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OBEY THE GIANT – The First Narrative Film About OBEY

A top secret project has just been revealed. Julian Marshall (RISD ’12) recently directed the first narrative film about the early life of Shepard Fairey and the origin of his OBEY GIANT street art campaign. The film chronicles the Buddy Cianci billboard incident that occurred while Shepard was a Junior at RISD in 1990. The trailer is available on his Kickstarter page. Julian is currently raising funds for post production.


Based on the true story of Shepard Fairey’s first act of street art, OBEY THE GIANT tells the story of a young skate punk challenging a big-city mayor and the powers-that-be at art school. Frustrated by his inability to gain respect within the confines of art school Shepard sets out to gain notoriety and acclaim by targeting the most powerful man in Providence, former Mayor Buddy Cianci. Risking expulsion and jail time Shepard plasters Andre the Giant’s face over the image of Cianci on a campaign billboard. As word of Shepard’s prank gets out, Shepard learns that art is a weapon and attention is both a blessing and a curse.

Check out the trailer and please donate to help him complete this historic project.

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Shepard x George Clinton

I met Parliament/Funkadelicateer and G-Funk godfather George Clinton a couple years ago when he stopped by a mural I was working on in Miami. He was super cool and told me about some art he was working on. A couple days ago his assistant said he was in LA and wanted to stop by my studio. I grabbed a couple of his records I could find in my disorganized crates of vinyl and we had an impromptu hangout session. I got to hear stories about other Detroit friends of his and favorites of mine like Iggy Pop, The MC5, Smokey Robinson and the Motown crew, and Alice Cooper. What an honor and treat for me to get to hang with Dr. Clinton. Here are some Atomic Dog drawings he did on my records…BAM!!!! Thanks for all the music man!

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Boycott Koch Industries

Charles and David Koch appear to be pushing their right-wing ideology to the bitter end. And it’s time for Americans to stop helping them.

Everyone willing to participate in a boycott should sign this pledge form, which says we’ll stop buying what Koch sells until Koch withdraws its membership in ALEC (The Kochs are major backers of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate front group that drafts “model legislation” for state legislators). The more people go public, the more this initiative will snowball. And if enough Americans of conscience avoid the Kochs, it just might put a dent in their bottom line.

What products need to be avoided? Koch Industries makes myriad consumer goods, and there’s no space here to name them all. But the best place to start is their household paper products:

  • Toilet paper: Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Soft ‘n’ Gentle
  • Towels, napkins, plates, cups: Brawny, Dixie, Sparkle, Mardi Gras, Vanity Fair, Zee

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What Would Ronald Reagan Have Advised The GOP To Do Regarding The Buffett Rule?

   The Republicans always cite Reagan as a hero and role model. In an amazing example of how much further the Republicans have moved to the right since Reagan, they now disagree with Reagan on the issue of the wealthiest Americans paying their fair share in taxes. Reagan and Obama actually agree on the issue. Tax loopholes make it easier for wealthy business owners to pay less. Obama wants them to pay their fair share and so do I, even if it means I pay more taxes too. If the money goes to schools and roads rather than arms and war I’m happy to pay taxes in support.


Check out this great video showing just how long we’ve all been fighting for fair tax rates (and what the GOP’s favorite hero even said about it). And if you like it and pass it on to a few friends, even better!

JuiceheaD x Osaka Popstar debuts “Waiting Room”

Two Misfits Records artists join forces performing together in a super-charged new school homage to the old school, as JuiceheaD & Osaka Popstar team to debut an all-new cover version of Fugazi’s classic punk anthem “Waiting Room”! Produced by longtime Misfits and Ramones collaborator John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar).

Features front and back sleeve art created specifically for this release by world-renowned visual artist Shepard Fairey (OBEY GIANT ART/ Studio Number One), in a nod to his punk-rock inspired, graffiti-driven, street-art roots.

The special Ltd. Edition Record Store Day Exclusive 7-inch pressing includes the dynamic new rendition of “Waiting Room” performed by JuiceheaD X Osaka Popstar on Side A, with an exclusive etched B-side showcasing the iconic Shepard Fairey sleeve art on black vinyl. 1-in-10 chance at a red etched vinyl variant. Includes free digital download card with MP3s of the new JH X OP “Waiting Room” single, plus an extended “Time Bomb Remix” of the track. Only 1,000 etched copies pressed worldwide. Available at participating locations everywhere on Record Store Day, Saturday April 21, 2012.

Digital download available online worldwide via iTunes, Amazon and more: Tues. April 24th.  You can preview the JuiceheaD X Osaka Popstar “Waiting Room” cover in streaming audio now at RollingStone.com.

Pick up the exclusive JH X OP “Waiting Room” Record Store Day 7-inch at Looney Tunes Records on Sat. April 21st, and you’ll receive a wristband that gets you in to the 1pm Osaka Popstar & JuiceheaD instore signing! John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar) & Rob Vannice (JuiceheaD) will appear for a signing at Looney Tunes Records (31 Brookvale Ave. West Babylon, NY 11704, 631 587 7722, from 1-2 pm on Record Store Day, Sat. April 21st signing copies of the new “Waiting Room” single, prior JuiceheaD and Osaka Popstar releases, and any other applicable stuff fans might bring along. For those who bring a copy of “Commando: the Autobiography of Johnny Ramone”, John Cafiero (who edited the book and contributed an afterword), will gladly sign those too.

