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Jim Carrey Video Makes TEApublican Gun-Psycho Heads Explode!

If you have not seen this Jim Carrey video, check it out…  it is great political commentary and satire!  -Shepard

Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey from Jim Carrey


UPDATE: I decided that funds from God Saves and Satan Invests will benefit occupythenra.com.  Thanks for caring,  -Shepard


This GOD SAVES & SATAN INVESTS print was inspired by the multiple school and mass shootings that have occurred in recent months. As many of you know from my “2nd Amendment Solutions” print from a couple years ago, I’m not a big fan of the absurd abundance of guns in the U.S. I’m also perplexed by the claim of much of the nation to have “Christian values”. If god tells us to love our neighbor and not to take another human life, where do the assault weapons and piles of ammo fit into these “Christian values”? I personally think assault weapons fall more in the “Satan’s values” category. I’m not religious, and the text in this print is designed more to illustrate the hypocrisy and  contrast between “values” and actions in this country than to make a religious statement. Anyway, if you claim to dig god, lay off of satan’s tools…. if you don’t believe in god, lay off of satan’s tools! We live in statistically the safest time in human history, so the idea one would need an assault weapon for self defense is ridiculous. These weapons are tools of aggression, not defense. and any sane person not clouded by irrational fear would reach the same conclusion. When I ponder the demand for these killing machines, I see Satan metaphorically at work in the darkest, fear-based impulses of humanity. We can rise above and be better!
I get the 2nd Amendment, but the right to bear arms should NOT BE UNCONDITIONAL.
The 2nd Amendment reads:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”It was adopted in 1791 shortly after the revolutionary war in which the colonies had freed themselves from an English monarchy that gave the colonies no representation. The wisdom of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that a state militia could combat dictatorial oppression. I would assert that putting guns in the hands of a large portion of the civilian population was probably not what the founding fathers had in mind. I’d also say that our nations founders could not have predicted the rise of technology enabling people to acquire weapons capable of shooting dozens of rounds in mere seconds.My concern over very easy access to guns seems reasonably well founded. I’m perplexed by America’s love of guns. .I grew up in South Carolina hunting with my dad and we always had shotguns in the house. My dad put a framed piece in my room that said “A wise hunter once said: all the Pheasants ever bred won’t repay for one man dead”. I was taught to honor and value human life. Also, the shotguns used for hunting were required by law for duck hunting, to only hold three shells at a time. The idea was that it was excessive to shoot more than three times at a bird. No one needs a gun that shoots 10, 20, 50 rounds. Whatever your feelings are about hunting, you can use a three shot shotgun to defend your home, but guns are easy to misuse. A lot of people claim to own guns for self-defense, but check out the statistics below. Guns lead to intentional or unintentional misuse far more often than they are used for justifiable, self-defense related homicides.The Self Defense statsFor every time a gun in the home is used in a self-defense homicide, a gun will be used in:
• 1.3 accidental deaths
• 4.6 criminal homicides
• 37 suicidesHere is an editorial about congress. Let’s save lives and hold lawmakers and the NRA accountable!Thanks for caring

.-Shepard Fairey

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Fury Has The Hour – Now on Demand!

If you missed Let Fury Have The Hour in theaters, watch it on iTunes.

LET FURY HAVE THE HOUR is a must see! I was lucky enough to be involved in this film on a couple levels. I worked on the art and titles, and I’m interviewed in the film alongside heroes like Chuck D, Wayne Kramer, Tom Morello, and Ian MacKaye. The film is about creative response to social issues as embodied by the Clash, spanning music, art, writing, and philosophy. The film asks “what kind of world do you want to live in?” and I’d answer… one where a lot of people see a film like this and get inspired to pursue their own form of creative activism. Get into it, get involved, go see the movie, shape the world!

Also, the film is screening at dozens of universities across the country for youth arts month thanks to an organization called REACT to FILM.   Check it out.
-Shepard Fairey

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The Skins x Sayers Club

 A fantastic new band called The Skins made up of mostly multi-ethnic 18 year old Brooklyn girls. They rocked hard doing Zeppelin and Sabbath covers along with their own material that sounded kinda like the Hives but harder! I’ve often wondered “where has the primal spirit of rock and punk gone in the younger generation?”, and in The Skins I have found one of the places! I can’t wait to check out a proper album by them.  If you are in LA tomorrow night, check them out at the Sayers Club



New Work by Jessica Hess and Tara Smith

Opening Reception: Friday, March 22 • 8 PM – 11 PM
Exhibition Dates: March 23 – April 20, 2013

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is proud to present Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, an exhibition featuring new work by California-based artists Jessica Hess and Tara Smith. In this exhibition, both artists provide a unique perspective on the state and decay of various objects and tools existing within the contemporary, urban environment.

