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Jane’s addiction

A couple of weeks ago, Jane’s Addiction played a secret show at a bar we regularly host on Thursdays, called LA CITA. The show was great and Jane sounded credible. Here are a couple of prints that Shepard and Matt Goldman (MFG /Dance Right) did for the night and the band. Shepard’s print is an Edition of 450 and MFG’s print is an edition of 400, both are $45 each.


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Washington, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina and FLORIDA… its your time!

PLEASE… for the sake of your own future and the future of the country vote today if you have not already.George Bush won by 537 votes in 2000 in Florida. Look at it this way: if we don’t play a part in shaping the future, we really have no right to complain if it doesn’t turn out to our liking. Voting is only one component of the above principle, but the vote of a skate-punk counts the same as a CEO. Not only is voting is the rare example of genuine equality in this country, but voting is an important tool to push for the legislation of equality and accountability. I know I’ve been relentless about this election, but thanks for listening, and hopefully caring and voting.
-Shepard Fairey

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Election Day 2008 is here!

Election Day 2008 is here! It’s time to Rock the VOTE!

1. Make sure everyone you know that is a registered voter goes to vote! Every vote can make a difference.

2. Find your polling place and any other voting info at www.rockthevote.com/electioncenter

3. And yes, your vote will count. If you run into trouble, don’t hesitate to call Rock the Vote at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Take a photo or video and post it at blog.rockthevote.com. And if an election official tells you you’re not on the rolls, demand to vote (even if it’s with a provisional ballot) and call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

4. Document any voter disenfranchisement through Video The Vote. Find out how here: http://videothevote.org/

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Check out this article on Shepard talking about Obama. Special thanks to Super Touch.
Read the article here.


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Vote For Change Video Postcards


New videos just updated featuring Ione Sky, Tony Alva, Flea, John Taylor (Duran Duran), Will.i.am, Saul Williams, and more.

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Amanda and I would like to thank all of the people who generously donated their time, talents, and resources to bring this project to life. The range of emotions and inspirations in these spots are an indication of how broadly and profoundly Barack Obama has inspired a few of todays creative leaders. Please check these spots out.

-Shepard and Amanda Fairey

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Fiend Rocker on Wood

to the Wire

As we start looking toward the weekend… We are days away from the most important political event young people will most likely witness in their lifetime.  And as the world changes, our country, too, is faced with the decision to move forward or stay in the past.   For the next couple of days you will be continuously exposed to links, videos, and literature (on OBEYGIANT.com) that will help you decide which road our country should travel.  We at OBEY believe in change and we hope you do to….

Check out this short film created by one of the animators of the Simpsons.

This or that… you may remember this classic, now revisited with an OBAMA twist.
See video HERE

New Obama “VOTE” Print by Shepard Fairey, Only Available at BarackObama.com
Purchase Print HERE

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Dia de los muertos


This Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) print collaboration was mostly executed by my friend and co-worker Ernesto Yerena with a little help from me. Ernesto is the closest thing to an apprentice I’ve ever had, but beyond just learning my art and design style, he brings his own influences into the mix at our studio. Read what Ernesto has to say about the inspiration for the print.

Being from the border-towns of El Centro CA, U.S. / Mexicali B.C., MX  I have always been proud of both of my cultures and never belonged to one particular group or subculture.  Since Mexicali is more of a modern city compared to most cities in the southern region of Mexico I never really got to experience the full effect of the Day of the Dead until I moved to Los Angeles where I see iconic DOTD sculptures, painting, posters , etc.. really often because of the Latin population that originates from southern region of Mexico and throughout Latin America.  Overtime the DOTD culture has been adopted by many different people not just latinos from skaters to art collectors which is a good example of the same type of cultural overlay that has made this country what it is.  This image is my interpretation of your typical DOTD skull that symbolizes my heritage, my home of LA, and what we do here at Obey Giant.

Edition of 300, Signed by Shepard and Ernesto, On sale 11/1/08

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Obama x Z-Trip x Shepard x Fresh Pressed

Barack Obama x Z-Trip x Shepard Fairey x Fresh Pressed from Barack On! Obamathon on Vimeo.

Looks good, Nic and Z!

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Johnny Ramone

I first got into the Ramones in 1984 and they quickly became one of my favorite groups of all time. I saw them live in 1988 and 1989 and the shows were non-stop blistering action. I was recently honored to be asked to do the logo for johnnyramonearmy.com. I was very pleased with the logo and asked if I could make a fine art piece of the illustration. This poster was created from the fine art piece. There are two color ways. A black and gold color way is available through Obey Giant, and a black and red version is available through Johnny Ramone’s Official Store Here . Check them both out.

I saw the Ramones three times, but the show I saw in the fall of 1988 at the Living Room in Providence R.I. was the most intense. The Living Room should have held 500, but in Providence clubs paid off the cops and there were probably 1,000 people in the venue. Jane’s Addiction opened up and raised the energy level. When the Ramones came on the crowd was ready to go nuts. I was near the stage and the crowd surged forward compressing everyone so tightly that I thought my ribs would be crushed. I could actually pick my feet off the ground simultaneously without using my hands. The Ramones played non-stop, no breaks between songs for about two hours. The band was super tight. Johnny leaned into the crowd and didn’t even take his leather jacket off for an hour even though it was sweaty as hell in there. Joey’s hair was in his eyes but he stayed planted in front of the mic and sounded great. Providence loves the Ramones, so the crowd energy never waned. At certain points I felt like I was going to suffocate or be crushed, but I refused to give up my spot right at the front. It may seem weird to say you are having the time of your life fighting for your life, but that’s the only way I can describe that show.”


For info please visit www.johnnyramone.com and the Johnny Ramone Official Store

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