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Cover September in Windmills

In case you didn’t know, September is the month to raise awareness and push for Clean Energy Change in the U.S.  Wind energy is one of the most important facets of a Clean Energy Future for America – that’s why we need your help with our new Cover September in Windmills Campaign.

We are releasing a PDF of the Windmill image so you can download and print the Clean Energy for America image and help spread the word!
Clean Energy for America PDF Download

ATTENTION: This Download is not to be reproduced for Sales Merchandise or For-Profit Materials.

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Right Wing-Tards

My friend Tim from the band Rise Against sent me this video link. It would be amusing if the media were not conceding to the irrational discourse perpetuated by people like the ones in this video. If you pay attention, most of the arguments are based on emotion and are not rational. The majority of the people don’t know any details of Obama’s health plan or tax structure. I think if you don’t know the facts, let the adults who do know them handle things. I spoke to a reporter yesterday who admitted that the media needs to cover these idiots and their drama for ratings. When watching the news keep that in mind. Check the video out.
– Shepard


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Jordan x Fairey Master Print Sets

*Note: These Matching Number Master Sets are available for a limited time only!


Complete Set of 3 Michael Jordan, Shepard Fairey Dual-Autographed 26×36 Silkscreen Prints
Complete Set of 3 Michael Jordan 26×36 Silkscreen Prints Autographed by Artist Shepard Fairey

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Z Trip x Shepard x European Tour

For all those in Europe, Shepard is going be in Opening for the world famous Z TRIP on a few European Dates.  Shepard and Z Trip will be hitting Amsterdam, London and Paris.  In light of this mini-tour, Shepard will be releasing a Tour Print.  The print is Edition 350, 18 x 24, S/N, $45.  On Sale 9/22.  Limit 1.

Z-Trip has been my favorite DJ for years, but recently a poll was conducted and it seems America agrees with me. Z-Trip was voted the BEST DJ in America. I’m very proud of him and honored to be spinning with him in Europe.

9/24 – Amsterdam @ PARADISO
9/25 – London @ MATTER
9/26 – Paris @ LA MAROQUINERIE


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Jordan x Fairey x Upper Deck

Upper Deck Authenticated Unveils Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Tribute Series from Artist Shepard Fairey
Series includes Jordan UNC, BULLS, and Hall of Fame Portrait Prints

Everything about Michael Jordan is iconic, from his slam dunks to his signature shoes to his tongue wagging to his number, so he makes a great subject for portraiture because everything about him is laced with cultural significance. You can tell from the look in his eyes, even back when he was at the University of North Carolina, that he was obsessed with greatness, but he also managed to do everything with a sense of flair. I think it’s that combination of intensity and style, and of course his singular talent, that make him the embodiment of a legend.
– Shepard

Print Series will go on sale starting Thursday, Sept. 17th.  Please return to OBEYGIANT.com for Purchasing Link.

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New Shape of Culture

I’m very sad to say that the right wing hate machine has successfully targeted my good friend Yosi. Yosi just stepped down from his position at the National Endowment of the Arts. Yosi is a great guy who wants only to better the country and the world. A conference call he participated in asking artists to deal with issues they care about in their art was spun by Glenn Beck as some sort of propaganda campaign. It is despicable that Glenn Beck did what he did, but equally that it got traction and impacted Yosi in his positive efforts. Yosi worked selflessly and tirelessly as a grassroots activist for Obama and it is tragic that a human being of his calibre is being targeted for trying to do GOOD. When you think of the lies Republican members of congress are telling about health care reform, it is insane that their untruthful propaganda is tolerated and Yosi is losing his job. It is more clear than ever that the Republican party is about self interest and division, and is not interested in the collective good. The ART FOR OBAMA book is about to come out and it turned out great. Yosi played a huge roll in organizing the artists and the Manifest Hope shows. Check out the book and lament the loss of a dedicated creative force in Yosi. We really needed him. I feel very sad right now.


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SABER LA River Piece

In 1997 my friend Saber made what might be the most ambitious and spectacular graffiti piece in history on the concrete bank of the LA River. The piece was recently painted over as part of a faux environmental protection initiative, a superficial political move that does nothing to improve the environmental condition of the LA River, and in fact simply added MORE paint to its surface and wasted money. 12 years is a good run for a graff piece, but a piece of this quality should have been recognized for its artistic value and protected. There is an article about the removal of the piece on Saber’s site. Check it out.


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Philip Lumbang’s Hug Life show

My friend Phil is having an art show this weekend and I will be DJing, Check it out. Also, The London Police and Dan Baldwin are doing a show at The Carmichael Gallery on Sept. 10. More info after the jump.

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Fired Up and Ready to Go?

My friend Glen E. Friedman wrote a great call to action directed at Barack Obama and health care reform. Glen and I discuss politics frequently and we see eye to eye on many issues, and have debated others. Above all, I respect Glen as a thoughtful person with powerful conviction. I agree with what Glen has written here, and I too am dismayed that the right has brainwashed many Americans into acting AGAINST their self interest and in FAVOR of corporate interests. Please take the time to read Glen’s post and realize that we need to stand up for people, not corporations. Thanks.


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Sick and Wrong by Matt Taibbi

There is a very thorough article about health care reform called “Sick and Wrong” written by Matt Taibbi in the new issue of Rolling Stone. Taibbi’s writing is always very insightful, but this article is especially timely considering the need for the public to understand the various dynamics of the health care reform debate. If you care at all about this issue please pick up the Rolling Stone issue 1086 with the Beatles on the cover or read this link. Thanks.

Below are are some video interviews where Matt explains his argument and discusses his article:


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