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….”From City To City” was created to reflect OBEY from more of a musical aspect with all influences taking cues from hip-hop, punk, disco, rock…

Roam&Urth – “From City To City” OBEY Mixtape
released: January 2007

Roam&Urth is an Orange County based duo that’s been making noise in Southern California for several years now. This collaboration is apart of a bigger movement, FromElsewhere, an OC/LA based creative team with different backgrounds. Roam (Romeo Trinidad Jr.) was brought up playing trumpet and guitar for array of garage bands, and eventually ended up DJ’ing in grade school. He drew his inspirations from street art, music, mind-altering drugs, and most importantly, his love for white women. Back then, you could often hear him throw on Minor Threat at hip-hop events for that unpredictable crowd response. Urth (Chris Alfaro) grew up as a wanderer, hanging out with vatos, skaters-punks, hippies, lurks, b- boys, and hip-hop heads. In the midst of it all, he somehow found that balance as a DJ/musician spending years creating, learning, and innovating his own sound by blending all elements around him. He’s also a sucker for Latinas.

As a duo their ideas, direction, and track selections are endless. They’ve spent countless years getting up at the butt crack of dawn, rushing to local flea markets, and digging through people’s trash to find endless samples and collectibles. On their own, Roam&Urth forged their way as being visionaries and storytellers for the next generation. Roam runs the international marketing/ special projects division for OBEY Clothing, and Urth is the one-man band behind the up and coming live production act, Free The Robots.

OBEY is one of those things that you really can’t pinpoint it’s actual derivative. Categorizing the brand/label is quite hard if you think about it. It’s pop culture, it’s street, it’s skate, it’s punk rock, it’s hip-hop, it’s political, etc. “From City To City” was created to reflect OBEY on more of a musical aspect with all influences taking cues from hip-hop, punk, disco, rock, downtempo, uptempo, jazz, etc. Different from all the other “mash-up/re-edit” mixtapes out, its eclectic blends are more organic, keeping that authenticity of each timeless track.

“The name ‘From City To City’ was more of a reflection on where we were at the time prior to putting the mix together. We traveled a lot, seeing the funniest, most ridiculous things along the way and especially meeting inspiring people pushing for what they stand for. This mix is dedicated to all those we had the opportunity to vibe with… and especially to our families!”

There are two versions of the mixtape. One, as a regular sleeve CD, which will be available at all authorized OBEY Clothing boutiques and shops. The other, as a limited mock 12” record slip and mock vinyl, available on www.OBEYGiant.com and finer record shops worldwide.

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Roam and Urth CD in a 12″ LP sleeve T05020 $15.00
Limited Signed Edition.

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guess not everybody is feeling the Anti-War Theme…

Surprisingly, or maybe not, we get tons of emails a day questioning OBEY’s motives, images, and values. Here is a particular email we currently received that brought up some questions or thoughts that some of you may have been thinking. Shepard and the rest of us do our best to read and answer every email but here is a particular Email and response that might help clarify some things…


Thanks to everyone who sent in there pics with their copy of IRAQ FOR SALE. We got a tremendous response from our added incentive and now have received our first 25 photographs. Once again, thanks for all those who sent in the pics and purchased the movie.

have very little to complain about regarding the support for my art, but there are couple of things that frustrate me. One has has been the problem with people missing out because a print sold out too quickly. The second is people misunderstanding what my political motivations are. With this print I have decided to tackle both problems with one solution. I recently watched a great documentary called IRAQ FOR SALE:THE WAR PROFITEERS. I knew that companies like Haliburton were ripping off the government and therefore all of us as taxpayers, but this film shows the real depth of the problems and the extent of shady business dealings between corporations and our government. I recommend the film to anyone. The film and more info is available at iraqforsale.org or bravenewfilms.org. Brave New Films is also behind the excellent OUTFOXED and WALMART:THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES. Check it all out.


I’ve been against the war all along, but if my liberal leaning perspective did not give my opinion any credibility, check out this article by former U.S. Army General Newbold from conservative leaning Time Magazine. Newbold retired early in protest over the build up to the war in Iraq. The guy makes a lot of strong points about the responsibility of our Army and civilian leaders to respect the value of our soldiers lives. I wish Newbold could have changed more minds in Washington.



New and improved! The original screen print had such a great response we had to do it again… Actually, we wanted to make some offsets to cover the streets with and then thought, “What the hell”. This offset edition is limited to 750, signed, numbered and without the TYPOS. The dimensions are 24″ x 36″ and its printed on a thick stock. For all those that missed out on the first time it was around, here is your final opportunity to snatch one up.

WOOSTER MURAL, NYC : Dec 15, 16, 17

I recently went to NY to do some art installations inside and outside. 11 Spring St. which is a building I had frequently put art on illegally is being renovated and the new owners were kind enough to give the street artists a last hurrah with the guidance of the Wooster Collective (www.woostercollective.com). I was able to do a 14 by 25 foot piece inside and a small piece on the cluttered outside. For those in NY the building is open Dec 15, 16, and 17… and that’s it. My wife and daughter stayed in LA, so I also got to hit the streets with WK Interact. Dan Flores kept an eye out for the fuzz and helped with the cold late night missions. Check out the street improvements. Thanks to WK, Wooster Collective, and Dan. Oh, lastly, a sad note on the NY front. Some spineless asshole has splattered yellow paint on a couple of my pieces in Brooklyn. Whoever you are, have the guts to sign your work. Haters never prosper… karma will catch up and I’d like to make that happen sooner than later. If anyone has info on the culprit, I would appreciate the tip. Happy Holidaze y’all.
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So, after two years in the making Supply and Demand has finally arrived and I’m very happy with the results. This book is 350 pages, large format (9″x12″) with a foil embossed cover. More than looking spiffy from the outside, it is mega-juicy on the inside. There are tons of images that have never been published as well as essays and interviews by Steven Heller, Carlo McCormick, Roger Gastman, Rob Walker, Helen Stickler, and me. This is the definitive case study, art book, bible of Obey Giant. I hope you dig it. All copies from the site are signed.

360 Pages, Hardcover
240 B&W Illus., 560 Color Illus.
All copies signed by Shepard Fairey
Retailing at $60, OBEY Posse Price $55 (plus shipping)

All International Orders require an additional shipping fee. If you live outside of the US and want to place an order, please click here for more information. International orders that do not include additional shipping cannot be proccessed.

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Metropark / OBEY are offering up and coming artists the chance to submit original artwork. The winner of the campaign will be flown to Los Angeles to meet Shepard Fairey and have their winning design produced exclusively by OBEY CLOTHING for Metropark. Designs must be submitted by January 15th, 2007.



I was recently honored to be able to do a collaboration with photographer Jenny Lens who’s candid shots of the early Punk scene are amazing. The Obey/Jenny Lens collaborative tee is in stores right now, and is a comprehensive collage of some of Jenny’s best photos. If you can’t find the shirt, you can always buy Jenny’s photos at her website www.jennylens.net

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In case you don’t know, Shepard has been spinning Thursdays at Dance Right in downtown Los Angeles. The flyers for the night have been great and we decided to screen print one of them just in time for the Holidays. The limited edition prints will be signed by Shepard and OBEY guest artist Matt Goldman (www.myspace.com/mgoldman) who designed the artwork and works at Studio Number One. This print will also be coming out in Summer 2007 as all-over print t-shirts for boys AND girls from Obey Clothing…

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