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Outside the Lines Coloring Book Launch

As a kid my love of drawing evolved from two sources of inspiration… coloring books and illustrated children’s books. With the Outside the Lines Coloring Book you get both! As a parent with two girls who love to draw and are mesmerized by wacky creativity, I’m proud to be part of this project. Invest in the next generation of creative purveyors of art and mischief by picking up the OUTSIDE THE LINES coloring book: http://bit.ly/OTLBOOK. I’ll be DJ’ing the event so you’ll hear some Ramones punk nursery rhymes for sure!
More info about the book launch event can be found here: http://bitly.com/OGOTLbooklaunch

Book’s website: http://www.outsidethelinesbook.com/

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FAILE X Dallas Contemporary

This Saturday night my friends FAILE open their exhibition “Where Wild Wont Break” at the Dallas Contemporary, who I worked with on a mural project a few years back.  If you are in the Dallas area, do not miss this show!

Opening Celebration
Saturday, Sept 21, 2013
9pm – Midnight, Free to Public

Exhibition dates
September 21 – December 22, 2013


A Look Into the Faile Studio from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.

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Iggy and the Stooges 2013

I can’t ever do enough for Iggy and the Stooges, so I jumped at the opportunity to do the poster for their upcoming headlining gig in San Jose at the C2SV Festival Sept. 28. If you have never seen The Stooges live, they are phenomenal, and you should pick up a ticket RIGHT NOW! The Coup, Off!, and a bunch of other great bands are playing too.  For more information about performers appearing at the C2SV Music Festival, which will take place September 26-29 at various venues in Downtown San Jose, please visit c2sv.com/music/artists/
The Stooges poster is an edition of 450 and comes out Sept. 26 on obeygiant.com where 250 will be available. with the other 200 available on site at the C2SV Festival. My friend Robert Matheu shot the portrait of James Williamson and Jennifer Anderson took the Iggy photo.

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Shepard to share Keynote at Filter’s Cultures Collide Creative Summit

I will be speaking with Moby and Dhani Harrison at Filter’s Cultures Collide Creative Summit. Moby and Dhani are both very creative, smart, and funny, so I think it will be an informative and FUN event. I’ll try to bring my A-game to keep up. Check it out!

BNE X PAK NUR: The Real Street Artist

Through his global travels, BNE has developed a strong empathy for those who struggle to find access to life’s basic necessities. Water is paramount. Check out this video of BNE and an Indonesian artist who is homeless. The artwork and ideas are powerful and beautiful.


PAK NUR: The Real Street Artist from The SRK on Vimeo.


I first encountered BNE’s (BNE.org) work through his graffiti in San Francisco in the late 90’s. At that time he was up huge in some daring spots. A few years later I started seeing a massive number of his stickers in cities around the USA, Europe, and Asia. I was, and am, incredibly impressed by his proliferation of his stickers, if for no other reason than his work is proof that one person has the power to literally change the landscape of many cities! I think BNE may be the most “up” sticker bomber on the planet. Whether or not you appreciate or hate graffiti/street art, it requires tenacity and risk taking. It is easy for me to recognize guts, passion, and dedication in BNE, and unlike most graffiti artists, he is not using his notoriety solely for personal glory, but has put his infamy toward a very worthwhile cause… clean water. The print we have collaborated on benefits CharityWater.org… A NYC based NPO that has helped over 3.1 million people get access to clean, safe drinking water. They are radically transparent and use 100% of donations for actual water project costs. Check out the video below:

Water Changes Everything. from charity: water on Vimeo.

BNE shot the photo I illustrated from in Indonesia and he and I have both signed all of the prints. The print is $60 and comes with four BNE lip balms worth $16 and two BNE stickers (priceless). All profits go to CharityWater.org

Click here to join our campaign to help bring clean, safe drinking water to India.
Also, help spread the word!

BNE started with water as his cause, but is expanding to produce organic and environmentally responsible products that raise funds + awareness for the world’s greatest charities.

Thanks for caring!
-Shepard Fairey

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Tremendous turnout at the Kai & Sunny opening

The Kai & Sunny opening Saturday night was a huge success. There was a tremendous turnout and we sold out of the collaborative prints we had reserved for in-person sales. If you missed it that night it goes for sale online at ObeyGiant.com later this week. My friend Paul Banks from Interpol stopped by and brought his friend The RZA aka Bobby Digital, the multi-talented rapper, producer, actor, and writer/director. He was very nice and I threw on some Wu-Tang in his honor since I was DJ’ing. I was flattered that he picked up my book! Interpol is working on a new album which I’m looking forward to.