There will be a limited number of “Waiting Room” 7-inches available so get there early!

Exclusive Ltd. Ed 18” x 24” autographed screen-print of the sleeve art signed by Shepard Fairey,  Casey Ryder (Studio Number One), John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar), and Rob Vannice (JuiceheaD) available at select record shops and Misfits Records online store.   Pick up a print and pre-order the EP from the Misfits Records or Osaka Popstar online shops , and you’ll get free MP3 downloads (on 4/24) of the JH X OP “Waiting Room” single, plus the “Time Bomb Remix” of Waiting Room + 3 additional remixes.

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Patti Smith x CAC print release

I made a mural of Patti Smith in the lobby of the CAC when my museum survey show went to Cincinnati in 2010. The mural is still up and it turns out that Patti Smith herself will be doing an art show at the CAC. This serendipity inspired a print release of the Patti Smith image to raise funds for the CAC. Only 100 are available on my site, but if you are in Cincinnati you can pick  up the print at the CAC. If you don’t know Patti Smith’s music and writing… check that out too!-Shepard

100 prints will be released at a random time on 4/12/2012 here.  $45.  Limit 1 per person/household.

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Top 10 Koch Facts

1. Koch Industries, which the brothers own, is one of the top ten polluters in the United States — which perhaps explains why the Kochs have given $60 million to climate denial groups between 1997 and 2010.

2. The Kochs are the oil and gas industry’s biggest donors to the congressional committee with oversight of the hazardous Keystone XL oil pipeline. They and their employees gave more than $300,000 to members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in 2010 alone.

3. From 1998-2008, Koch-controlled foundations gave more than $196 million to organizations that favor polices that would financially enrich the two brothers. In addition, Koch Industries spent $50 million on lobbying and some $8 million in PAC contributions.

4. The Koch fortune has its origins in engineering contracts with Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union.

5. The Kochs are suing to take over the Cato Institute, which has accused the Kochs of attempting to destroy the group’s identity as an independent, libertarian think and align it more closely with a partisan agenda.

6. A Huffington Post source who was at a three-day retreat of conservative billionaires said the Koch brothers pledged to donate $60 million to defeat President Obama in 2012 and produce pledges of $40 million more from others at the retreat.

7. Since 2000, the Kochs have collected almost $100 million in government contracts, mostly from the Department of Defense.

8. Koch Industries has an annual production capacity of 2.2 billion pounds of the carcinogen formaldehyde. The company has worked to keep it from being classified as a carcinogen even though David Koch is a prostate cancer survivor.

9. The Koch brothers’ combined fortune of roughly $50 billion is exceeded only by that of Bill Gates in the United States.

10. The Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs accused Koch Oil of scheming to steal $31 million of crude oil from Native Americans. Although the company claimed it was accidental, a former executive in this operation said Charles Koch had known about it and had responded to the overages by saying, “I want my fair share, and that’s all of it.”

That last quote — “I want my fair share, and that’s all of it” — encapsulates the unbridled greed driving the Kochs’ political activism and business dealings. Democracy cannot thrive with so much power being in the hands of men like this. If we care about democracy, we have to work to take it back.

Co-authored by Jesse Lava and Robert Greenwald

Printsonwood.com X Jeff Soto Release

My friend Derric Swinfard has started a site showcasing and selling artists’ work printed on wood. He is releasing a print by an artist I really like, Jeff Soto, on April 5. Check it out.


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Aung San Suu Kyi Victory in Burma

There have been jubilant scenes outside the headquarters of Burma’s National League for Democracy after the party declared its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has won a parliamentary seat in byelections. It is a milestone for the Nobel laureate who has spent much of the past 20 years under house arrest, barred from involvement in the nation’s politics. ~The Guardian (UK)

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The long wait is over, Koch Brothers Exposed is here

Yesterday we had the World Premiere of our Koch Brothers Exposed documentary in New York City just a few miles from one of the Kochs many homes. Instead of keeping this film in theaters, we are making it available immediately on DVD with an Action Guide so that you can watch with family and friends then do something to make a difference.

Get the DVD now featuring expert interviews, investigative exposés, and extras about what these billionaire brothers are doing to our democracy. After you get the DVD please download the Action Guide which we have created with our partners Greenpeace, Campaign for America’s Future, NAACP, Democracy for America and Advancement Project.

We are up against a mega-rich foe with an elitist attitude. Charles Koch is credited as saying, “I just want my fair share, and that’s all of it”. We need your help to combat these billionaires actions. Sign up to hold a House Screening or go to the Screening page to attend one in your neighborhood. After watching, we encourage you to discuss the film with your family and friends then look through the Action Guide to decide on which actions you can agree to do. With your help we can start to reverse the damage that has been done.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. Together we can make sure that the 1% is not controlling our democracy.
Robert Greenwald

I invite you to join Koch Brothers Exposed on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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