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Bob Mould Kickstarter

“I was there for the show at the Disney Hall and Bob and his guests were all amazing.  Support this campaign so that more people can enjoy the show.”  Shepard Fairey


Wynwood Walls Mural Revisited x Shepard Fairey

The crew and I came out to Miami a little ahead of Art Basel to redo my Wynwood Walls mural as a tribute to Wynwwod Walls creator Tony Goldman, who recently passed away.  I spoke to Tony’s wife Janet and discussed his inspirations in art, music, and politics. Many of his heroes are my heroes too, so I created a mural to celebrate Tony and our mutual inspirations. That’s Tony with the cowboy hat in the center warmly greeting visitors as he always did. The Goldmans have been an incredible support not only to me, but to many artists. The Wynwood Walls have a ton of great murals. Check them out if you come to Miami.

The old mural was wheat-pasted, but the new mural is painted, so it should last! Legendary photographer Martha Cooper documented the process and the final piece, here are a few of her photos. Thanks Martha!

-Shepard Fairey

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DJ Shepard Fairey x Garage x Miami Art Basel

This just in! Miami DJ gig number two… The Garage grand opening. Stop by if you like good music and happen to be in Miami.

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I will be DJ’ing a couple times in Miami. This Bardot gig should be fun. If you are in Miami for Art Basel or otherwise… check it out!
-Shepard Fairey

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Honor The Treaties film awarded Best Short Doc.

The “Honor the Treaties” art and film project that began with collaborations by Shepard Fairey, photographer Aaron Huey, and artist Ernesto Yerena has won the Best Short Documentary at the 9th Annual Red Nation Film Festival in Los Angeles.  Last Wednesday the 14 minute film about Aaron Huey and Shepard Fairey by Director  Eric Becker won Best Short Doc.  That same night Shepard was awarded the “Activist Award,” voted on by Native Americans in the Film Industry.  Huey was also honored with the “Vision Award” for evolving dialogue and journalism on Native issues.  Both artists received handmade drums and spoke to an audience about their process last week in Los Angeles.  The speeches culminated with a call to action for both the Native and Activist communities.  “This is the time to be loud.  Make your voices heard!  The Black Hills Are Not For Sale!”

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Safecast – radiation monitoring – please watch!

My long time friend Sean Bonner has been working on a great project called Safecast to measure and report radiation in Japan. The methodology of the project demonstrates that grass roots “do it yourself” ingenuity can accomplish what slow moving governments cannot. Sean comes from punk rock, so he knows the time when it comes to making things happen outside the system. The project is a noble effort, and more exposure is very beneficial. Please take a second to check out the 3 minute doc. Thanks.

-Shepard Fairey

The State of Climate Science

I’ve been convinced, based on science, that humans contribute to climate change(even if we are not the ONLY factor) for years. The scientific community is virtually unanimous in its assessment of global warming as real and a huge threat to the planet. I prefer to hear truth seeking scientists’ opinions over climate change denying spin doctors from fossil fuel companies or religious fanatics who blow it off as “God’s will”. Check out this article that does comparative research and please take this issue seriously for the sake of future generations. Thanks.

V1 X Opening Friday

A celebratory exhibition with works from:
André, Andrew Schoultz, Anika Lori, Ari Marcopoulos, Asger Carlsen, Ashley Macomber,Barbara Kruger, Carl Krull, Clayton Brothers, Dash Snow, DearRainDrop, Eine, Erik Parker,Evan Hecox, Faile, Futura, Geoff McFetridge, Hesselholdt og Mejlvang, Henrik Vibskov, HuskMitNavn, Jakob Boeskov, Jacob Holdt, Jamison Brosseau, Jenny Holzer, Jes Brinch, Jesper Dalgaard, John Copeland, Julie Nord, Kasper Sonne, Katherine Bernhardt, Kenny Scharf, Kim Gordon, L. Fong, Mads Lynnerup, Matthew Stone, Misaki Kawai, Misha Hollenbach, NeckFace, Peter Beste, Peter Funch, Pica Pica, Richard Colman, Rory McBeth, Ryan Schneider, Shane Bradford, Shepard Fairey, Steve Powers, Søren Behncke, SørenSolkær Starbird, Thomas Campbell, Thomas Øvlisen, Todd James, Troels Carlsen, Ulrik Crone, Vincent Szarek & Wes Lang.
OPENING: FRIDAY NOVEMEBER 30. 2012. TIME: 17.00 – 22.00