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The crew and I made the trip to Austin for SXSW this year. We lined up a couple of walls to paint murals, and I DJ’ed a party and spoke on a panel about rock poster art. It was a very busy four days. We worked on the murals all day and tried to check out music and parties at night. I was able to catch the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, a Just Blaze DJ set, and a fantastic new band called The Skins made up of mostly multi-ethnic 18 year old Brooklyn girls. They rocked hard doing Zeppelin and Sabbath covers along with their own material that sounded kinda like the Hives but harder! I’ve often wondered “where has the primal spirit of rock and punk gone in the younger generation?”, and in The Skins I have found one of the places! I can’t wait to check out a proper album by them. We got to hang with some Texas friends while we were in town. Austin transplant Ernesto Yerena helped out on the mural along with Mack Simpson who drove from Dallas. Amanda Fairey even did some stencil cutting. The murals went pretty quickly because the subsidy helpers and usual crew of Nic, Dan, and Z all did a great job. Thanks y’all. Some cool people stopped by while we were painting including Flying Lotus, The Blitz, Amanda Palmer, Squeak E. Clean, etc… SXSW brings the hip fold around.

The portrait of Joan Jett is a collaboration with Blondie guitarist and primary songwriter Chris Stein. Chris shot Joan while she was still in the Runaways in 76 or 77 when Blondie was touring LA. I love the photo and made an illustration based on it. Joan and Chris both dig the illustration, so there will probably be a screen-print coming out soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Vevo and the Empire club for giving us walls to paint on!


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Flaming Lips Beautiful F’ing Experience

My friend Sage Seb made a fantastic documentary about the Flaming Lips attempting to break the world record for most shows in 24 hours in different cities. The Film is called “A Beautiful Fucking Experience” and will be screening soon. Sage and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips asked me to make the poster for the film which is a huge honor for me. I’ve been a Flaming Lips fan for many years and I’m briefly interviewed in the film. The film is excellent and Flaming Lips fans, as well as any passionate fan of music, will love the spirit of the film. If you are unfamiliar with The Flaming Lips, I think their albums “The Soft Bulletin” and “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” are beautiful and powerful,  and should be purchased immediately. I’m pretty sure there will be a limited screen-printed version of the poster for sale at some point. Stay tuned. Oh, Wayne tweeted etc… about the poster. I’m pathetically desperate for validation from my heroes, so this made me pretty happy for a fleeting moment. http://instagram.com/p/WoFSICxwv0/

Here is the film’s synopsis and trailer. Check it out!


Trailer for “A Beautiful Fucking Experience” feature length documentary directed by Sage Seb from sage seb on Vimeo.


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PEACE and JUSTICE x I.Am. Angel Foundation

Peace and Justice – Mixed Media on Paper; a unique piece in the series, is being auctioned to support a GREAT organization.  Please check out the online auction for more information and to support this great cause!
Thanks for caring,

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Incase x Shepard Fairey introduces new Spring 2013 collection

Incase for Shepard Fairey new iPhone 5 cases are available now!
For Spring 2013, the signature Incase Snap Case for iPhone 5 serves as a canvas for some of Fairey’s most recognizable creations. The Icon Stencil design is emblazoned with the now infamous OBEY GIANT image that changed the way people view art contextualized by their surroundings, while black and white photographs of real world OBEY GIANT sightings in San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong are the foundations for the Street Scene Snap Case.

To celebrate the release, OBEY Giant announced on Facebook, a week long giveaway.  All comments, likes, shares and friend tags on each post through March 22, 2013 will be entered into a RANDOM drawing to win one of the signed new iPhone cases.   Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @obeygiant
Thank you for your support!

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OBEY Screen prints offered on Ebay to benefit Brooklyn School

“Toe The Line” is an online art auction to raise funds for the PTA-funded programs at Public School 132 (P.S. 132) in Brooklyn, NY.

Toe the Line was conceived of by Brooklyn-based painter and photographer, Logan Hicks, whose son (Sailor) attends the school. The idea came to Hicks while discussing yet another DOE budget cut with his girlfriend, Kristen Zarcadoolas, P.S. 132 PTA President and Sailor’s mom.
“There is a lack of resources at every level within the public school system and I want to do all that I can to ensure that my son has a proper education,” says Hicks. “There is a moral responsibility to do everything possible to help support the public education.” He decided to put out a call out to friends to see if they were willing to lend a hand by donating their artwork, prints, or books to be auctioned. “I used the resources I had to help in the best way I could.” After calling on his creative friends, Hicks says, “I was thrilled by the response. Nearly everyone said they’d be happy to donate something.”
Bid now:   www.ToeTheLineAuction.com

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