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Detroit’s MC5 along with Iggy and the Stooges are the godfathers of Punk. The MC5 were also vocally political and involved in The White Panther Party, the white branch of the Black Panther Party. I’m a big fan of the MC5 and was recently honored to be asked by their bassist Michael Davis to do the logo for “Music Is Revolution”, a foundation to promote music education in public schools. Read more about it below. I also have a limited edition Obey/MC5 clothing collaboration coming out. It includes a tee-shirt and military style jacket. Look for it soon. And if you don’t have any MC5 music… go get some.



Okay, Yesterday was pretty crazy. It was my birthday, and more significantly it was the day Chuck D came to sign his print at Studio Number One. Public Enemy is my favorite hip hop group of all time and Chuck D is not only the founder and core of the group, but one of the most important figures in music, politics, and culture since punk. I was into punk and hardcore all through middle school and high school, but by 88 I was feeling they had run their course. I liked the Beastie Boys (who had coincidentally originally been a hardcore band) and RUN DMC, but not until Public Enemy did I feel Hip Hop was the new Punk. I love Public Enemy’s first record: “Yo, Bum Rush The Show”, but it was only the warm up for the sonic and lyrical firestorm of “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” and “Fear of a Black Planet”. These records are must haves. Don’t make weak excuses… get them if you don’t have them IMMEDIATELY. My design studio (Studio Number One) was named after the song Public Enemy Number One from which the group’s name was derived. Obviously, I endorse P.E. and Chuck to the fullest and am incredibly honored to have been able to do this collaboration. The image was originally created for the ICONS issue of Swindle Magazine and the illustration was a collaboration between myself and my very talented intern Ernesto Yerena. Chuck liked it and asked if a print could be made (officially this time as opposed to my unauthorized 2002 Chuck ‘n’ Flav prints). The Print is signed by Ernesto, me, and Chuck D. Chuck is getting a cut of the poster sale which is why the print is $50 instead of $35. The print edition is out of 400.


More than 240 people have signed a petition asking for the mural by American urban artist Shepard Fairey to remain outside the Trackside clothing and tattoo parlour in Heaton, Newcastle.

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The Alliance For Childrens Rights
Online Auction & Exhibit to Benefit The Alliance For Children Rights
Corey Helford Gallery

8522 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Online Auction Information
Begins: February 10, 2007
Ends: February 17 at midnight

Link to Ebay Auction Site at:
Or go directly to Ebay’s homepage and click on “Giving Works” under Categories

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Comes with mini posters!

One of the most recognizable street art icons today, Shepard Fairey scales up his contribution to the hugely popular LA DUNNY Series with this 8 inch giant! From the streets to your collection, the Obey Giant Dunny features the distinctive iconography of the classic posters, stickers, and stencils that have surfaced in urban hubs around the world. Shepard Fairey’s reproduction of the face of Andre the Giant was started as an experiment, competing with corporate mass marketing and reclaiming public space. Fairey has since turned his art into a worldwide phenomenon. In a nod to the year Shepard Fairey began working, only 1989 pieces will ever be produced. Plus each dunny with come with a blind mini poster, ‘Ankara’ or ‘OBEY ’94′ which is 1 in 6!

Signed and Limited Amount
$60.00 each

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Filter Magazine and the Hammer Museum’s new bimonthly event showcasing innovations in art, music, and culture.

featuring DJ Shepard Fairey!

Wed Feb, 7, 2007 7-11pm
FREE Admission
with RSVP by 5pm Feb 5
email: rsvpla@filtermmm.com

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Minot sightings

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… part 2

regarding the sudden spike in OBEY print sales, check out this email and response that might help clarify some things…

LA TIMES / Shepard Fairey

Check out the latest article featuring Shepard Fairey in the LA Times .


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