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BRAND X with Russell Brand – Premiers this Thursday, 11pm Eastern on FX!!

Russell Brand is a friend and my studio and I recently worked on logo and set design for his new show called BRAND X. The thing I love about Russell is his fiercely intelligent ability to combine humor with social commentary in a way that is both entertaining and provocative. Russell has been meditating and pondering a higher path for humanity while also pondering the fit physiques of his female fellow yoga students. His show will stimulate above and below the belt. Don’t miss it. – Shepard

Show airs Thursday June 28 11:00 PM E/P on FX.

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Paris Interview and Video

I was interviewed by a thoughtful woman named Maria Fernanda Schweichler while I was in Paris. She seemed to recognize the difficulties of balancing my interests of street art, fine art, politics, and fashion. Check out her article and video interview. Several people in Paris asked me if my mural there was commissioned or paid for by Levi’s. The answer is neither… I paid for my own team and I was provided lifts by Mehdi who owns Galerie Itinerrance and is spearheading the public art project in District 13. I was not paid to do the mural but I’m not sure why that seems surprising to a lot of people considering my history in street art. I suspect that the scale of the piece and intensity of the work process is something a lot of people don’t consider until they see it firsthand or well documented. I enjoy the challenge of large pieces and the opportunity to share my work with a public audience.
-Shepard Fairey

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New Mural in Paris

While Shepard and the OG Crew were in Paris last week for the Levi’s collaboration, they found time to put up a new mural too!  Check out the newest mural photos below (courtesy of Matthieu Soudet and Butterfly).

Special thanks to the organizers, Mairie du 13e, Mehdi from Galerie Itinerrance and Butterflyartnews.com

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Keith Haring x Obey Clothing Preview

Introducing for Fall 2012, OBEY Clothing Teamed up with the Keith Haring Foundation on a clothing collaboration. This is a short look at the project and concept behind it. Stay tuned for the full length version, coming soon.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Anonymous 99 #OpESR

I’m a few days late on this because I’ve been in Paris working on a few projects including a huge mural.. My friend David Degraw has posted a piece on the One Year Anniversary of the 99% Movement. Money out of politics is essential to a more functional democracy. Check it out and thanks for caring.

-Shepard Fairey

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Mujer Fatal iPad Portfolio

EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition – Mujer Fatal iPad Portfolio on sale Tuesday, June 19 on ObeyGiant.com

Incase for Shepard Fairey is a capsule collection of accessories for Apple device users featuring one of the world’s most preeminent street artists. As a cultural provocateur, social critic and artist, Fairey’s bold illustrations have created some of the most enduring cultural memes in modern times.

“The artworks that comprise my series for Incase all overtly or sublimely reflect the concept of Peace. Peace seems like a simple idea, but evidence of its fragility is far too visible. I believe peace, beauty, and harmony are not only related, but intertwined. Visual symbols of peace manifest similarly in many different cultures, transcending language and reminding us of the basic loves and needs we all have in common. Peace is a struggle, but whether the images are ornamental, hopeful, or cautionary, this series promotes harmony.”
– Shepard Fairey

Signed by Shepard and available in Collectibles starting Tuesday, June 19 at 10am (PST).   $99.95

UPDATE !! Orders will not ship until the week of July 2, 2012.

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RIP Stay High 149

STAY HIGH was a significant pioneer of graffiti culture not only in his proliferation, but also in his use of the smoking saint charachter as a supplement to his tag.  I met STAY HIGH a couple of times and he was very cool and funny.  He will be missed but his influence will endure.  ~Shepard

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Shepard x Mr Andre x Levi’s Flagship Store Paris

Shepard and his crew are in Paris!  Check out this video trailor and read below for events and information.

156 years ago, Levi Straus and Jacob Davis turned serge De Nimes, a simple fabric worn by French sailors, into the denim jean.  What followed was a new uniform of progress adopted by freethinking people around the world. Since then, French and American cultures have continued to inspire, learn and borrow from each other.  This transatlantic friendship has propelled both countries collectively forward,giving birth to many important movements in music, film, art and fashion. The new Levi’s® store arrived on the Champs Elysees this May, we are celebrating the relationship between USA and France and the progress it has inspired. As part of this celebration, we dedicate our new home in Paris to a series of collaborations between French cultural leaders and their equally-esteemed American friends. Over the course of 2 months, music legends Pedro Winter from Ed Banger Records (Paris) and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records (New York, USA) as well as street artists Andre Saraiva (Paris, France) and Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles, USA) will share their love for each other’s countries, cultures and creative spirits through elaborate music and art-themed installations, limited edition collaboratively-designed apparel, hand-selected merchandise and a series ofevents, screenings and interactive workshops.

Vive les Friends Events

Friday, June 15th: Artist Talk

We often see their art but we rarely hear them talk about it. As part of our Vive Les Friends celebration at the Levi’s Flagship Store on Champs Elysees, we are hosting a talk between the transatlantic friends Mr ANDRÉ and Shepard Fairey. Moderated by Michael Dupouy of LAMJC, the hour-long talk beings at 20:00.

Saturday, June 16th: DIY Workshop with Mr. ANDRÉ and Shepard Fairey


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Incase for Shepard Fairey expands Peace Series with the launch of the Portfolio for iPad

The Incase for Shepard Fairey Collection expands to include cases for the 3rd generation iPad 

We are proud to introduce a new addition to the Incase for Shepard Fairey Collection. Joining the range of bags and products available for MacBook, iPhone and iPod touch, the new Shepard Fairey Portfolio is a bold option for protecting and carrying your 3rd generation iPad.

The Shepard Fairey Portfolio is available in all three of the visionary artist’s designs for Incase: Elephant, Lotus Ornament and Yen Pattern. On the outside, the product serves as a mobile work of art, emblematic of the artist’s message of peace and harmony. On the inside, the Shepard Fairey Portfolio showcases its functional features, converting into a full iPad workstation complete with organizer pockets for essential documents. A snap-in clip secures the iPad while a suede divider protects the iPad screen and provides additional working and viewing angles.

The Shepard Fairey Portfolio is available now at goincase.com. To learn about and see more of the collection, visit goincase.com/shepardfairey/.

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scientists warn that earth may be approaching a tipping point

I’m not an alarmist, I’d simply prefer to leave the planet inhabitable for future generations. If you feel the same sense of responsibility check out this article.


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