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Ebony Magazine – Trayvon Martin

Shepard created this artwork a few months ago for a commission by Ebony Magazine.  We were not able to show the artwork until the issue hit newsstands this week.  “I have followed Trayvon’s case closely and I think any compassionate human being can relate to Trayvon as a brother or son and would want to see a thorough investigation into the killing of an unarmed person.  In my portrait I wanted to emphasize Trayvon’s humanity as well as the public outcry for a just investigation into his death.

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Honor the Treaties | Trailer

Honor the Treaties is a documentary short about photographer Aaron Huey’s work on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Charting his movement from journalist to advocate, the film details Aaron’s recent collaboration with artists Shepard Fairey and Ernesto Yerena. Ultimately, the film questions outsider’s abilities to tell accurate stories about poverty, exploitation, and history. The film will premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival, opening night for ShortsFest, May 24th. Directed by Eric Becker (weareshouting.com). Photography by Aaron Huey (aaronhuey.com).

First showing is May 24 at 7PM at the Seattle International Film Festival


There are 17 hours left in Julian Marshall’s kickstarter for OBEY THE GIANT, the first narrative film about Shepard Fairey.  Although Shepard was not directly involved with the film/project, we want to show support.
Julian Marshall (RISD ’12) recently directed the first narrative film about the early life of Shepard Fairey and the origin of his OBEY GIANT street art campaign. The film chronicles the Buddy Cianci billboard incident that occurred while Shepard was a Junior at RISD in 1990. The trailer is available on his Kickstarter page. Julian is currently raising funds for post production and the cost to send the film to festivals.

Check out the trailer and please donate and help him send the film to festivals!

Obama Made History

I’m very happy that Obama had the courage and conviction to show his support for marriage equality despite the possible political fallout. Even though I’m pushing for campaign finance reform, I agree with MoveOn that support for Obama’s risk-taking is warranted and may be needed to help preserve the progress on the issue. The world needs more love, not more people trying to discriminate against consenting adults who love the way they choose. Tolerance is a virtue! Check out what MoveOn has to say on the issue. Thanks for caring.

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Voters In-Money Out

Shepard and others talk about Adam Yauch

More words of wisdom from Adam Yauch. Here is also a NY Magazine piece dedicated to Yauch that includes a few of my thoughts on him and the Beastie Boys.
-Shepard Fairey

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New Mural Installation at Pace Prints

Shepard and his assistant Nicholas Bowers spent the day at Pace Prints 521 West 26th Street yesterday, installing two site-specific murals. These will be on view in the windows of the gallery and will be visible from the Highline and the street.

Shepard’s exhibition Harmony & Discord opens tomorrow, Saturday May 5, at noon.

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Rest in Peace Adam Yauch

The world has lost a great musician who will always be an inspiration to me and those at OBEY GIANT.

-Shepard Fairey

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“Harmony & Discord” at Pace Prints

Our friend Tanley Wong from Arrested Motion published a feature in anticipation of the upcoming “Harmony & Discord” exhibition at Pace Prints.  Check it out.  – Shepard.

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Shepard Fairey: Harmony & Discord X Pace Prints NYC

Shepard Fairey:  Harmony & Discord
Opening: Saturday, May 5, 12-8pm
May 5 – June 16, 2012
Pace Prints, NYC

Pace Prints is pleased to present Harmony & Discord, an exhibition of new works by Shepard Fairey, created in the Pace Editions studios in New York. This is Shepard’s first exhibition with Pace Prints and premiers his first works in handmade paper as well as the largest screenprints he has done to date.

Harmony & Discord references the global dichotomy of politics; what forces it creates on the grand scale and how that reflects on the actions and awareness of the individual. Responding to the energy of New York, Fairey worked on this technically complex body of work in a series of sessions at the Pace Editions studios. During this residency he also went out on the streets and made a number of large murals.

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