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The Koch Brothers continue to pour millions and millions into the coffers of organizations and politicians who will only help them get richer while most of us struggle to make a living wage. I am happy to announce that because of your feedback and support, we are working to revise and update the entire Koch Brothers Exposed film with brand new footage, interviews and information that will highlight the dangers of the Kochs and their ilk.

Sign on with a $25 donation and have your name listed as a producer for Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Version! 

We have also received a $50,000 matching donation for our efforts. Every dollar you donate to update this film will be matched 100% by this generous donor. Our goal is to have the film done by the end of May when we will release it online free of charge (yes, FREE!) to make certain that everyone in the U.S. can see the film and fully comprehend the dangers of the Koch Brothers political machine.

Donate more than $50 now and also get the Shepard Fairey designed Koch-topus t-shirt for yourself or a friend!

We need your help to stop the Koch Brothers from using our government as their “mouthpiece.” Our goal is raise awareness about these billionaires and put a wrench in their greedy plans. You can make the difference today!


Robert Greenwald
Brave New Films

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NATIVE @ South Bay Contemporary

April 26 – June 8, 2014
Opening Reception: April 26 6 – 9 pm
South Bay Contemporary

550 Deep Valley Drive #151, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Live Painting by Yatika Fields & Jaque Fragua

Participating Artists:
Andrea Ashkie, Gregg Deal, Patrick Hubbell, Yatika Fields, Jaque Fragua, Joan Kane , Sheridan MacKnight, Ken Marchionno, Paul Rowley, and Gail Werner.

Featured Artist: Alaskan artist, Gretchen Sagan showing art created during her Rasmuson Foundation Artist Residency at Santa Fe Art Institute / Institute of American Indian Art

Silent Auction and Designated Art Sales will benefit

Honor the Treaties and South Bay Surfrider Foundation

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My friend Cleon is on fire with his art right now and is releasing a new print with fire in the art. I’m not sure what Cleon’s inspiration for this piece is, because the police have always been sweethearts to me, respecting my human dignity, health, and safety… I guess Cleon has a bad attitude and robust imagination. If you want to catch the fire, pick up Cleon’s new print on Tues.

Releasing this Tuesday 4/2/14  at  10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
Check out this real life example of police brutality while you’re at it

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Scale Tipping Print

I have frequently talked about the many problems created by the current campaign finance structure. Corporate donations distort their influence in politics and corrupt our democracy. This is an issue not many Americans seem interested in, but it effects all Americans by insuring that corporate interests are put before the interests of the average person. Genuine democracy should guarantee that politicians create the greatest good for the greatest number of people, but that idea has eroded with the favors owed by politicians to corporations in exchange for their contributions. A portion of the proceeds from the “Scale Tipping Services” print will go to two organizations who are fighting  against political corruption, and for campaign finance reform. They are rootstrikers.org and unitedrepublic.org. Check out their sites and the quotes below from Rootstrikers Lawrence Lessig and United Republic’s Josh Silver. These orgs are doing great work, so please support them! Thanks for caring.

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50 Shades of Black Box Set

Shepard Fairey has created a limited edition box set with screen prints of each of his 50 new album cover designs inspired by the 12-inch record cover format. The 50 Shades of Black box set is the largest number of images to date and is a work of art itself! Each box set is a limited edition of 200 and includes 50 signed and numbered screen prints of all new album cover designs, as well as an album cover stencil, an LP sticker sheet, and a certificate of authenticity. The box is hand made and features the Sound and Vision LP graphic on the cover presented in gold foil stamping with embossed highlighting throughout.

The box sets will be available on the OBEY website on Thursday, April 24; Two releases are scheduled for 10 am and 3pm PST.

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Earth Day Responsibility

Today is officially Earth Day. Considering that this is the only place we all have to live, I think we should treat EVERY day as Earth Day. I’m not a “wake up and grow yerrr own vegetables or die… meeeaaannn” kinda guy, but hey, it’s cool if you are. I’m mostly just a believer in keeping the earth inhabitable for future generations. We don’t need to behave like greedy, short-sighted, pigs, and we certainly shouldn’t let our corporations behave that way at our expense and their profit. I didn’t create this image for Earth Day, I made it for any day, but it fits, and while we are on the Earth Day topic, let’s not let the corporations paint our green earth black… let’s do what we can to paint our blackening earth a little more green. When I release this “Paint It Black” print, a portion of the proceeds will got to the NRDC to support responsible environmental policy. Enjoy the ambiance today, because I’ve noticed that the atmosphere here isn’t what it used to be. Let’s reverse that trend while we still can. Thanks for caring.


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My 50 Shades of Black show opened Wed. night and the turnout was amazing. I was honored to have so many great people come to the show, including musicians Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat and Fugazi, Chuck Dukowski from Black Flag, Flea, Matt Sorum from Guns ‘n’ Roses and the Cult, Moby, Clem Burke and Frank Infante from Blondie, Tim Armstrong from Rancid and Operation Ivy, London May from Samhain, Everlast and Danny Boy from House of Pain, and Steve Depace from Flipper. The music component of the evening was amazing starting off with The Shrine making ear drums bleed with their Black Flag meets Black Sabbath strain of skate rock heaviness. They are westside skate punks, so it was great to see O.G. icons Jeff Ho and Jim Muir from Zephyr and Dogtown at the show. Next up was my friend, collaborator, and favorite DJ…. Z-Trip. Z-Trip added some fresh mixes to the amazing music he put together for my SOUND & VISION show, and to top it off, he brought out a special guest named LL Cool J! LL is the coolest guy and he crushed us all like jellybeans running through “Mama Said Knock You Out”, “I’m Bad”, and “Rock the Bells”. Those are possibly my three favorite songs of his, so I was blown away to have Z-Trip and LL Cool J performing them together in my gallery parking lot! The show (art and music) was a huge production so a big thanks to Dan Flores, Lorrie Boula, Erica Overskei, Kevin Abrantes, and the rest of our staff for making it happen. Thanks to Jon Furlong for the great photos too. The show is up for a month, so if you couldn’t get in to the opening stop by! My favorite records are there to listen to. -Shepard

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Interview Magazine posted a fantastic Q&A with Shepard discussing 50 Shades of Black, his record collection, punk rock, patriotism, his upcoming show with Jasper Johns and more!  Read the conversation between art correspondent Kurt McVey and check out the incredible photos by photographer Brian Higbee.  50 Shades of Black will be up through May 17, the opening was a huge success so come check it out if you couldn’t make it last night!

Exhibition Dates:   April 16 – May 17, 2014

Subliminal Projects
1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Photography by Brian Higbee www.brianhigbee.com

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The “Learn to Obey” 7″ with my art for OFF! comes out on Record Store Day, this Sat. April 19. It is limited, so don’t miss your opportunity to pick it up at a record store. OFF is on tour right now and just released a great new album”Wasted Years” check out http://offofficial.com to snag it and see their tour schedule. OFF suggested we do an art poster of “Learn to Obey”  as well. It will be released next Tues. 50 will be bundled with the 7″, so you can get the art and music in one shot. If you haven’t heard the song check it out.  -Shepard

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In case you missed Shepard’s interview on KPCC this morning, check out the story here: http://bit.ly/1jL7K2v
See you all tonight at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS!  Doors open at 8pm.
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