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Low Fidelity Opening Party

My friend, photographer Bobby Grossman, with whom I collaborated on a Debbie Harry portrait, is having a show of his awesome photography from 1975-1983. The show is called LOW FIDELITY and opens tonight in Boca Raton FL. There will also be a book of the works in the show available. Check it out.-Shepard

Read this article about the show.

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Matt Sorum stands up for Art in Schools

Matt Sorum is fighting to keep art programs in public schools and I couldn’t agree more with the need for creative nourishment in schools. You can find out more about his efforts at www.adoptthearts.org.

Read the LA Weekly article HERE

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MoveOn Interview with “Inside Job” Director Charles Ferguson

Please check out this video with the director of “Inside Job” to get some insight into the investigations of corruption on Wall St.



Incase Launches Shepard Fairey Artist Series

I’ve been a big fan of Incase products ever since I first started using their Laptop backpack over 10 years ago.  I love the Incase design aesthetic and functionality.  I was very excited to do an artist series with the Incase brand because beyond just digging their products, I have a great history of creative projects with Incase partner and Creative Director, Damon Way.  It has been a pleasure to work with Damon and the entire Incase team in developing the series.  Please check it out for more information.  - Shepard

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Random #10 eZine by John Freeborn

My old friend and skate buddy John Freeborn just published an e-zine with some really great artists. I first met John at Kinko’s making a skate ‘zine in Providence in 93 or 94, so it is cool to see he’s still at it. Check it out. -Shepard

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Interview: Why Shepard Fairey is not a Sellout

Peter Simek did an interview with me in Dallas and asked some questions that were challenging. I think the conversation is worth a read. There have been a couple questions floating around that were not addressed in the interview. I’ve heard rumors that I was paid to do the murals and paid to DJ in Dallas. Neither is true. Dallas Contemporary paid for some of the costs, but a lot came out of my own pocket. I do street art because I think it is important for public expression and discourse. In fact, I lose quite a lot of money doing street art, but I can afford ambitious street projects by selling art and posters. Street art is free for the public, but costly to the artists. There seems to be a strange and unrealistic standard for street artist. If a street artist’s model could be compared to a rock band’s, it would be like saying a band does their version of street art by touring cities and playing free public concerts, but then their audience is appalled if they sell CD’s or tee shirts to pay for those free concerts, and if they do, their good will in playing free concerts is dismissed as an evil marketing scheme to sell more CD’s. I look at myself as someone who wants to empower artists(including myself) and so I refuse to subscribe to a dysfunctional standard toward street artists that does nothing but hold us back. I’ve been called a sellout for using platforms for my art other than just the street, but I think there are many valid ways to share one’s art with the public and many valid ways to solve the difficult problem of surviving financially as an artist.

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Cowboy Country – OBEY Dallas Recap

The crew and I just got back from an action packed mural mission to Dallas facilitated by the Dallas Contemporary Museum. We did 5 painted murals in 6 days working long hours. I brought along the razor sharpish LA Squad of Z Bomit, Nic Bowers, and Dan Flores, and we were additionally supplemented by some great folks in Dallas like Dalton aka Roadhouse, Mack Simpson, Elissa, and Beatle. I did a well attended lecture with Pedro Alonzo, and rocked a DJ set at the museum. I talked to a bunch of school groups too which made me wonder when I made the shift from a bad influence to a role model? I think there is still some room for debate there, but there is no room for debate when I say Peter, Erin and the rest of the Dallas Contemporary staff took great care of us. Southern hospitality was generally abundant…thanks y’all. Jon Furlong shot a bunch of great photos. Here are some highlights, but check out the links below for the full story of the work and play .

Dallas: The Pilot (Part 1)

Dallas: The Cliffhanger (Part 2)

Dallas: The Finale (Part 3) 

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LA Mural Ordinance Community Discussion

New Mural Ordinance Community Discussion with Shepard Fairey and Saber
LALA Gallery
1335 Willow St.
Los Angeles, CA. 90021

This is your last chance to make your voice heard… Public Comment on the new LA Mural Ordinance will end soon.  The Dept. of City Planning, LALA Gallery and the Arts District BID want to celebrate our policy momentum with a final public discussion and chill event on February 7th.

Please familiarize yourself with the Draft Ordinance HERE.

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Haul the Kochs before Congress!

Billionaire oil tycoons Charles and David Koch continue shunning transparency. What are they hiding?

The Koch brothers have refused to answer fundamental questions about how they stand to gain financially from the Keystone XL oil pipeline, a 1,700-mile long boondoggle that will make the Kochs richer.

Rep. Henry Waxman has invited the Koch brothers to testify before Congress, but the Kochs’ allies in Congress are dragging out the process.

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Dallas Contemporary x Shepard Fairey

Dallas Contemporary has invited Shepard to create a series of murals throughout the city with a focus on West Dallas. Shepard and the OBEY GIANT crew will be in Dallas the week prior to Feb 4th. If you are in the neighborhood be on the look out for the OBEY GIANT experience and please show your support to the Dallas Contemporary.

In celebration of the mural project, on Feb 4th, the Dallas Contemporary will host the first annual PHENOMENON, an over-the-top, neon-inspired dance party. Shepard will provide the music for guests in the Dallas Contemporary galleries, just days after completing his murals.  A Limited Edition Print, Posters, and other collectibles will be available at the contemporary.   For the tickets and more details on the week’s events please visit, http://dallascontemporary.org/

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