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Time Lapse of Melrose Mural

My friend Aaron Huey just sent me a time lapse of our  THE BLACK HILLS ARE NOT FOR SALE mural going up on Melrose. Check it out. -Shepard  

The Black Hills Are Not For Sale from sinuhe xavier on Vimeo.

Breaking: Wall Street Investigation Launched!

Good news from Obama about investigating Wall St. Let’s hope it is rigorous and vigilant. Thank you to MoveOn and everyone else who applied pressure and made their voices heard.

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Free Occupy Stickers!!

Sticker Robot printed some Occupy HOPE stickers for give away in support of the Occupy movement. They are FREE! Show your support for Occupy by displaying an Occupy HOPE sticker. -Shepard

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Very Happy Song by Brian Ray

“Check out this video in support of Occupy.  I think the message is delivered very powerfully.

– Shepard

Just Occupy Exhibition

The photographer Ted Soqui who shot the reference photo for the Occupy Protestor poster and Time Magazine cover will be having a show at Robert Berman along with Christopher Felver. I have a couple of pieces in the show and Sarah Mason the subject of the Time Protestor cover will be in attendance.    -Shepard

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T.V. LIFE / Photographs by John Van Hamersveld

T.V. LIFE   /   Photographs by John Van Hamersveld
January 14- February 11, 2012


drkrm 727 S. Spring Street in the Gallery Row district of Downtown Los Angeles

Opening Reception Saturday January 14, 7-10pm

Best known for his legendary poster for the 1964 blockbuster surf film The Endless Summer and his album covers for the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street, and The Grateful Dead Skeletons in the Closet among others, John Van Hamersveld has built up a wide-ranging body of   work over a career verging on its sixth decade. The iconography of his oeuvre runs deep.

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Glen E. Friedman has a new website

Legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman just re-vamped his website. We’ve collaborated on a few art projects and I’m honored that he has included our Cornel West collab on the site. Check it out!

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Top 5 Tax Myths

The Republicans lie on a daily basis about Obama’s tax policy. They frequently say things like “high taxes are choking industry and destroying America”. Check out this link to see the reality of American tax structure compared to many other countries. -Shepard

Hip-Hop Gives Back to Skid Row

On January 15th Chuck D and Public Enemy along with a dozen or more (mostly old school LA) hip-hop acts will put on a free concert for the down-on-their-luck residents of Los Angeles’ desolate Skid Row district.  What makes this concert significant is that all of these artists have agreed to perform for free as a an unselfish token in this new year for the homeless population of LA’s famed Skid Row area which contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless persons in the USA. A 2011 study estimated that Skid Row’s population was at over 4300 people!

For more exact information follow @GoSkidRowGo on Twitter.

This event should be awesome. Chuck D is the man. This is a great hip-hop line up for a great cause. Check it out!


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Back in 2007, as the 6th anniversary of Guantanamo accepting prisoners approached, Shepard created the iconic POW-USA image for Witness Against Torture.  Activists immediately found that the new image attracted important press attention, and thanks to Shepard’s donation of posters and stickers, the image soon became well-known.  When Shepard donated the image, he quoted George Orwell: “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”

Here we are in 2012, and January 11th is the 10th anniversary of Guantanamo functioning as a prison, so this is an important moment for the country and for President Obama.  Although he pledged to close Guantanamo, it is, obviously, still open, and still holding more than 170 men indefinitely – despite Supreme Court rulings that they be given due process and despite dozens of them being cleared of wrongdoing by the Bush administration.  We, in Witness Against Torture, will be fasting for ten days from January 2 to 12 – one day for each year that Guantanamo has been open – and will be bringing thousands of people to Washington – traveling on buses from all over the country – to form a human chain of more than 2,000 jump suited “detainees” from the White House to the Capitol, in protest of all those men held indefinitely and without the right of habeas corpus in both Guantanamo and Bagram.

The POW-USA image has been updated with a new tag-line to reflect the 10th anniversary. Witness Against Torture is raising funds to continue the campaign to shut down Guantanamo and end the illegal and immoral detention and torture practices that have been carried out by the US government over the last decade.  The money goes directly toward helping us to organize future events and to pay lawyers who work with us when we get arrested for direct action protests.  In fact, the jury trial of 14 of our activists is scheduled this week, in Washington, for an action in which they stood, one by one, in the Gallery of the US House of Representatives this past June; they were petitioning lawmakers to uphold the Constitution by not making funding for Guantanamo permanent.  Support Witness Against Torture by purchasing a POW-USA 10th Anniversary shirt TODAY!

Click here for more information on the Witness Against Torture organization.

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