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180 South

18 x 24″ Screen Print, $50, Signed by Shepard Fairey and Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia), Edition of 450    SOLD OUT

180 Southis a new film retracing the 1968 journey of Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) and Doug Tompkins (founder of North Face) across South America. The film is told through the eyes of climber/surfer/writer Jeff Johnson over a six-month trek, conveying a unique voice for environmentalism based on experience rather than pie charts and idealism.180 South and OBEY have teamed up to raise awareness about the destruction of one of the last remaining wild places on earth. The area, in Chile’s Patagonia region, is being threatened by relentless development, including the Hidro Aysen dam proposal. This includes the construction of five dams on the Pascua and the Baker River.

By creating these dams, irreversible damage would occur to the rivers and the ecosystems. In addition to the damming, a massive forest would be clear-cut for electrical transmission lines, scarring the landscape. Over 500 electrical towers would be built along the way, further threatening the wilderness. Please help us support the preservation of these untouched temperate rainforests, endangered species and the lives of local inhabitants.

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April 30th – May 16th
151 Orchard Street, New York City
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Malcolm McLaren Rest In Peace

Malcolm McLaren the former manager and schemer behind the Sex Pistols died today. As many of you know, the Sex Pistols were one of the biggest influences in my life. My daughter Vivienne is named after Malcolm’s ex Vivienne Westwood who did all the fashion for the Pistols. Jamie Reid, the Sex Pistols graphic artist and a college buddy of Malcolm’s, was one of my first art and graphics influences. Malcolm was a brilliant strategist and media manipulator for the Sex Pistols. His love of “the spectacle” as inspired by The Situationist movement has been an influence on many pranksters including Banksy. Malcolm attended a couple of my art shows and we ended up having dinner together a few times too. The conversation from one of the dinners ended up being an article in Swindle magazine(named after the Pistol’s album and movie “The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle). It was hard to get a word in with Malcolm, but his insights and grand ambitions were often profound, and always entertaining. Malcolm and the Sex Pistols not only changed the ENTIRE music culture of the 70’s in ways that can still be felt, but they changed my life. Thanks and farewell Malcolm.

To read more about Malcolm here is a feature from SWINDLE MAGAZINE:

To download a PDF of the feature please click here.

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I have been a fan of Iggy and The Stooges since the mid eighties. I discovered the Stooges after hearing The Sex Pistol’s cover of their song “No Fun” from The Stooges first album. I also loved the Iggy Pop solo song “Repo Man”, the title track from the movie Repo Man directed by Alex Cox in 1984. Coincidentally, former Sex Pistol Steve Jones contributed lead guitar to the track. The more I learned about Iggy, his music with the Stooges, his solo material, and his collaborations with David Bowie and many others, the more I realized what a diverse talent and icon he is. During my days of listening to punk almost exclusively, all three Iggy and The Stooges albums were in heavy rotation, but the one I tended to skate to was Raw Power. Raw Power added guitarist James Williamson to the line-up and his leads made the Stooges sound even more aggressive. When the Stooges re-formed in 2003(I think) they only performed material from their first two albums because return member and original guitarist Ron Asheton did not play guitar on Raw Power. Don’t get me wrong, the first two Stooges records are great, but I always wanted to hear material from Raw Power. Sadly, Ron Asheton died last year. This tragedy however seems to have brought Iggy and James Williamson back together. Their reunion has resulted in a Raw Power tour. In a ridiculously fortuitous convergence for me, I was in touch with Iggy about doing a portrait of him for my show at Deitch Projects, and I also worked with photographer Robert Matheu on the Billy Idol greatest hits album “Idolize Yourself”. Anyway, Robert was working on the deluxe re-issue of Raw Power, as well as a book on the Stooges. Iggy, not knowing Robert and I already knew each other, asked Robert to send me the Stooges book. This exchange resulted in me being asked about designing a poster for the Raw Power deluxe package and the Raw Power tour. I could try to act cool about it, but honestly this is a dream come true for me. Thank you Iggy and Robert. My illustration is based on a photo of Iggy and James Williamson by Robert Matheu. The poster is signed by me and Robert. Buy Iggy And The Stooges “Raw Power” album right away if you don’t have it.

http://www.threadshop.net/IggyandTheStooges – merch
http://www.iggyandthestoogesmusic.com/ – website

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Urgent call for your support for an indigenous community that has been badly affected by the earthquake that took place on Sunday. As you all might have heard by now in the news the Sunday’s earthquake epicentered in Mexicali. While on the news they have claimed that no big damages where caused the reality is that many people in the outskirt towns of Mexicali were badly affected.

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SUBject / subJECT at Subliminal Projects

SATURDAY, APRIL 10TH, 2010 / 8-11PM

APRIL 10TH – MAY 8TH, 2010


Subliminal Projects is pleased to present SUBject/subJECT, a group exhibition opening April 10, featuring works from over a dozen female artists handpicked by the gallery and co-curator Deedee Cheriel.

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These Parties Disgust Me

In case you didn’t pick up on it, today’s print release is a graphic declaration… demonstrating my deep disdain for dysfunctional democracy. The image is a cathartic opportunity for me to w(h)ine about my frustrations with the two major political parties. Vote for people who want campaign finance reform because that is the only way to decrease the influence of corporations and special interests on our elected officials.

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Keith Haring Foundation x Aids Walk x OBEY

Join the fight against AIDS and remember Keith Haring. 2010 Marks the 20th anniversary of Keith’s untimely death from AIDS.Please lend your support by making a donation to the 2010 AIDS Walk in his memory.

If you donate $50 or more AND you walk on May 16, you will receive a unique, limited edition T-shirt featuring artwork by Shepard Fairey based on a portrait of Keith by Patrick McMullan, shirts donated by OBEY Clothing.

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support the AIDS Walk New York.
Please give generously.


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NYC Mural Sites Call Out!

The OBEY CREW is looking for sites in NYC (Manhattan & Brooklyn) that can be used by Shepard Fairey for his mural works in late April to support his exhibition at Deitch Projects Opening on May 1st.  This is your chance to experience the art and be a part of the OBEY phenomenon, in addition to contributing to the enhancement of the urban landscape.  If you are interested in having an genuine Shepard Fairey/OBEY mural, PLEASE CLICK FOR MORE to get all the submission requirements and info.  You supply the wall, we supply the art.  THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

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Save MY Oceans x SNO

Participant Media has announced that it will take its Social Action campaign for Disneynature’s upcoming motion picture OCEANS on the road with the SAVE MY OCEANS TOUR (www.savemyoceans.com). Studio Number One’s designer Casey Ryder, designed the poster to help spread the word. In conjunction with the opening of the film, the tour will visit a cross-section of college campuses nationwide with a series of events that celebrate our collective passion for the oceans and educate students on what they can do to help protect them.

MORE INFORMATION visit Save My Oceans facebook to become a fan:http://www.facebook.com/savemyoceans

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