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Here is an exclusive look at one of the new paintings featured in SID: Superman Is Dead, a collaborative exhibition between Dennis Morris and Shepard Fairey, at Subliminal Projects Opening December 13th.

Opening Reception: Friday, December 13 from 8-11pm
Special Opening Night Musical Performance by RITCHIE LOVE featuring: Steve Jones, Billy Idol, Clem Burke, and Leigh Gorman.
($10 suggested donation at the door)

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Juan Garcia x Spike Lee Letter

My friend Juan is dealing with a frustrating situation. I sympathize with him because when I was struggling as a designer people frequently asked me to do work on spec, promising big rewards later, which usually never materialized. Check out Juan’s letter to Spike Lee.


Rebel Music Update

I am creating visuals and working as an executive producer on an amazing new TV series called Rebel Music. As a fan of musicians like The Clash, Public Enemy, Bob Marley, and Rage Against The Machine, I am a huge believer in the power of art and music to serve as platforms for social and political commentary. Rebel Music mirrors the approach and philosophy I’ve embraced throughout my entire career – art as a catalyst for social change. I believe in this project passionately because it highlights REAL people struggling with  REAL issues in regions of the world where the same freedoms we take for granted in the U.S. are being fought for daily. The people featured in Rebel Music are courageous and inspiring in their use of music and art to push for justice and humanity. MTV World has the ability to reach a huge audience and give voices to young people highlighting the power of the combination of music, art, and activism. If you are like me, and you’d like to see more programming that gives voice to creative people with great ideas questioning orthodoxy, please tune in to Rebel Music and spread the word about it!  I’m excited to be working with the Rebel Music team on such a vital project for today’s generation. Avoid apathy!!!… take a look at the Rebel Music site http://www.rebelmusic.com. Here are the show times and can watch the episodes through the main Rebel Music link.

Thanks for caring.

Rebel Music- Show times
MEXICO 12/02 @ 9/8c on MTVu
ISRAEL/PALESTINE 12/09 @ 9/8c on MTVu
INDIA 12/16 @ 9/8c on MTVu

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The Brave New Films x Unmanned x Drones

The Brave New Films drones film Unmanned powerfully cuts through the propaganda of the “War On Terror”  to reveal the devastating human consequences of  drone strikes where innocent civilians and families are literally and figuratively torn apart. The film reveals why the US war of terror makes America less safe, not more safe, by creating tremendous hostility with those impacted by our indiscriminate drone attacks. BNF scrutinizes the U.S. drone policy with far greater depth than the mainstream media in an effort to get the truth out to people.  Anyone who sees value in human life and due process should be appalled by the human rights violations this film exposes. There is a fundraising drive to raise money for the discussion guide and college outreach for the drones film.  They are offering copies of the DVD as well as the FREEDOM FROM FEAR t-shirt I designed Please check out the link and support! unmanned.warcosts.com/unmanned_university


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OBEY in Malaga Finale

The crew and I just got back from Malaga Spain where we painted a 7 story mural next to the Contemporary Art Center. D*Face and his boys came through to paint the other 7 story tower of the same building, which was great for camaraderie. I had been to Barcelona in 2006, but never Malaga. I knew there was enthusiasm for street art in Malaga because my friend and street art patron, Selim Verol, did a well received show of his collection at the CAC Malaga that included work by JR, Kaws, Faile, me, and others. However, I could not have anticipated how warmly we would be greeted in Malaga. From the moment we started on the mural there were people hanging out, watching, and waiting for us to come down from the lift to shoot photos and ask for stickers and signatures. The weather was a little chilly and windy, but rain free, so we made pretty fast progress. Nic Bowers, Z Bomit, and Dan Flores have helped on many painted murals now, so we have become an efficient team. Jon Furlong from Obey Clothing was there to shoot photos and video of the action on the big wall and around the city. Since we finished the 7 story wall in three days instead of the allotted five, I was able to do some street art spots around the city and soak in the sights while stickering the desired surfaces. Our hosts Fer and his dad, Fernando, from the CAC were super cool and invited me to head back to the museum for a solo show in 2015. I look forward to that. Thanks to everyone from the CAC who helped make the trip and mural happen. Thanks also to the people of Malaga for giving us such a warm reception!

MAUS Malaga Project

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TrustoCorp x Pearl Jam

My friend Tristan, the man behind TrustoCorp, created a great poster for Pearl Jam. It drops today so check it out!  -Shepard

Pearl Jam by TrustoCorp
An edition of 100, signed & numbered posters will go on sale tomorrow at noon PST on pop up site:

The poster is 18″ x 24″, 7 color silk-screen and was made for the Pearl Jam show November 24th, 2013 at the LA Sports Arena.

First come / first serve! Thank you!
$120 each

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My buddies from CYRCLE have teamed up with our friends at PCP for two new limited-edition prints with a meaningful message. The 20 x 20 inch square format prints titled “Sometimes You’re a Cowboy” and “Sometimes You’re an Indian” are eight-colors, hand signed by CYRCLE and limited to 90 prints in each edition. Prints are numbered, embossed and exclusive to Poster Child Prints, validated by a certificate of authenticity,  $135 each.   -Shepard
Link for Purchase: http://posterchildprints.com

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The main objective as you’ll see from the photos has been nothing but work.  Everything has been running smooth, expect from being 120 feet in the air and for some reason we brought the wind. There is a lot of positive energy and support from the people in Málaga along with the help from everyone at MAUS Malaga and the CAC Málaga. Enjoy!

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A Total Disruption featuring Amanda Palmer + Ondi Timoner + Shepard Fairey

I’ll be DJ’ing and donating some art to my friend Ondi’s event for her “A Total Disruption” project at the Echoplex on Dec. 15. Come down and support!


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Jello Biafra/Powell Peralta skateboards

I’ve been a fan of Jello Biafra and Powell Peralta skateboards for almost 30 years! One of my first punk albums was “Plastic Surgery Disasters” by the Dead Kennedys, and I rode several Powell Peralta boards in the 80′s including the Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Saiz, and Tony Hawk. I also imitated the way Lance Mountain dressed in the first Bones video because he wore khakis, Vans, and a t-shirt, so since I had to wear khakis to private school, I’d just change into a t-shirt and Vans right after school! When Jello Biafra, who I’ve worked with on a few projects, asked me to design some boards for the Alternative Tentacles record label 33 and1/3 anniversary, I was more than happy to collaborate with all of the players. The image of Jello is based(with a few creative liberties taken) on a photo by Glen E. Friedman. There should be a poster coming soon. The Alternative Tentacles board uses Winston Smith’s awesome A.T. logo as the focal point, with design embellishments by me. Ask for the boards at a skate shop, and look out for the poster in late Dec.  -Shepard


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