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Closing Reception and Catalogue Release Party for Good Intentions

We are hosting a closing reception and catalogue release party for Good Intentions on Thursday, July 18 from 6 to 9 PM. Artwork by kids who participated in the Free Arts workshop will be installed on the gallery walls in conjunction with the exhibition. Casita del Campo and Modelo will be providing food and beverages and Mister Goodnight will be providing tunes. The printed catalogue will be available at the gallery for a limited time only. No need to RSVP…just show up!

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The Art of Punk – Black Flag – Art + Music – MOCAtv

Black Flag is one of my all time favorite bands and Raymond Pettibone is one of my favorite artists. This video is F*#@ING AWESOME!! Watch it now and then make some noise or art or both.


Thank you Jay-Z for the shout-out

I got an email from Fab Five Freddy last week and he casually said “cool that you got a shout out on Jay-Z’s new album”. First of all, it is pretty crazy that I know Fred since I bought his book “Fresh Fly Flavor” , a hip hop lingo dictionary, in 1990 and read about the origin of B-Boy and other phrases…. but to get the heads up that I’m mentioned on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail album from him was surreal. Over the years I’ve met Evan Bernard, Haze, and Ricky Powell who were all mentioned in Beastie Boys songs and I was in awe of their status as pop culture reference points at the hands of one of my favorite groups. I’m very honored to join with them, since I’m a huge Jay-Z fan.
The song is called “Oceans” and is a collaboration between Frank Ocean and Jay-Z. I like Frank Ocean too which is a plus! The lyric goes:

“Shepard Fairey they finally gave me some hope
Can’t believe they got a nigga to vote
Democrat, nope, I sold dope”

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Kings of the Mic

Prints will be signed by Shepard Fairey, Z-Trip, and LL COOL J!   We got LL to sign the full edition, special thanks to LL for making the time!

I was asked to create the poster for the “Kings Of The Mic” tour stop at the Greek Theatre in LA. The tour features some of my all-time favorites from hip-hop, plus my favorite DJ is Z-Trip, so I was incredibly hyped(believe the hype on this one!) to work on the project. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a lineup featuring acts this strong  from hip-hop’s golden era. I’m tight with Z-Trip and I know LL so I think they are both going to sign the print. The price will depend on which signatures I can get, so stay tuned for that and the release date, but it will be sometime around the show on July 7. Word.


Release date: Tuesday,  July 9, 2013, NOW Thursday, July 11, 2013

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An inconvenient truth?

When the government justifies its domestic spying by saying “if you’ve done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear” then the reciprocal has to be true… I guess philosophical consistency can be really inconvenient.


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Wendy Davis has a Posse!

A friend sent this to me today. I approve, and you should too if you care about women’s reproductive rights. If the name Wendy Davis doesn’t ring a bell, she’s the Democrat who filibustered for 12 hours to block an abortion restriction bill being pushed by Texas Republicans. Check out this link to learn more.


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Cleon Peterson | There is a War | The Outsiders London

Cleon Peterson: There Is A War
Friday 5th July – Saturday 3rd August 2013
Private view: 6pm – 9pm Thursday 4th July 2013

Cleon Peterson’s nightmarish tableaux feature scenes of a barbaric holocaust, where might is right and the weak are merely souls with holes for the strong to torment and abuse. Deviance is the norm, and the displaced individual is forced to navigate this wicked world alone, finding hollow bits of pleasure and meaning in violence, sex, religion and drugs.
Although the 39 year-old California artist chuckles, “My work doesn’t just contain violence, there’s a humour to it – the images are so over the top.” A horde of uniform bad guys, at once ethnic, gothic and alien rampage through the works, sacking small the metropolis within and wantonly abusing its law-abiding residents. These bogeymen are so comically stereotyped as to infer that oppressors take many forms, throughout history to the present day, from slavers and plutocrats to bullies and witch-hunters.

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Don’t let the Koch brothers control public television

 It may not be a sexy topic, but campaign finance reform is the most important step to restoring proper function to our democracy. The billionaire Koch brothers have poured millions of dollars into determining the outcomes of elections to favor their interests. There are two documentaries revealing the Koch’s tactics and levels of manipulation. I worked with Brave New Films to create the “Kochtopus” art. Brave New Films do a ton of great projects and I recommend checking out them all.

Last month, The New Yorker reported that public television backed out of its deal to air the documentary Citizen Kochjust because they were afraid of upsetting billionaire donor David Koch. David Koch has donated $23 million as a board member of two flagship PBS stations, WNET in New York and WGBH in Boston.

Public television was founded to support the public interest, not to cater to the private interests of wealthy donors like the Koch brothers.

