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Friends Kai and Sunny show in SF

My friends Kai and Sunny, who we have exhibited at Subliminal Projects, have a show of their recent art in San Francisco. The textures in their works are stunning. If you are in the Bay area, check it out in person, or check it out online. -Shepard

The show is open until July 4th, Tuesday through Saturday, 12pm – 7pm. 886 Geary Gallery, 886 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

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More shots of all the incredible work going on in Berlin! It was a blast to work alongside fellow artists D*Face, Cyrcle, London Police, and Word To Mother. And, tonight’s the night! Project M/8 “Freedom” presented by Urban Nation opens tonight, featuring my work as well as work from D*Face, Maya Hayuk, Cyrcle., Word To Mother, Miss Van, The London Police, Herakut, Snik & Evoca1.

Stay tuned for more!

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Here’s a quick update from the first few days in Berlin. Check out shots of the team on the road and see the mural and window panels in progress. It was fun to work alongside fellow artists D*Face, Cyrcle, Birdman, and Word To Mother. Be sure to come out to the opening of Project M/8 “Freedom” presented by Urban Nation tomorrow, featuring my work as well as work from D*Face, Maya Hayuk, Cyrcle., Word To Mother, Miss Van, The London Police, Herakut, Snik & Evoca1. There are incredible murals going up in Berlin right now!

Click here for more details on the opening. Thank you to Jon Furlong / Obey Clothing for the shots.

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My florist is a dick

I’m over in Berlin, and I was asked if my Sadistic Florist image is an SS soldier. No, it is NOT an SS uniform. It is a Washington DC riot police uniform. I guess the power of suggestion has shown itself here in Berlin. Unfortunately, there have been many deaths at the hands of the police historically and in recent months in the US. The police are frequently portrayed as “peace keepers” which is why I have the humorous flowers in the image. Over 5,000 civilians have died at the hands of the police in the U.S. since 9/11. That is far more than have been killed by terrorists… including 9/11. Check out this article by Katie Rucke. We need police to wear body-cameras, not more electronic data collection from ordinary citizens.

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It’s that time again, the Obey Clothing 2015 Warehouse sale is here! Click more to check out the flyer below or head on over to Obey Clothing for more details! Click here.

When and where?

Saturday, June 27tth from 7AM to 7PM, and Sunday, June 28th from 7AM to 5PM at THE OBEY HQ – 2722 Michelson Dr., Irvine, CA 92612.

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Urban Nation Presents: Project M/8 “Freedom” show in Berlin!

I’m pleased to be showing works alongside my friends Cyrcle, D*Face, and others for Urban Nations: Project M/8 “Freedom” show. If you’re in Berlin, be sure to stop by opening reception this Saturday June 20th from 7-10pm! Click more below to see the flyer / info.

In addition, I will be joining artists from this show for a panel discussion on “The Impact of Urban Art In Inner City Environments” in Berlin Mitte on Friday June 19th. Get the details HERE!

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Included below is an e-mail exchange between Mr. Bradley Carlson of Miami, Florida.  Mr. Carlson reached out to Shepard to share his viewpoints and concern with how Shepard’s recent commentary about President Obama could and has been taken out of context and used for the benefit of the Republican rhetoric.

We believe this is a healthy discussion and with a considerable amount of attention on the subject matter, felt it compelling to share publicly.  Please take a moment to read this.  Thanks Brad for your thoughtful dialogue.

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Germany Update / New Munich Mural pics!

I just completed a new mural in Munich. Thank you to Positive Propaganda and thanks of course to my crew for the help. Check out the pictures below by Jon Furlong / Obey Clothing, and stay tuned for more updates soon. Now on to Berlin! Be sure to keep checking for updates here!

In addition to another mural and a group show in Berlin, check out the VNA / Urban Nation panel discussion on Friday, June 19th – more details HERE.

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Art has the ability to effect the heart through the eyes first, and then the head will follow. I’m always hoping that every piece that I do will make a difference, effect how people think about an issue, potentially become a banner for a cause, and that is very ambitious but what’s the point of doing it at all if I’m not going for it.

I had a great experience working with Library Street Collective in Detroit for my exhibition “Printed Matters.” It was such an amazing experience to be able to create a 185-foot mural, do street installations at The BELT, and have a gallery show with them. Check out this really well done video which I think encapsulates the whole experience. There are also links to be able to do a virtual tour of the show up in their two galleries which is pretty cool.

Thanks for your support!

– Shepard

Also, I wanted to share the 3D models of the exhibition in each space. Take a look:

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Urban Nation and VNA Magazine in association with StolenSpace Gallery present a panel discussion with Maya Hayuk, D*Face Art, and Shepard Fairey and Urban Nation Director Yasha Young in this #ProjectM educational initiative to discuss the Impact of Urban Art in Inner City Environments. 
To join the discussion in Berlin Mitte on Friday 19th June, 19.30-21.30, RSVP to: [email protected]

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