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LA Brea peace pattern and more sightings .


Shepard recently designed 6 new boards for the REAL Skate Team… this is what Jim Thiebaud had to say about the collaboration:

” I have always respected and admired what Shepard Fairey does. His art, design, and connection with subversive imagery have always been something that I respected and totally sweated. Being able to work with him on the new REAL Subvert Series was a great experience. He really brought out the differences the guys on the team have while also showing that they share the common bond of riding for REAL”.

Each board is a limited edition and comes signed.

REAL Skateboard Busenitz SK0515 $65

REAL Skateboard Huf SK0516 $65

REAL Skateboard Aultz SK0517 $65

REAL Skateboard Schaaf SK0518 $65

REAL Skateboard Torres SK0519 $65

REAL Skateboard Ramondetta SK0520 $65


RISE ABOVE SERIES, Ed of 50, 29×42, Signed and Numbered, $400 each

The large format prints we have on the site are the most slept on items we’ve got. The large format are basically the same price as the smaller prints on EBAY right now but in smaller editions, twice the size, with equally incredible imagery. These new prints are part of the RISE ABOVE SERIES that debuted at the Merry Karnowsky Opening in Los Angeles. They measure 29″ x 42″ and are Editions of 50 (Signed and Numbered). If you want to start collecting fine art prints this is a great place to begin!


Check out this Old School Tribute mural in NYC courtesy MÖTUG!


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For all those collectors, here is a special edition that has been around for a little while but over looked. Its Shepard’s interpretation of the Warhol Soup Can. The image was created specifically for the Beautiful Losers Exhibition last year. You can purchase the print at the Iconocast Website at www.iconoclastusa.com.
Good Hunting!

Hand printed silkscreen and pencil on manila acid free archival paper / 20 x 16 inches / Edition of 200
Numbered and signed by the artist
Published on the occasion of the exhibit “Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture”, 2004-2006


LA Punk Rock- American Hardcore Event This Saturday

As many of you know, punk and hardcore changed my life by showing me that through resourceful independence people can build their own scene and be creative on their own terms. Ed Colver shot some amazing photos of the hardcore scene and the picture below became the cover for Steven Blush’s excellent book “American Hardcore”. Anyone who cares about the influence of indie music should check out this event.

American Hardcore photographer Edward Colver
photo exhibit/closing event
6-11 pm
Saturday, Sept. 23rd
Caracola Contemporary
618 Moulton Ave # F
Los Angeles, California 90031

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Thursday, September 21st, 2006
Shepard Fairey Book Signing 6-8pm
DJ set/Party 8-10pm
For More Info: 310.857.1360

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Another Government Cover Up!

LA TIMES, A Tortured Past – Documents show troops who reported abuse in Vietnam were discredited even as the military was finding evidence of worse.

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LIFE REMOTE CONTROL is 90 minutes of ruthless quick-fire positive brainwashing from the front line. Critics complain of a generation, raised on commercials, cable TV, and music videos, has lost its
attention span. This movie sets out to prove that our visual impatience is not a weakness; it is our greatest strength. No one can pull the wool over your eyes if they’re pointing in two different directions at once.
Film features the Artistic Innovation of: Shepard Fairey, Banksy, KAWS, WK Interact, Ron English, FAILE, Brian McGee, Malcolm McLaren, Space Invader, Monsieur A. and many more…


As The World Burns…ROLLINS BAND and X

After Shepard did some work for the Rollins Show on IFC, the Rollins camp asked if he would be interested in doing a poster for their upcoming tour. The tour features the original line up of X and definitely is something you don’t want to miss! Check out the design that Shepard came up with to pay tribute to two great bands.

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