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On Weiwei and Artist Suppression

Another great art and politics essay by my friend Antonino D’Ambrosio… check it out.




‘They Live 2′ Print Release on 7/7/11

‘They Live 2′ will be sold Thursday July 7, 2011 at a random time in the PRINTS section of our store.  Edition of 500, $50, Limit 1 per person/household.

Watch this video to hear Shepard talking about the film’s influence on his Obey campaign

and if you haven’t already, make sure you see the film They Live based on the Ray Nelson short story Eight O’Clock in the Morning, Carpenter’s film stars Rowdy Roddy Piper as a construction worker who finds a pair of sunglasses that reveals the world has been overrun by aliens who have placed evil subliminal advertising everywhere.

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Aidan has a Posse

During my recent trip to NY my friend EWOK let me know about a tough situation his friend Bobby’s son Aidan is facing. Aidan is six years old and has a form of brain cancer.  Aidan is a really sweet kid. As a father of a 6 year old I understand how devastating the situation is for their family. I gave some personalized Obey prints to Aidan and his dad Bobby was nice enough to offer me a spot to put up an icon face on the building where he works, Indian Larry’s motorcycle shop in Brooklyn. There is a website about Aidan and how you can help… please check it out.


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Dead Relatives X Black Book Gallery

My friends and sometime co-workers Phil and Ernesto are doing a great collaborative show. Check it out.


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Art in The Streets x Levi’s

Wear the work of your favorite street artists! In conjunction with Art in the Streets, ten limited-edition Levi’s® x MOCA Trucker Jackets designed by some the most influential artists from the graffiti and street art community are currently on sale at the MOCA Store at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. The Levi’s® x MOCA Trucker Jackets feature artwork on the back by Chaz Bojorquez, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, KR, Lady Pink, Kenny Scharf, and others. Each jacket is packaged in a commemorative box that bears a stamp reminiscent of the artist’s tag. The jackets will be released every two weeks in limited quantities (50 pieces per design). Purchase the Shepard Fairey jacket for $250 on July 2 HERE

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UPDATE: THIS EVENT IS TONIGHT @ Phaidon Store, Today 7pm. 83 Wooster St (between Broome and Spring Sts)

To celebrate the release of the paperback version of Steven Heller’s book Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State, (which examines the propaganda campaigns of four of history’s most notorious dictators, Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini, and Mao), Phaidon will host a panel discussion tomorrow with Heller, Shepard Fairey, and Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spookey).

Called “Big Lie and Little Truth, Graphic Design and Propaganda in Branding” the event is co-sponsored by Esopus Magazine and—like the book itself—takes a look at the integral role graphic design plays in shaping and guiding human thought and action. As Heller says: “the concept is [about] making propaganda–good and bad–truth and lies. And how design and designers manipulate behavior.”

The event is free to attend, but RSVP is required. Please email to store.soho@phaidon.com.

Album Cover box sets for sale

“Long before I knew about art galleries or even street art, I was excited about album cover art, if only because it was the visual counterpart to the music on the records I loved. Album covers conjured a euphoric association with the listening experience. Most of my earliest home-made tee shirts were stencils based on punk album covers… No matter how much I love art, or try to convince myself of its relevance in society, the fact remains that music is a lot cooler and way more able to reach people’s hearts and minds… but I’m a populist and I look at it this way: I may not play an instrument, but I’m gonna rock it hard as nails anyway. With my art I try to capture the same energy and spirit that makes music so powerful and democratic. REVOLUTIONS is a celebration of all the great music and accompanying art that has inspired me over the years.”
- Shepard

Two box sets were created for the REVOLUTIONS show which ended in April 2011.  Only 50 of each box set have been sold to the public, until now.  On Tuesday June 28 we are releasing the Dance Floor Riot Box Set and on Wednesday June 29 we are releasing the Party at the Moontower Box Set.  Both will be released at a random time between 10am and 12 noon Pacific Standard time and available in the Collectibles section of the store HERE For $950 each.  If you purchase both sets we will send you matching numbers and ship them together (and refund a portion of your shipping charges).  We love our fans!

Each set is a limited edition of 150 and includes 36 signed and numbered screen prints, a stencil, a sticker sheet of 9 stickers, and a certificate of authentication.  Limit 1 per person/household.

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Sea No Evil 2011

Benefitting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Over 100 artist confirmed with Special Live Performance by SHE WANTS REVENGE.
For more information please visit SeaShepherdArtShow.com

Saturday, June 25th, 2011
Doors Open at 6:00 pm

Riverside Municipal Auditorium
3485 Mission Inn Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

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The Last Mountain

On Wednesday June 15th the film will open at the Landmark in Los Angeles.  Bobby Kennedy Jr. and director Bill Haney will be doing a Q and A after the 7:20pm show.  More info HERE

The big fossil energy corporations keep telling us we have no choice and simply must keep destroying communities(with mountaintop coal mining), spewing pollution and causing 10’s-of-1000’s of illnesses and deaths in the US(with mercury, arsenic, ozone, etc., etc.) and endangering the planet with CO2 — and all just to boil some water to make electricity. But it’s a lie… Even in the heart of coal country in WV, they have a vision and want to see a wind-farm on their ridges, rather than dismantling the mountains for coal.

There’s a great new film, “The Last Mountain” which tells this amazing story. The film opens tomorrow, June 3rd in NY and DC. Check here for release dates in your area.

The film features Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and many incredible activists who are fighting Big Coal and proving that it will take a lot of heart to move the country forward. But we know it can be done — Germany just proved that today. But with the fossil fuel industry twisting democracy to their advantage, it’s going to take some action on our part!

For more info on the film, visit thelastmountainmovie.com or facebook.com/thelastmountainmovie

Theater bookers say people are tired of environmental films, let’s prove them wrong!

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Reagan and Friends Proceeds X Rootstrikers

Proceeds for the Reagan and Friends print series ( It’s Mourning in America, Legislative Influence for Sale, Corporate Violence for Sale and Top-Elite Faschions for Sale) will be donated to ROOTSTRIKERS .

Rootstrikers is a project of Fix Congress First, a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 by Lawrence Lessig and Joe Trippi to fight the corrupting influence of money in politics.  Learn more and become a Rootstriker HERE.


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