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the philosophy of obey

Sarah Jaye Williams knows art history, art theory, and has followed my Obey art and ideas throughout my career. She has compiled quotes for the “Philosophy of Obey” book by meticulously reading hundreds of my articles and interviews. These quotes touch on a broad range of topics and show the evolution of my positions over the years. There is humor, irreverence, hope, pessimism, anger, jubilation, and even maybe some wisdom mixed in with all the potentially contradictory thoughts and emotions. I think there is substantial food for thought in this spectrum statements. Check it out.
-Shepard Fairey

The Philosophy of Obey (Obey Giant):
The Formative Years (1989 – 2008)
By Sarah Jaye Williams
NerveBooks UK

Three (3) Versions of the book are available at www.nervebooks.net:
Comprehensive, Volume I and Volume II

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Juxtapoz Factor Laguna

Shepard was asked to participate and create a print for The Laguna Art Museum’s exhibition titled, In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor. The print was only available at the exhibition’s opening reception and sold out before the night ended. We were fortunate enough to keep a few to sell on our site… so here they are! The prints are available now, 7/1/08, and will be until supplies last. We only have a very limited quantity so we don’t expect them to be around long. 2 colorways, both editions of 200, priced at $35 each.

The print is sold out! Thanks.

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Obama Supporters Take His Name as Their Own

Here is an interesting article about some Obama Supporters and their atypical show of support.

NY Times Article

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rock the vote

The past couple of years have been great if you are into in wars, recession, and the re-election of idiotic leaders! Well, if you aren’t then you already know that this years Presidential Election is an important one – Maybe one of the most significant in U.S history . We are trying to do our part in making some changes and looking into a brighter future for our children… Yup, thats right, our children. But thats another story so I digress… To help keep the political activism and climate charged (as if the OBAMAmenon wasn’t enough), Shepard was asked by the Rock The Vote Organization to help get some voter registration awareness out there. Shepard created this design and printed up some limited edition prints. Some of the prints were given directly to the RTV organization and the others are being release here on July 1st. They are an edition of 350 and $35 each. GET OUT AND VOTE!

If you don’t know how to register to vote please click the link below

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idolize yourself

Check out that peroxided spiky hair do… no, it’s not one of the millions of copy cats spawned by the White Wedding video, it is the real BILLY IDOL. Our resident photographer shot lots of photos of us signing prints and hanging out, but then bailed for Mexico with the photos on his laptop. Now that’s what I call a BOLD STRATEGY! Anyway, I did the album package for Billy’s greatest hits album and a screen printed poster to go along with it. The prints are signed by me and Billy. The edition is 400. They are $50. Billy’s album “Idolize Yourself” comes out June 24. It contains all the classics plus some good new songs. The new wave meets propaganda package alone makes it worth picking up. I also got to interview Billy and we may put some of that up on YOUTUBE. Stay tuned.

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Interview on News Conference

I did an interview for “News Conference” and it is going to be airing this Sunday. The show airs right after “Meet the Press” on NBC. If you can’t wait to watch it, you can just go here to watch it right now. The interview mainly focus’s on Obama, but it is a good interview.


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The Los Angeles Film Festival is opening this Thursday, June 19. Shepard will be DJing the Opening Night of the Festival from 9pm to 1am. There a lot of great movies to check out and if you get a chance check out the David Choe documentary that will be premiering at the festival.

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL, June 19-29, in Westwood Village.
Tickets on Sale NOW at www.lafilmfest.com


The David Choe documentary film is world premiering this June 21 at the LA film festival. Shepard has a small snippet in the film talking David and his art. We has some of the previews and the film looks pretty intriguing. Below is the link for the festival and purchasing information for tickets.


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We are excited to announce, this year the art show will be held at the prestigious Riverside Art Museum in the historical downtown area of Riverside.

On the night of July 12th, 2008, the art show will completely take over the entire art museum, 3 floors, including special guests Matt Costa playing music on the roof (3rd floor) And Shepherd Fairey spinning records. The first two floors will display donated art from noted artists, available for purchase through silent auction bidding the night of the show.

It promises to be an event to remember giving the opportunity to raise increased awareness and funding for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, will be the featured speaker, giving an update on what is happening globally with oceanic conservation.

For more information visit www.seashepherdartshow.com

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Mr. Brainwash – “life is beautiful” Exhibition

Opens June 18th at 7pm
Former CBS Studios 6121 W Sunset Blvd @ El Centro
Opens Wednesday June 18th 7pm
6121 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036


Mr. Brainwash is an enigma. I want to hug him one second and smack him the next. He is awesome, infuriating, almost impossible to define, but if an artist is defined by relentless, obsessive passion, then MBW is definitely an artist. Which kind of artist though? When I first met MBW he was a film maker. He started documenting me putting art up on the streets and in galleries back in ’99. He has hundreds of hours of footage and often risked his neck climbing with a camera to very dangerous spots. MBW’s camera was ALWAYS on…

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alter eco

1331 Sunset (home of SNO and SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS) was recently featured on a new television series where a crew comes in and “greens” up your surroundings!  Below is a little about the series. Our episode of Alter Eco will be Monday June 16th at 9 pm ET/PT on Planet Green!  Planet Green replaces Discovery’s Home channel.

Adrian Grenier, star of HBO’s hit series Entourage, is a real-life “greenie” who wants to show audiences how they too can live the “green life.” Using as base camp an LA home currently undergoing its own green makeover, this 13-part series follows his “Green Team” of experts as they help both celebrities and ordinary people learn the small steps they can take to transition their lives to green bliss.