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50 shades Tee

50 Shades of Black limited edition t-shirts will be available at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS only starting April 16, opening night!  Limit 1 per person, priced at $25.

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Sydney Opera House (February 13th, 2014)
This Friday, April 11thTristan be releasing his Eddie Vedder silk-screen poster from the Sydney Opera House concert in Australia (February 13th, 2014).
The poster is a 3 color silk-screen,18” x 24”, signed, numbered and stamped.  $100 each.
Posters will be on sale for 24 hours starting Friday April 11th at 12:00am.
Available at: www.tristaneaton.net

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Cleon Peterson | Dark Rider

My good friend and co-worker Cleon Peterson is releasing a print called “Dark Rider” tomorrow at 10AM. I like the image so much that I bought the original painting, so this print is the best you’re gonna get… don’t sleep on it!   -Shepard
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  The Clash are my all-time favorite band and their frontman, Joe Strummer, is a hero of mine for his music, lyrics, wit, compassion for the underdog, and stance against injustice. Joe’s widow Lucinda approached me about creating an image of Joe to help raise funds for Strummerville, the charity set up to honor and fulfill Joe’s belief that music can inspire and empower. Strummerville provides opportunities for musicians around the globe. I was incredibly honored that Lucinda asked me to be involved, and I was moved when she shared her opinion that Joe and I have similar philosophies. The print is a collaboration with photographer Kate Simon, who shot the first Clash cover. Please check out what Strummerville is about and show your support! Thanks for caring.

Ai Weiwei rally in Brooklyn this Thursday

The PEN American Center will hold a rally for #AiWeiwei in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, April 10 to bring attention to the fact that he is not able to visit his museum show in Brooklyn.
Tell your friends and share!


Meet at steps of the Brooklyn Library at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.

“I hope this image will help raise awareness and advance dialogue that might lead to permission for Ai Weiwei to travel freely and continue to express himself.” – Shepard

#art #justice #obey

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Shepard Fairey Inc. Artist/Professional/Vandal

Jim Daichendt, an arts professor at Azusa Pacific University, just released a new book about me titled “Shepard Fairey Inc. Artist/Professional/Vandal.” I was not involved in the creation of this book other then being interviewed but I do think it is a thoughtful and fair analysis of my ART AND business practices. His book covers much of my career with a critical eye and it’s cool that people are interested in learning more.


If you’re interested, you can purchase it through Amazon

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Worldwide Wave of Action Begins April 4 at Former Occupy Sites

As many of you know, I was a passionate supporter of the Occupy movement for its ideas and members’ courage to take a stand in person. My friend David DeGraw, one of the minds behind the 99% movement, has been working on a new activist movement called the WORLDWIDE WAVE OF ACTION. Please check it out and consider the importance of taking action for justice and equality, also known as basic fairness, in our society. The scales are tipping in the wrong direction, but your voice helps to reverse that!


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Ai Weiwei x Cost of Expression Print

This coming Tuesday, April 8th, the Ai Weiwei, Cost of Expression, print created by Shepard Fairey will be for sale on our website. The Cost of Expression print will be available as a limited edition of 375. Check back Tuesday between 1 and 2pm (PST)!

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My friend and one of my artistic heroes, Winston Smith, is having a show in San Francisco on Friday, and as a fellow thought criminal, I’m proud to be a guest artist in the show. I’m a huge Orwell fan and OBEY was in part inspired by 1984. If you are in the Bay area, check it out!  -Shepard

“Greetings from Oblivion”  
—Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Orwell’s “1984”.  

Featuring works by notorious “Thought Criminals”
Doug Rhodes, Erik Chipchase, Shepard Fairey, Jack Perkins and Winston Smith.
Friday, April 4th, 7 pm till 10.
Grant’s Tomb Gallery
50-A Bannam Lane (near corner if Union & Grant in North Beach)
San Francisco, Calif.  94133
One Night Only!
This production is sponsored by
The Collage Museum of San Francisco.
Check out Official Announcement on the website:  www.WinstonSmith.com

Indian Alley

My Friend Stephen Zeigler who curates the art at Indian Alley Sent me this great 360 degree art animation in the alley.
Check it out and support the treaties.


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