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UPDATE: Thanks for all those who bought the print in support of OBEY and OBAMA. Unfortunately, the print is sold out and we do not plan on producing another edition. The edition was released earlier today with great response. The PROGRESS screenprint was exclusively available through OBEY and the HOPE offset print will be distributed by the OBAMA Camp as an awareness campaign.

I believe with great conviction that Barack Obama should be the next President. I have been paying close attention to him since the Democratic convention in 2004. I feel that he is more a statesman than a politician. He was against the war when it was an unpopular position (and Hillary was for the war at that time), Obama is for energy and environmental conservation. He is for healthcare reform. Check him out for yourself www.barackobama.com. Proceeds from this print go to produce prints for a large statewide poster campaign.



Those of you who emails us, thank you. But we don’t have anymore! This screenprint is 24 X 36, edition of 350. Available next Wednesday, January 30th, 2009.

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Call to Action!

As many of you may be wondering what’s the deal with this latest print, well, here is the lowdown… Shepard recently created this print to stir up some motivation for individuals to get up and participate in the Presidential Electoral process. These past 8 years have been rough, watching and experiencing a great nation get demoralized by an Administration with selfish intent. We hope to change that this time around with some promising Presidential Candidates. Shepard created this print with the goal to fund a campaign to hit the streets with these pasters to make a call to action to VOTE! These prints will be available sometime this week so keep an eye on the site. Screenprint Edition of 350, 24″ x 36″, at $50 each. 1 VOTE per customer.

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LA Philharmonic Hall

Shepard was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic to do a piece of artwork for their Concrete Frequency Series. The print Shepard created is an image the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry which is one of Los Angeles’ newest landmarks. For information about the Philharmonic, the Concrete Frequency Series, and Shepard’s involvement please visit, http://www.laphil.com.

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From Shepard and everyone here at OBEY, we wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday and Best in the New Year! We also wanted to THANK all of OBEY’s supporters and fans for making this year an extraordinary one – we couldn’t have gotten here without you. We have new works and plans for 2008, so keep checking up on the site and once again,

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

OBEY::WK INTERACT Collaboration

These prints were made for the Agnes B::OBEY::WK INTERACT Collaborative Exhibition that took place in Tokyo and Paris of this year. We happen to get our hands on a few of the prints after they were only available at the exhibitions and now they are available to all of you! This first batch is only signed by Shepard but for those that want the infamous WK signature its coming soon! Stay tuned.Edition 250, Signed by Shepard Only Check out the pictures after the jump.

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OBEY VISUAL definition

VISUAL definition is a contest to provoke creativity. OBEY challenges you to capture the essence of your favorite city, anywhere in the world, in a single photograph. Think of the sights that have influenced you to pick up a camera while prowling a city. The architecture of a building, the sights of a skyline, the street that has a favorite shop, the art that peels off a well weather wall, these are elements that evoke a feeling. It is this emotion that compels you to explore what more the city may have to offer. Show us what inspires you and we will reward the best results with prize packages from both OBEY and Karmaloop for the effort.

The grand prize submission will be offered as a printed, limited edition OBEY/Karmaloop t-shirt, along with a signed version of Supply and Demand, a limited OBEY signed print and an assortment of OBEY product.

Shoot and submit! Enter the contest HERE!!!!

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LA Bombing

Can be seen around town.

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This week’s print was made to help bring awareness and some funding to a campaign that has a mission to shut down Guantanamo Prison. Witness Against Torture was a group of friends who– as Americans — walked to Guantanamo to visit the prisoners, to perform a work of mercy, to respond to the victims of the war on terrorism.

Once we returned from that journey, we began to organize more broadly to shut down Guantanamo, working with interfaith, human rights and activists organizations. We have planned a series of nonviolent direct actions to expose and decry the administration’s lawlessness, build awareness about torture and indefinite detention amongst Americans and forge human ties with the prisoners at Guantanamo and their families. The profits from this week’s print will be we donated to the Witness Against Torture organization. For more information please visit, www.WitnessTorture.org.

Update: NY Times Article featuring this print.

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London Crush; FINAL

Lond Crush; FINAL

The last of the pictures of London. See Lodon Crush 2 for Photo Credits.

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During this year’s annual trip to Las Vegas for the clothing tradeshow extravaganza, Karmaloop stole Shepard for an in-depth interview about his and OBEY’s history. Check it.

KarmaloopTV.com, a groundbreaking insider’s look at all elements that fuel streetwear culture, launched today and features an exclusive interview with Shepard. Conducted by Karmaloop.com founder Greg Selkoe, the interview is part one of a two part series (the second part will be debuting in the coming weeks).