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DJ Diabetic x Friend Slash Lover

I’ll be DJ’ing an art show for my friend Josh Mintz, AKA: Friend Slash Lover, on Sat. His work is very entertaining, provocative, and clever. Check it out if you are in the ‘hood.

“It Was My Idea To Steal That Idea”

Come join Friend Slash Lover for a fine art exhibit and celebrate the release of their new single, HELLTHY.

The opening night party features special guest DJ Diabetic (Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant) and quirky, blippy, underground duo SSI! (John Goff from SSI remixed every song on Friend Slash Lover’s first EP.)

Fine art, prints, mirrors, stickers, t-shirts, tacos, booze, music.

Free and all ages!

At the world famous NOMAD ART COMPOUND
June 29th, 2013 at 7:00pm – 12:00am
1993 Blake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Russell Brand on MSNBC!!!!

I just got back from France where I was completely off the grid for the last part of the trip. Many of you may have seen it already, but I was very proud of my friend Russell Brand for how he dealt with the disrespectful hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Russell was on the show to promote his upcoming Messiah Complex stand-up tour for which I worked on the art with assistance from Cleon Peterson. Russell and I frequently talk about the reductive filtration of info through the distorted lens of most media, often focusing on the sensational and superficial. I’m ashamed of the state of most American news programs. I do like some of the MSNBC shows like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, but the Morning Joe crew insulted Russell and he schooled them without being malicious. The sad truth, and a credit to Russell, is that he is a better entertainer, better debater, better advocate of humanity, and more aware of current affairs than those MSNBC hosts. What he did was a classic demonstration of the Situationist concept of détournement: turning the machinery of capitalism or the media against itself.
They tried to reduce him to a caricature and he turned the tables. Check out the video.

On a related note, Russell brought up both Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden in his “interview” on MSNBC. I assume everyone knows, but just in case, Bradley Manning is a U.S. soldier who leaked thousands of classified documents and video of airstrikes in Iraq and Afghanistan to Wikileaks. He is being charged with aiding the enemy which could result in life in prison. I believe Manning was motivated by his conscience when he saw indiscriminate civilian killing by the U.S. forces that sickened him and he felt the U.S. public should be aware of such incidents. I do not agree with Manning releasing classified documents unrelated to the egregious behavior, but Manning is a misguided whistleblower at worst, and far from someone attempting to aid the enemy. Rather than the U.S. government prosecuting a whistleblower in the most severe way(Manning has basically been tortured in solitary confinement leading up to his trial) I think our govt. should be looking at the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan that kill civilians and fuel extremism. Those actions are the ones that aid the enemy far more than Manning’s. It is disgusting that Manning faces life in prison while the soldiers behind the reckless murder of civilians face no penalty. This is almost literally a case of “killing the messenger”. Check out and spread this video in support of Manning

Lastly, I’m disgusted by the NSA domestic spying program. Warrantless surveillance under Bush was extremely disconcerting, but not surprising in the post 9/11 climate of fear. The extent of Obama’s spying is unacceptable and I feel sickened and betrayed by someone I dedicated a huge amount of time, energy, and money to support based on the way he presented his views as the antithesis of Bush’s. The charge of Edward Snowden with espionage for exposing the Prism program only dims my view of the Obama administration further. Snowden, once again, is a whistleblower who felt that the American people needed to know their phone calls and emails are not private, so they can decide whether they approve such a universal loss of privacy in the name of safety. I would personally rather take my chances with terrorists than see the potential for abuse of such a program manifest itself in the ways Nixon or J Edgar Hoover types would corruptly wield it. However, what is crucial is transparency. If the citizens of the U.S. know about the program and approve it democratically I’d disagree, but accept that it was the choice of the majority. Secrecy is unacceptable.
People accusing Snowden of being a self-serving narcissist need to consider that he had nothing to gain, but much to sacrifice for exposing a program he thought most Americans would oppose if they knew… his job, ridicule from nationalists, and freedom in his own country. Saying that by fleeing to Hong Kong, Russia, Cuba, Ecuador, etc… that Snowden is cavorting with U.S. enemies, is absurd. Snowden clearly knew he would be arrested in the U.S. and would be extradited from any U.S. ally country. We, the U.S. are often the bullies, not the benevolent diplomats. I got choked up today thinking of the courage it takes to expose a horrible problem when you know you will be brutalized as a consequence. I see nationalism as falling in line with the govt. agenda regardless of how morally flawed it is, while I see patriotism as doing what pushes the country in a morally superior direction, even if it conflicts with govt. policy. We need more patriots and fewer nationalists.

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