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Stolen Space Preview

A little preview of the upcoming show. This show is going to be sick, if you are in London make sure to head over to check it out.

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Herve the Dwarf has a Posse


For everyone across the pond who missed out on Shepard’s momentous exhibition in June in New York City, here is your chance to experience the OBEY phenomenon in person. Shepard and crew will be in LONDON, November 1st with an exhibition of works entitled “NINETEENEIGHTYFOURIA”, Presented by STOLENSPACE Gallery at the Truman Brewery. Do not miss this exhibition.

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QBN lecture at the Getty Video

Here is a video of Shepard Fairey giving his QBN lecture at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Da Movement’s debut at Coat of Arms; FRIDAY

Da Movement’s debut rocked during NYC’S Fall Fashion Week at Columbus Park and it’s next endeavor is this Friday, where Da Movement invades the L.E.S’s newest clothing store jump off!! Coat of Arms from 6pm to 9pm. Check out the flyer for all the details. Shepard Fairey, JB Classics, Toy Cube… and way more!

Coat of Arms: http://www.coatofarmsnyc.com/map.html

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WATCH Shepard on the Henry Rollins Show

If you missed Shepard Fairey on the Henry Rollins show on IFC. Now is your chance to watch it online.

Just head over to http://ifc.com/series?aId=20910 and watch it.

HOPE Tribute Night

Sponsored in part by Humanity United / OMIDYAR Networks founders of eBay & myspace.

This evening is to recognize all contributors to the HOPE Campaign for Dafur and honor Shepard Fairey and Brian Steidle for their considerable dedication to bring awareness to the worst humanitarian crisis happening in the world today.

The HOPE Campaign for Darfur was formed to bring the issue in Darfur, Sudan to the forefront of the media while also generating funds for Global Grassroots (www.globalgrassroots.org) and their programs to help Darfur survivors rebuild their lives.

Through the help of Shepard Fairey, Brian Steidle, HOPE Artists, OBEY Clothing, SPIN Magazine, LA Darfur Observance Day, DeepMix, myspace, Great American Volleyball and many other groups this 6 month campaign has brought awareness to over 10 million people, funded new programs for Global Grassroots and helped genocide survivors start to rebuild their lives.

HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Artists is a humanitarian company focused on raising awareness and funds for pressing issues and is committed to green, energy conscience and resourceful business practices. We do this by empowering individuals to be involved in humanitarian causes through creative events, art, music & action.

Please join us in honoring these individuals and help us launch the 2008 HOPE for Africa Campaign.

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In collaboration with W Hotels’ White Space project, Swindle presents an exhibition of works by Greg Lamarche at W San Francisco. W Hotels’ White Space is a program that brings an ever-changing visual/sensory experience in the public spaces of W Hotels, while supporting the work of emerging artists.

White Space with Greg Lamarche
Opening Reception:
Wednesday, September 19, 7pm – 9pm
[email protected]

Show runs through October 15, 2007

W San Francisco
181 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
T: (415)777-5300

Special guest DJ
complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres


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COMMON Performs with HOPE

Hip Hop Artist, Common, was witnessed last week performing in Los Angeles rockin’ on stage the Shepard/OBEY/HOPE Artists collaboration t-shirt, to help promote awareness and aid for the DARFUR Campaign for Global Grassroots

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Take a look at what we discovered… the Misfits’ JERRY ONLY Bootleg! Its pretty official when the people you admire decide they like what you are doing so much that they make their own version and turn it into a tee. See what Shepard had to say about it below. For more information about the legendary MISFITS and the ONLY bootleg tee visit www.misfits.com.

“Most of you know that I’m a huge Misfits fan and created a mash-up of my O.G. Andre face with the Misfits Fiend Skull. Well Misfits co-founder and bassist Jerry Only has returned the favor with an Obey tribute. I started listening to the Misfits in 1984 at 14 years old, so it is a bit surreal for the inspiration to come full circle. I’m honored and not worthy. If you don’t know the Misfits music you better get out from under the uncool rock.”


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