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Bad Brains “Into the Future” Album DROPS today!

Bad Brains are one of my all-time favorite groups!! I first heard Bad Brains in 1984 on the seminal hardcore compilation LET THEM EAT JELLYBEANS which included their track “Pay To Cum”. I loved the song and I was hungry for more. My friend had the ROIR cassette first Bad Brains album and I was hooked. The record had blistering speed, power, (positive mental)attitude, aggression, and a heap of great melody. On top of the great hardcore songs, there were reggae songs on the album that made it much easier for me to admit to my punk friends that I was secretly Jammin’ to Bob Marley.


I made home-made t-shirts on both white(drawn with sharpie) and black(paper-cut stencil) of the iconic first album cover with the Capitol being struck by lightning. I love the ROIR album and Rock For Light, but I was blown away when I picked up I Against I, the bands third album, which diversified their sound with funk grooves, metal flourishes, soulful vocals and song speeds other than “the fastest”. When I saw that the song “I Against I” was playing on MTV’s 120 Minutes I thought that Bad Brains would surely achieve the commercial success they deserved to complement the critical acclaim they’d earned. That didn’t happen because this world isn’t always just and Bad Brains were too far ahead of the curve.


I first saw Bad Brains live in ’89 on the tour for Quickness, the follow up album to I Against I at the same venue in Providence R.I. where the video for “I Against I” had been shot. The show was one of the most energetic and chaotic I have ever been to. The venue was WAY over capacity and the crowd was completely possessed by the music. I was amazed by HR’s showmanship and the band’s chops… they were f’ing tight even though the scene was unhinged!


I’ve seen Bad Brains many more times since then. I’ve also made a few art pieces in tribute to Bad Brains over the years, and through my friend Glen E. Friedman I was able to do an official art collaboration with the band in 2008. As a result of that collaboration, I became acquaintances with bassist Darryl Jenifer who asked me if I’d be interested in doing the art for the upcoming Bad Brains album which featured the band’s original lineup. It was hard for me to grasp that a band I loved so much would consider me to do their album art, but of course I said “hell yeah”. Darryl shared some of the songs from the “Into The Future” album and they ROCKED! I think the material on this record has a vibe similar to I Against I as powerful but with a great groove.
I’m incredibly honored to create art for this release and to be connected to a band that has provided so much inspiration, energy, and sheer pleasure for me over the years. Thanks Bad Brains! There will be a limited edition 18×24 screen-printed poster of the cover art released in conjunction with the album. All four members of Bad Brains and I will sign it. Stay tuned and keep that P.M.A.
-Shepard Fairey

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Keep Money Out of Politics

Bloomberg News was the first to report on our long awaited campaign to end the auctioning of our elections: “A new coalition, including former Federal Election Commission Chairman Trevor Potter, Republican lobbyist-turned-convicted felon Jack Abramoff, Theodore Roosevelt IV, and representatives of both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party have launched a campaign to push Congress to overhaul campaign finance laws. The twist? The group, Represent.us, first plans to get 1 million signatures endorsing the proposals, and then plans to wage campaigns against incumbents in 2014 who don’t sign onto the legislation.”

After more than a year of planning, Represent.Us: the campaign to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act, is off and running. Take a look at the campaign website, watch the two-minute video, and check out the details of the Act.  (Links to other press coverage can be found at the bottom of this post.)

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