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Stop Police brutality / free ACLU mobile justice App!

Empower yourself and help fight police brutality. Download the FREE Mobile Justice app courtesy of ACLU of California​!

As someone who’s had to deal with police brutality, I’m all for this initiative. I think that police oversight is very important because even though I think most police are doing the best they can at a challenging job the people who are abusive need to be held accountable and weeded out. – Shepard

Empowered by the ACLU of California, MOBILE JUSTICE CA is a free mobile application available on Android and iOS!

Communities across the U.S. continue to suffer from over-policing, racial profiling and excessive use of force. MOBILE JUSTICE CA app will be one way we can put a check on law enforcement misconduct. With this app you can:

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Rebel Music Season 2 Premiere!

I am honored to the be an Executive Producer on MTV’s Rebel Music series. Season 2 premieres TODAY on MTV at 3pm EST and kick’s off with the struggle artists face in Turkey. Check out the full episode of the premiere below!

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Earth day Follow Up

Wow!… an amazing result of my Earth Day post about Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything”, is that she emailed me a nice note with a “This Changes Everything” video link. It’s great, so please watch the video AND read the book. Thanks for caring.


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Subliminal Projects: Surface Recap!

The opening at Subliminal Projects last Saturday, for Søren Solkær’s SURFACE project, was a blast! It was great to see old friends and such a unique portrayal of graffiti artists from around the world all under one roof. Surface runs until May 23rd. Check out these pictures from the opening below and get more details HERE!

All photos by Sam Graham

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Why Elizabeth Warren Needs to Run for President

Lawrence Lessig has been a friend and inspiration for several years. I read his book “Remix” and I was fascinated to read his case for cultural richness and evolution based on creative exception to copyright and Fair Use. Lessig argues that the evolving legal interpretation of copyright to favor corporate interests is an unfortunate by-product of current campaign finance structure or what Lessig calls “legal corruption.” Of course, legalized corruption is the source of many problems including lack of pollution regulations and financial industry oversight. Check out Lessig’s powerful presentation on “legal corruption.” I think Elizabeth Warren is a crusader for justice and I absolutely understand why Lessig would back her, but this talk is worth watching regardless of who you back for president.


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Mysterious death of Freddie Gray / police brutality

If you’ve been following what is going on in Baltimore, you know that there have been protests and unrest in response to Freddie Gray’s mysterious death as a result of his arrest by police that left his voice box crushed and 80% of his spine severed. Some people want to focus on poor behavior by protesters and broken windows instead of the systemic issues with the police and economic injustice. The son of the owner of the Baltimore Orioles and COO of the organization made a courageous statement looking at the root causes of the unrest. Like him, I’m a firm believer in non-violence, but he makes great points about the sources of struggle and frustration in Baltimore and other cities across America.


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Interpolation 7″

We just completed the LA version of the Interpol collaboration in Echo Park. It’s great timing since, like many of you, I just saw them at Coachella. This is the 7-inch that we worked on together for Record Store Day.  We are selling 150 of the 7-inches on April 28 so if you didn’t find it in a shop, check our website. Thanks as always for caring!  -Shepard


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Juxtapoz Features the work of Søren Solkær!

Check out this great Juxtapoz Magazine video showcase with photographer Søren Solkær about his latest project Surface: Portraits of Street Artists! If you’re in the LA area be sure to stop by the opening of Soren’s show at Subliminal Projects this Saturday! Get the details HERE and check out the video below.

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The Underground Museum auction is LIVE!!

Check out the many works of art up for auction to support The Underground Museum! You can view my piece, Endless Power, and all other works HERE!

Auction is currently live and ends May 7th.

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Printed Matters & Public Matter show opening in Detroit!

Library Street Collective is pleased to present Printed Matters, a solo exhibition featuring the work of renowned artist Shepard Fairey, who will return to Detroit for the first time in over a decade. Printed Matters is a continuous series of exhibitions, which focuses on the importance of printed material in Fairey’s art. Each exhibition highlights this significance by incorporating a variety of Shepard’s printed material, including serigraphs on paper, editions on wood, editions on metal, and fine art collage. For its next installment, Printed Matters will exhibit in Detroit, Michigan at Library Street Collective (1260 Library Street) and will be on view from May 22nd –August 15th, 2015.

Library Street Collective Presents

Printed Matters & Public Matter
Works By Shepard Fairey

May 22nd — August 15th, 2015

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 22nd, 2015 from 6 p.m. — 10 p.m.

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