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50 Shades Of Black x Shepard Fairey x Subliminal Projects

SHEPARD FAIREY: 50 Shades of Black

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
8 – 11 pm

Free to Public
RSVP Required:
[email protected]

Shepard Fairey releases his third installment of new album cover artwork on Wednesday, April 16th at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS.  Friend and legendary DJ, Z-Trip will be joining him opening night for a special live performance.

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50 Shades box set Flipagram

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I’ve been a die–hard music fan since my youth, but I began to understand the structure of music when I learned to DJ 12 years ago. After a few years of DJing with vinyl, a program called Serato was introduced that allowed me to DJ using MP3’s with the same control I had with vinyl. As a bonus though, unlike vinyl, MP3’s can be edited and remixed. My first production endeavors were simple re-edits of songs for improved mixing. My friend John Goff, a lifelong analog and electronic musician, would help me with these re-edits and indulged me as I became more ambitious with my arrangements. John suggested that we build some original music together. We put some instrumental compositions together, and then serendipitously met Merritt Lear and her former bandmate Joe Cassidy. Merritt added incredible vocals and melody ideas, and Joe added guitar and production/arrangement. We completed two songs, decided to name our project NØISE, and to rush produce a 7 inch for release at my 50 Shades of Black art show. I worked up some art for a screen-printed cover, and we cut and glued 500 sleeves to complete the NØISE “Little Lions” 45 RPM 7 inch. Additionally, all 500 are signed and numbered but will still be priced at $10… with no added “Art Tax” in sight. You can listen to the music on the turntables provided in the Subliminal Projects gallery, or buy it for the art. To be clear though, this is not an art project with music included, it is a music project with art included. We’ll release some stuff digitally eventually, but it’s vinyl only for now. Get the NØISE “Little Lions” 7 inch  at 50 Shades of Black.

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KCRW Exclusive: Z-Trip Soundtrack for Shepard Fairey’s Sound + Vision Exhibit

For all of you who missed my SOUND & VISION opening in London, you’ll have a chance to see Z-Trip at my 50 Shades of Black opening in LA this Wed!  Z-Trip is my favorite DJ and he made an amazing mix for SOUND & VISION that riffed off of the musicians I referenced in my art. You can listen at the link below. I hope he’ll play some of this material Wed., but with Z-Trip, you know whatever he plays will make you shake your rump and pump your fist! Check out the mix!       -Shepard

KCRW Exclusive: Z-Trip Soundtrack for Shepard Fairey’s Sound + Vision Exhibit

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Music on my mind

Just got back from Coachella and with the 50 Shades of Black music-themed show, I’ve got a lot of music on my mind.  Sorting through the art is easy, sorting through my record collection to decide which ones make the top-tier is hard.  You can dig through the crates yourself at the show.  Hope to see you there!


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50 shades Tee

50 Shades of Black limited edition t-shirts will be available at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS only starting April 16, opening night!  Limit 1 per person, priced at $25.

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Sydney Opera House (February 13th, 2014)
This Friday, April 11thTristan be releasing his Eddie Vedder silk-screen poster from the Sydney Opera House concert in Australia (February 13th, 2014).
The poster is a 3 color silk-screen,18” x 24”, signed, numbered and stamped.  $100 each.
Posters will be on sale for 24 hours starting Friday April 11th at 12:00am.
Available at: www.tristaneaton.net

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Cleon Peterson | Dark Rider

My good friend and co-worker Cleon Peterson is releasing a print called “Dark Rider” tomorrow at 10AM. I like the image so much that I bought the original painting, so this print is the best you’re gonna get… don’t sleep on it!   -Shepard
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  The Clash are my all-time favorite band and their frontman, Joe Strummer, is a hero of mine for his music, lyrics, wit, compassion for the underdog, and stance against injustice. Joe’s widow Lucinda approached me about creating an image of Joe to help raise funds for Strummerville, the charity set up to honor and fulfill Joe’s belief that music can inspire and empower. Strummerville provides opportunities for musicians around the globe. I was incredibly honored that Lucinda asked me to be involved, and I was moved when she shared her opinion that Joe and I have similar philosophies. The print is a collaboration with photographer Kate Simon, who shot the first Clash cover. Please check out what Strummerville is about and show your support! Thanks for caring.

Ai Weiwei rally in Brooklyn this Thursday

The PEN American Center will hold a rally for #AiWeiwei in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, April 10 to bring attention to the fact that he is not able to visit his museum show in Brooklyn.
Tell your friends and share!


Meet at steps of the Brooklyn Library at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.

“I hope this image will help raise awareness and advance dialogue that might lead to permission for Ai Weiwei to travel freely and continue to express himself.” – Shepard

#art #justice #obey

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