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The Swift-Cantrell public skate park is being built in Kennesaw, GA. The park will be included in the Swift-Cantrell mixed recreational use park now under construction just outside of downtown Kennesaw. The planned 30,000 sq. ft. concrete skate park will include street and transition skating areas and will be designed and built by one of the top skate park designers in the country. Costing an estimated $1,000,000 the park will be the first and only public skate park in the area. For more information on the Swift-Cantrell Skatepark, visit www.swiftcantrellskatepark.com or contact Zak Cochran at zak@kennesawskatepark.com

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White Space with Chris Yormick

Check out this free event in New York on Thursday. This event will also be the Icons Issue 2 Release party for swindle Magazine.  There will be free issues of the Icons 2 at the party.

In collaboration with W Hotels’ White Space project, SWINDLE presents an exhibition of works by Chris Yormick at W Times Square. W Hotels’ White Space is a program that brings an ever-changing visual/sensory experience in the public spaces of W Hotels, while supporting the work of emerging artists.

Chris Yormick’s approach to painting reflects his teenage years spent in DC in the late 80’s and early 90’s as a skateboarder and graffiti writer with a special sense of balance between physical and structure. Yormick has made a formidable career as an artist, designer and art director, utilizing his unique understanding of compositional balance. Yormick’s artwork has been features in gallery shows over the world. He has done design work for clients such as DefJam, eS Footwear, Fuel TV & more.

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I was recently asked to do the package for Led Zeppelin’s two CD one DVD greatest hits package Mothership. Zep is one of my favorite bands of all time and if they aren’t one of yours, you need to check that your DNA is human. If my art is 1 percent as good as this band I’m in good shape. What I’m trying to say is that the opportunity for me to hitch a ride on the coat tails of such an influential band is an honor and a coup. I was also asked to make a limited run of screen prints. 400 to be exact, of which 100 are for sale on obeygiant.com and the rest will be sent out selectively by the band and label. One hand painted multiple on collage will be available at my Merry Karnowsky Gallery exhibition, IMPERFECT UNION, opening December 1st.

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London Crush Part 2

So Shepard and Crew have just returned from Shepard’s largest exhibition to date and to say that it was a success would be an understatement! Not only did Stolenspace facilitate a wonderful exhibition in an incredible space, Shep definitely left his mark on the entire city of London with over 30 spots claimed by OBEY. We couldn’t do it with out the help of the Stolenspace Fam – Rich, Eve, Beth, “Fightin” Tom, Kevin “Fo Sho”, Steve-o, “other” Tom, and all the intern help… We appreciate everything!

Oh, one more little thing… CHECK OUT THE NEW JUXTAPOZ! Shepard is featured on the cover and got a nice little interview to boot!

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London Crush


More bombing pictures from London. Remember the show is tomorrow, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

These pictures were taken by Posse members: Delphine, Carlos, and Ernesto.

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The show is coming along nicely so far. Just some updates about whats going on in the interwebs. Obey Clothing UK has some great pictures of what has been going around london lately. They are a little artsy fartsy pictures but you can get the idea. Go check them out, obeyclothing.co.uk.

Supertouch has some more pictures. And some pictures of Shepard with SEEN in London.

Thats it, see you in London!

OBEY Takeover at Gloria’s

If you are in East London this Wednesday, you need to come to Gloria’s where Obey will be taking over! There is going to be some exclusive obey clothing Holiday product not available anywhere else in Europe. Whos going to go as Shepard Fairey?

Check out the info after the jump

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Obey Hits London

With over a hundred and fifty pieces to be hung in the Stolen Space Gallery, Shepard’s new show Ninteeneigthyforia opening on the 1st of November is going to be overwhelming to say the least with a mix of new unseen work and past work. If you live or are visiting London keep on eye out for pieces on the streets.

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Shepard in the news

Shepard Fairey: Poster boy

Here is the first press about Shepard being in London.

Shepard Fairey: Poster boy

Stolen Space Preview

A little preview of the upcoming show. This show is going to be sick, if you are in London make sure to head over to check it out.

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