Obey Giant Headlines

Floral Patterns

This is a limited edition series of 100, 18"x18",
each signed by Shepard. Available individually or as sets in
the posters section.

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Shepard Fairey and Roxy Music Photos!

Jason Filipow laughing after Steve Jones squeezed himself into a Pistols-inspired Obey t-shirt.
Shepard and Steve Jones signing the editions of the Roxy Music silkscreen prints at Studio Number One.

Shepard Fairey and Roxy Music!

Roxy Music, the UK-based band whose members included Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno, created a pop-art sound and gave it a stylish and diverse presentation. With a number of full length records and singles released throughout the 1970’s, the band has since transcended it’s origins and influenced a whole new generation of music makers. One of these artists was Steve Jones, the former Sex Pistols’ guitarist, who claims that everything about Roxy Music-their sound, their dress, their packaging- was a huge inspiration to him to pursue a career in music (of course, everyone already knows what impact the subsequent look and sound of the Sex Pistols achieved). Jones wanted to do something creative-an homage- to acknowledge this influence…

With proverbial idea in hand, Jones approached Shepard Fairey (a Roxy Music fan himself) and together, they formed ‘Swindle, Inc.’ They set out to execute their first collaborative effort, the ‘Roxy Music Print Series’. Shepard’s graphic mission was not so much as to rebrand it with his own interpretation, but to simply amplify the strong, visual identity already established by the band, many of whom were also art school graduates. The result: a stunning set of large silksceen prints, saturated with color, visual texture and the hope to inspire new fans to the sounds of Roxy Music.

“Roxy Music Print Series”- edition of 40 sets, hand-numbered and signed by both Steve Jones and Shepard Fairey; each three-color print measures 22″ x 29″, available ONLY as a complete, six print set (not available as individual prints); the price is $500 a set.

Roxy Music Prints $500.00/set

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OBEY DJ Shadow Crown and Bird T-Shirt

This is the 6th t-shirt design created by Shepard for the OBEY/DJ
Shadow "Public Works" Project.  The "Crown
and Bird" T-shirt is a special limited release, not featured
in the box set, and can only be

found in a few select places.  If you have the box set,
this tee would be a nice little addition to your "Public
Works" collection!  For more information on the OBEY/DJ
Shadow "Public Works" Project, please visit

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La Base third printing

The LA BASE Book is back in full-effect and updated for 2005.
 This third printing includes 16 new pages cataloging all
the new classics from 2004 and 2005. Its a must for the OBEY

You can buy this from our online store.

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