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Keith Morris prints

 I’m a big fan of all of the bands Keith Morris has fronted… Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, and OFF!. My first punk show was the Circle Jerks in 1986 in Summerville,  South Carolina. I illustrated this image from one of Glen E. Friedman’s photos of Keith around 1981 0r 1982 playing with the Circle Jerks. Glen also shot the Circle Jerks’ “Golden Shower of Hits” cover which is in the collage in the lower left. Keith was kind enough to write down all of his favorite song titles from all three bands to incorporate into the collage.    -Shepard

I was approached by Glen E. Friedman asking if I’d be interested in collaborating with him and his friend Shepard Fairey on a poster using a photo he had taken a coupla’ dozen yrs. ago. I was familiar with Shepard and his work as we’d hung out at 2 or 3 art exhibits, seen various pieces of his including giant images of Henry Rollins, Ian McKaye, Glen Danzig and others at the KROQ punk gig out in San Bernardino and had been to his art space when he threw a flyer/poster/punk rock art shindig. Shepard and I talked about color schemes and seeing as I’m a fan of Rick Griffin who started off drawing comics for Surfer Magazine, posters for the Fillmore West and John Van Hamersveld who was responsible for the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” album cover and some of my favorite handbills for early gigs at the Shrine Auditorium in the late 60’s I wanted to use some of their color examples…………4 days later we were going to print.     -Keith Morris

18 x 24 inch screen prints,  signed by Shepard Fairey, Glen E. Friedman and Keith Morris.  Three different colorway versions available.

Release date:  Tuesday September 10, 2013 at a random time between 10 and 11am PST in the PRINTS page of the store.  Limit 1 version of each colorway per person/household.

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Subliminal Projects presents KAI & SUNNY: CAUGHT BY THE NEST

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7 • 8 – 11 PM
Exhibition Dates: September 7 – October 5

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is proud to present new work by artists Kai & Sunny. Bridging the gap between fine art and design, the duo is inspired by imagery from nature. Natural forms are reduced to geometric patterns and figures then translated into large-scale installations, hand-pulled screen prints infused with copper and stardust, and unique letterpress prints.  The exhibition will also feature a collaborative print by Shepard Fairey and Kai & Sunny!

“Sunny and I use nature in our work to connect with people, to provoke
thoughts and memories. We like the idea of showing something you can’t
actually see and ask bigger questions. We use nature-based images as
a metaphor for other feelings.” – Kai (2013)

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New “We Are Still Here” Mural in Downtown LA

I met Stephen Zeigler at my friend Stuart Noble’s memorial and he mentioned that he was working on a project to turn Indian Alley in downtown LA into a series of interlaced murals focusing on human rights and Native issues. He knew I had done some work for the American Indian Movement and the Honor The Treaties initiative, and asked if I’d be interested in painting a mural in the alley of the “We Are Still Here” piece I collaborated with Aaron Huey on. I was enthusiastic about doing it because I love the image and I am focusing on the Honor The Treaties initiative with my Obey Awareness Program this season through Obey Clothing. All profits from the T-shirts go to support Native art and awareness initiatives. Check it out at http://www.obeyclothing.com/awareness/honor-the-treaties/

   The crew and I headed out at 9AM Fri. and it was already 91 degrees when I looked at my car thermometer. The heat and the fact that I’d never done a multi-layered stencil with color fades in every layer made the project a little stressful, but it came together well. Wild Life painted some great faux bricks around the piece to reinforce the feeling of eroding history. Thanks to Dan, Nic, Z, and Rob for helping execute, and to Brent Broza and Stephen Zeigler for shooting photos. Visit http://www.honorthetreaties.org to see how the project is working and check out the Native artists the T-shirt funds will support. There has been a smattering of negative feedback about my work in Indian Alley because I’m white and not Native, but I’m only trying to support something I believe in. Also… Jaque Fragua who is very talented, and ethically qualified as Native, will be painting a mural there. My goal is to bring people together, so F#@K the divisive politics! Thanks for caring.

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