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18 inches by 24 inches Screen Print. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Limited numbered edition of 450 prints. $50.



Michael Moore’s new film, “Where To Invade Next,” releases nationwide tomorrow. To coincide with the film, Shepard has created a screen print offered exclusively through Mondo prints as a timed-edition release, with proceeds benefiting Rootstrikers.org and Represent.Us. The cut off for the print is tomorrow at 10AM PST. Lock in a print now and then go see the film! Shepard told Entertainment Weekly: “I think the film’s fantastic because the title suggests one side of Michael Moore, but what you get is a side that most people probably haven’t seen,” says Fairey, who is donating 50 percent of the proceeds from the poster prints to two nonprofits, Rootstrikers and Represent.us. “Rather than attacking villains, the film is celebrating heroes with good ideas in other parts of the world, many of whom were inspired by people and ideas from the United States. Of all of Michael Moore’s films, I feel that this one has the most potential to break through to an audience that doesn’t already think they agree with him. [I was inspired by] a sense of humor and a love of political propaganda. Poking fun at the way many Americans see the U.S. as flag-waving ‘liberators,’ or purveyors of ‘democracy whether you like it or not.’ I wanted the art to mirror Michael’s approach to the film as an American narrator who may not know as much as he thinks he does.” wtin2_1024x1024 “Where To Invade Next” covers the following topics: • How to actually make all universities free (and great) • How to give all workers five to eight weeks PAID vacation (which increases productivity and betters the economy) • How simple and easy it is to give mothers (or fathers) up to a year of PAID maternity leave (which in turn benefits the company overall) • How in the societies where women have achieved true equality and power, everything just seems to get better for everyone • How to reduce the crime rate by ending the war on drugs and having a humane prison system (our recidivism rate is as high as 80%; theirs is 20%) • How the economy bounces back faster and is safer when bankers are put in prison • How students in countries without standardized tests and needless homework perform better than our students (and that countries which have more arts and music in their schools do better in math and science) View the trailer below:
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