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NY street action

I was in NY to DJ at the Guggenheim over the weekend, which was super fun, and I took the opportunity to hit the streets while in town. Here are a few photos of stuff in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Some of the stuff was not photographed but will show up on flickr… no doubt. Thanks to my friend Z who helped out and almost got taken in for putting up a sticker. NY is no joke… the cops have zero tolerance.

– Shepard

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A little over a year ago WK and I did a show together in Tokyo. WK is always great to work with. It was a pretty big undertaking, but we pulled it off and managed to hit the streets too. This video has a bit of the gallery and street action. Thanks to my right hand man Dan Flores for his assistance.

– Shepard

Check out the video here:


TI$A “Vote Obama” video directed by Kenzo

The link below is a great video for Sa-Ra front man Taz Arnold (TI$A)’s new song “Vote Obama”. My art is displayed prominently in this video and I make a cameo short enough to keep my un-funkiness from spoiling the infectious fun. Check it out.



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Extremely Important Message…

Wasim from Kotori put into words almost perfectly what I feel about this election as well. Please take a moment to read what he has to say. The importance of this election cannot be emphasized enough. Thank you.

Extremely Important Message from the Editor In Chief of Kotori Magazine

OK, I just had to post these thoughts. I could no longer sit back and ‘wait to see what happens’ without chiming in. After all, I run a magazine here and goddamnit I’m going to take advantage of it.

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Dave Navarro Mania TV

I saw Jane’s Addiction open for the Ramones in 88 and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Dave Navarro invited me on his TV show on Mania and we had a great time discussing art , music and politics. It airs this Thurs. at 8PM (I think). Check it out.


The show will air on May 8th at 8pm here:

Obama Bootleg Tee

I did not design this shirt. I saw it in an ad in the back of Rolling Stone and contacted the company to see if they were donating any of the proceeds to Obama’s campaign. They are, so if you dig an Obey/Obama mashup you can get it at moewampum.com.


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Jim Houser at Merry K

A good friend of ours is having an opening this Saturday… We encourage everyone to check out the show.  Jim is an amazing artist and we are glad he is back for another solo exhibition.  See you there!

MERE INCHES New works by Jim Houser

Opening reception May 3, 8 p.m.-11 p.m.

Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 S. La Brea Ave.

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Shepard will be in NYC this Friday DJing at the Guggenheim for their ART AFTER DARK (First Fridays) event series. If you are around stop by and listen to some great music.

May 2 – Shepard Fairey

Guggenheim Museum

5th Ave at 89th

9pm – 1am


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SSI Print

I met John Goff in 1997 while I was living in San Diego. He liked my work and offered to help me screen print. I was broke so I could not afford a drying rack for the prints. John would lay the prints out to dry on the floor He would never accept money, but only asked for posters(which were virtually worthless at the time) in return for his efforts. John was easy to work with because once he discovered we both liked the Melvins, he started bringing great records over. I got all the Kraftwerk albums from John and realized that he was really into electronic music. Now, 11 years later, John’s love of electronic music collides with me owing him a favor. John has an electronic music project with his brother Will called SSI (Sonic Solutions Incorporated) and asked me to design an SSI poster. You can check out and buy the posters here. John is also an audio whiz and has been helping me re-edit some songs to DJ with. He is also going to help me engineer a rock mix CD that I will release sometime in the fall.


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Obama Stickers Update

Stickerobot.com just re-up’d on the OBAMA stickers!

Just to fill everyone in on these OBAMA Stickers… Sticker Robot has been making them and has them up on their site for sale. There are a limited quantity left of the PROGRESS version so act fast before they run out. For more information visit www.stickerobot.com or click here.