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Starting an Art Collection: An Interview with Highsnobiety

Check out Shepard’s interview with Highsnobiety on How to Start an Art Collection!

“I always say to be people, ‘look, if it’s within your budget and you love it, and you’re going to enjoy living with it and having it on your wall – and the amount of money you parted with to get to live with it is something you’re very happy with – that’s number one.'”

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The work continues in Detroit today. With one public mural completed at The Belt, Shepard and the crew are on the wall making progress on the larger one. Here are some photos from Detroit to show the progress of the public murals, street works, and prep for the show opening at Library Street Collective on Friday. Stay tuned for more updates and follow Shepard on social media @obeygiant for other shots from the road. Thanks for caring!

Photos courtesy of Obey Clothing

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Shepard and the crew arrived in Detroit over the weekend and quickly started on two public murals in the city including his tallest one to date, a 180’ x 60’ mural that leads up to his exhibition at Library Street Collective on Friday, May 22nd. The rain came and the crew got to work on the smaller of the two works going up in Detroit, this one at The Belt as part of the show. That was completed yesterday and today Shepard is back on the wall, high above the city painting the large mural.

The exhibition is Friday, May 22nd from 6pm-10pm at Library Street Collective. Contact [email protected] for additional information.

Photos courtesy of Obey Clothing

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Thank you Pratt Institute!

Thank you Pratt Institute and president of Pratt, Thomas F. Schutte for presenting me with this honorary doctorate. I’m humbled and appreciative of this distinction especially from President Schutte who is also the former president of my alma matter, RISD. Thanks to everyone for their support! – Shepard

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We must fight the greed of the powerful and restore the basic fairness of our society and our democracy. The most crucial step in fighting against political corruption and forcing politicians to get back to creating the greatest good for the greatest number of people is to reform our current campaign finance structure. This piece is specifically making fun of the idea pushed by Citizens United that money is speech, but following that logic that means that the only speech listened to is the speech with big money behind it. Proceeds from the “Pay Up or Shut Up” print will go to two organizations who are fighting for campaign finance reform, they are Rootstrikers.org and Represent.US. Represent.US created this excellent video depicting the problem of money in politics. This issue affects all of us, including YOU! Inform yourself. Thank you as always for caring.
– Shepard

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Artists For Freedom

Philippe Vergne from MOCA asked me if I would be willing to work on not only the graphic design identity system for the MOCA/Sotheby’s Spring auction, but to also create a fine art piece for the auction that relates to the design for the auction itself. I was excited to explore this concept because we live in a culture of compartmentalization but I believe that things are far more fluid between the fine art and design worlds than many gatekeepers are willing to acknowledge. Of course all of this was in service of an institution I believe does a lot for artists and should be supported by artists. This led to the concept of symbiotic support and creative freedom for the institution and the artists themselves facilitated by this symbiosis. My screen print is based on the painting I created for the auction, once again playing into the concept by yielding a more graphic version of a fine art piece but with a clear relationship to it and a lower price tag. I’m a populist so all of this works for me, hope it does for you.
– Shepard

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Book Signing with John Densmore from The Doors in LA

John Densmore, former drummer for The Doors will be at Mr Musichead Gallery signing copies of his book Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes on Trial on Saturday, May 16th from 7-9pm.  If you’re in the LA area, be sure to check it out.  Books will be available for purchase and signing.  Also available are the “Occupy Joe Strummer” poster that Shepard created and signed with Densmore.  Check it out!

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SABER Limited Serigraph Release | TOOLS OF DISSENT

Saber, who happens to be featured right now in our gallery Subliminal Projects for the show SURFACE: Portraits of Street Artists by photographer Søren Solkær, is a longtime friend and the graffiti artist behind the world’s largest-ever graffiti piece on the bank of the LA River (read more about it in Art Now SF). He has a very cool print called “Tool of Dissent” available. Check it out.


SABER Limited Serigraph Release!

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SUpport Halsey x 24 hour day of giving!

One of the highlights of 2014 for me was my show at the Halsey Institute in my hometown of Charleston, S.C. The Halsey has supported my career from the very beginning and it was an honor to show with them alongside one of my all-time favorite artists, Jasper Johns. Low Country Giving Day is Tuesday May 5th, a 24-hour day of giving to raise money for local nonprofits and community based organizations. Let’s help Halsey meet their goal and continue to support the arts! Find out more and show your support HERE. Thanks for caring!

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Manifest: Justice is here!

REMINDER: Be sure to check out the Manifest: Justice pop-up exhibit! It’s only running for 10 days and there’s a lot to see from a lot of talented artists!

From the organizers:

MANIFEST:JUSTICE is a creative response and community convening surrounding the conversations happening around dinner tables nation wide – conversations about race, justice, bias, representation, safety/security and systematic disenfranchisement.

Over the 10 days our 16,000 sq foot pop-up exhibition is open, we will convene over 30 events/programs including a Congressional Forum (as in CSPAN), Roger G. Smith performing his one man play “Rodney King”, an interview with Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s mother) and a Prop 47 record change day (people will come in with felonies and leave without them.) And thats just the tip of the iceberg. The full calendar of events is available HERE!

Open to the public May 2 – 10.

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