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obama support

I have been amazed by how many musicians and actors have chosen to express their support of Obama for president. Below are Scott Ian from Anthrax, Green Lantern (Nas’s DJ) and LL Cool J. Other entertainers seen in the Obama tee are Flea, King Britt, Ryan Phillipe, Z-Trip, etc… I think it’s pretty inspiring.

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obey x al rockoff


Shepard was recently presented with the opportunity to illustrate some incredible photographs taken by photojournalist Al Rockoff. The images that were drawn to Shepard fit exactly with the current times and express same complex emotions many people felt during the Vietnam War and feel today with war in Iraq.

Al Rockoff’s photos reveal the brutality, but also the conflicted humanity seen in war. The risks Rockoff took to capture his images were often as great as the risks of the subjects he wished to document. I’m honored to be able to work with Al Rockoff.
– Shepard

We will be releasing a series of prints based on Rockoff’s images the first of which is entitled Duality of Humanity 2. This print will released this Saturday, 7/26, at a random time. We will not be announcing the release time.

Al Rockoff is an American photojournalist made famous by his coverage of the Vietnam War and of the Khmer Rouges’ takeover of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. He was also portrayed in the Academy Award winning film The Killing Fields, although he has never been happy with his portrayal.

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designrelated.com interview

An Interview with the Artist

by Sean Hartman | July 23, 2008

You’ve seen his art on the streets. You’ve seen his shirts on celebrities, musicians and tattoo artists. You’ve seen him featured in everything from skateboard magazines to fine art publications. He’s been a character in a video game, a guest on Dave Navarro and Henry Rollins’ talk shows, and his iconic Andre the Giant face has been seen literally everywhere. He’s Shepard Fairey, and you know him. Even if you haven’t realized that you’re familiar with his work, you are. Although over the years he’s become known as “the OBEY guy”, he’s much more than that. He’s a father, a businessman, a DJ and a hell of an artist. One might argue about whether or not he’s an artist, and perhaps his style isn’t for everyone… but one thing is certain—Shepard Fairey works harder than you.


BOMB IT! The global graffiti documentary. Featuring street artists and top graffiti writers from 5 continents…

BOMB IT is the explosive new documentary from award-winning director Jon Reiss investigating the most subversive and controversial art form currently shaping international youth culture: graffiti.

Shepard is one of the featured 10 featured artists in the piece – out of 200 artists interviewed around the world only 60 made it into the film and only 10 are featured on the level that Shepard is… Check out the DVD!

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Duality of Humanity 1 Release


We found a solution until we get everything all fixed up! We are going to make another attempt to release the print on Saturday (7/19) at 10am PST. Below is the link where you will be able to purchase the print. The link will be inactive until 10am on Sat when the print is to be sold. Once again sorry for the delay and thanks for being patient.


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Print Release Update

Unfortunately, we were still unable to release the Duality print today due to the trouble with our site but we are reschedule a new release date as soon as we are able to get things fixed. The new release date will be posted in the preview section. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the support.

shepard on indie 103

While Steve Jones is on tour with the Sex Pistols, he is having a variety of guests host his Jonesy Jukebox show. Tomorrow Shepard guest hosts the show and he is planning on only playing TRANCE music. I kid, I kid. Listen up for some good tunes from 12pm – 2pm.

Jonesy`s Jukebox with Steve Jones
The Sire of Wilshire plays what he wants.
Monday – Thursday 12PM – 2PM
Rebroadcast at 6PM

Subliminal Projects x Big kids little kids




SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to announce Big Kids/Little Kids, the traveling art exhibition curated by John Freeborn. Inspired by his book, the group exhibition features an impressive network of over twenty artists who have contributed to the emerging contemporary art movement in Philadelphia. The Los Angeles exhibition marks the third stop on the tour after its east coast launch and presents new drawings, paintings, photography, prints and mixed media works by featured artists Shepard Fairey, Jesse Goldstein, Amy S. Kauffman, Eric McDade, Todd St. John, Adam Wallacavage, and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Works by artist Dave Delaney, John Freeborn, Joseph Hart, Jim Houser, Jordin Isip, Andrew Kuo, Thom Lessner, Tim Lewis, Shelter Serra, Shelley Spector, Issac T. Lin, Rebecca Westcott, and Ben Woodward will also be on view.

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Art for life

7/14 Update – The Art For Life Auction has been extended until July 24th

More Obama, right?… Well, this is something special. After Shepard’s initial feeling not to make a fine art piece of the OBAMA image, he thought about it and was presented with an opportunity to do something exceptional. When Shepard was asked by industry heavyweight, Russell Simmons, to donate a piece for his Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, he felt this was a worthy cause. The piece is being auctioned for the Art For Life Charity event. This piece is approximately 4×6 foot in size and its a mixed media stencil collage on paper. It may be the only fine art piece of this image available to the public. You can bid on the piece through the Art For Life Auction here.

For more information please visit rushphilanthropic.org

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idolize yourself update

Check out this new promotion over the next 18 days. Each day a new video intro will be unveiled with Billy Idol and Shepard. You can see the videos at here

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