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Santa Fe University x Shepard Fairey

I was recently invited to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design to do a lecture and mural as part the school’s Artists for Positive Social Change series. Public Enemy did it last year, so I was proud to be the follow-up. The talk was full capacity and I enjoyed the conversation with design chair David Grey who I first met at a rave in Main 20 years ago.
   Since it is an art and design school I thought it would be fitting to paint a pro-art, anti-war mural. I actually submitted the design to the University after I thought it had been rejected for a wall next to Baller Art Supply in Silverlake, another art friendly venue. Unexpectedly, Baller decided they liked the art, so there will be a different version of the concept in LA too! Santa Fe was cold… so  cold that my hands were numb enough that I did not realize I had a huge blister from pushing hard on my x-acto knife until after I ran my hands under hot water for a while. Regardless, the mural turned out well and I met a lot of great students. Thanks to Dan Flores and Nicholas Bowers for working through illness to help complete the mural.
-Shepard Fairey

Jaque Fragua

 I met Jaque Fragua in LA at a 99% art show through my friend Ernesto Yerena. Jaque happens to live in Santa Fe and we linked up during my visit there. He took me to his painting studio and showed me some great works in progress as well as taking me to an awesome restaurant with murals on the walls by him, Kofie, and El Mac. Thanks for the hospitality Jaque! He has an art show coming up on March 1. Check it out if you are in Phoenix and check out a few of Jaque’s images.

-Shepard Fairey


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Public Enemy – The Evil Empire of Everything

Public Enemy are my all time favorite hip hop group for both their music and their politics. I try to keep up with what they are doing and I enjoyed the video and message of the very soulful song EVERYTHING. The song is about being satisfied with life based on more than material pursuits and status symbols. I was flattered to see a very old(12 years) Obey shirt toward the end of the video. Chuck D is the man. Public Enemy is the embodiment of consciousness in hip hop.  Check out the video and pick up their newest record “The Evil Empire Of Everything”-Shepard Fairey

The New No.2

My friend Frank who drums for the New No.2 and Street Drum Corps asked if I’d customize his bass drum head. A little design work and stencil action later… BAM! The New No.2 fronted by Dhani Harrison, George Harrison’s son, will be playing Leno tomorrow night. They just did the music for the film Beautiful Creatures. Check it out!


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S.S.I. x Obey Picture Disk – Electronic Music Meets Street

My old friend David Ireland wrote a blog entry about the picture disc collaboration I did with John Goff. I go way back with David and John, so it is cool to see what he wrote. Check it out and pick up a picture disc… there are only a few left.
-Shepard Fairey

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Revealed: The Truth About the NRA

Watch this video to see how the NRA is really run by the gun industry–and how they profit from massacres like the recent Newtown incident. It’s dark stuff but I think you really need to see this. -Laura Dawn, ArtNotWar

Shepard Fairey x Santa Fe University of Art and Design

For those in Santa Fe and surrounding areas – Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) is proud to announce that contemporary artist Shepard Fairey will visit Santa Fe for a lecture and Q&A discussion and will create a mural design as part of the university’s 2013–2014 Artists for Positive Social Change series. The lecture and Q&A, free and open to the public, will be hosted by Graphic Design Department chair David Grey and held at SFUAD’s Greer Garson Theatre on Sunday, Feb. 17, at 7 p.m. Fairey will also design and paint a permanent outdoor campus mural during the week of Feb. 18. Don’t miss your chance to hear the man speak and see his art in action!


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OBEY In London part 3 takes a look Shepard’s ideation behind Sound & Vision, being inspired by song titles, lyrics and musicians and tuning into the message behind the music. He describes how his ever changing musical influences translate into visual media and DJ Z-trip’s role in providing the soundtrack to accompany the show.

If you haven’t seen the the rest of the series check out PART 1 and PART 2

The Photography of Chris Stein

Chris Stein, the guitarist and founding member of Blondie is an acquaintance of mine and a fantastic photographer. He went to SVA in NYC and continued to photograph the scene around him during Blondie’s rise from CBGB’s to the top of the charts. One of my favorite photos is his shot of Andy Warhol photographing Debbie Harry(Chris’s bandmate and girlfriend). Andy’s final portrait is iconic and Chris captures the process. There are many great shots to see on the Morrison Hotel site, which was founded by legendary photographer Henry Diltz. Check it out  Both of these guys, Chris and Henry, are top notch human beings so give them your support. Plus the prices are very reasonable. Oh, I may be doing a collaboration with Chris based on one of his Joan Jett portraits. Stay tuned…
-Shepard Fairey

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Electric Warrior x Gibson Guitartown on the Strip Auction

The 10-foot tall Gibson guitar art sculptures that have lined THE SUNSET STRIP will end their year-long tour on Friday, February 22 when they are auctioned for charity at a gala event at Bonhams in Los Angeles. All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Los Angeles Fund For Public Education’s “Arts Matter” campaign, which supports art and music education in L.A. public schools.

“I was excited to contribute to this project because I love the intersection of art and music. Album covers and other music related art has been a huge inspiration for me and I always enjoy making music related art. I have been to many rock shows at West Hollywood venues like The Whisky, The Roxy, The Viper Room, and the Key Club, so it is great for me to celebrate the musical history and ongoing vibrant music scene of the Sunset Strip.  Since it is a Gibson guitar project I created a piece inspired by Marc Bolan of T-Rex who played a Gibson. I illustrated Bolan as an iconic rock n roll archetype with a nod to vintage vinyl LP and stereo graphics. There are layers of music reference in the collaged elements on the guitar.  Please check out the online auction for more information”.  -Shepard

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