and learn things like photography, carpentry, drama, English and much much more.

The school was established in 2008 and built a professional indoor skateboard park in 2009 – with the help of the fundraisers in Denmark.

Now in 2011 we are collecting money so that Skateistan can expand and build an outdoor facility for the kids so they can skate even when the school is not open.

ALL income from this auction goes directly to Skateistan in Kabul – all fees and commissions also (Donated by the auction house Lauritz.com) Skateistan Denmark is run 100% volunter, we have no paid staff, skateboards and shipping is sponsored by BLIND skateboards and Blue Water Shipping – so if you spend 1000 Dollars on one of theese works of art – 1000 Dollars will go to Skateistan.

The motto for running the Skateistan Denmark support organisation is – 100% volunteer / 100% Non Profit / 100% transparency.

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New Darryl Jennifer Poster – Just released!

Bad Brains is one of my all time favorite bands, so when Bad Brains bassist Darryl Jenifer asked me to design a poster for his solo album I was psyched to do it. I have made several home-made Bad Brains tee shirts over the years and a tribute poster. Darryl’s record is very good too so check that out. The poster is signed by me and Darryl. ATTENTION: the poster was not printed by Obey Giant, so the stock is a little glossier than my usual posters in case that matters.

A limited edition of 175 signed copies is now available exclusively from the Bad Brains! Plus get a free unreleased MP3 by Darryl with every poster purchased.

Photographer: Atiba Jefferson

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Spencer “Nirvana Baby” Elden x CASH ONLY

The infamous Nirvana Baby aka Spencer Elden is debuting a new body of work this Thursday in Los Angeles. The show is only up for 5 days so be sure to check it out.  More info at vampiresoneday.com.

New Works by S. Elden
Thursday, 5/19/011

Art Gallery
1549 W Sunset Blvd
LA, CA 90026

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Cleon Peterson x White Flag

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 19, 6–9pm
May 17–June 11, 2011

548 W 28th St. 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10001

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The Medium is the Massage

The Medium is the Massage remains Marshall McLuhan’s most popular book, perhaps as influential as Understanding Media. It is still one of the most insightful and provocative works ever to have been published on our modern culture. With every technological advance, McLuhan’s theories reveal how prescient his insights actually proved to be. His thought is a guide to understanding “environments”, especially new ones as they enter and pervade society. Marshall McLuhan’s books are published in more than a dozen languages. He is widely considered to be the most original thinker of the twentieth century.

Cover art designed by Shepard Fairey
A small quantity will be signed by Shepard and sold on ObeyGiant.com in the coming weeks.

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Renaming the David Koch Theater in NYC

What would you rename the David Koch Theater if democracy and the arts couldn’t be bought?
Click here to Rename the David Koch Theater.

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