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Aung San Suu Kyi image

It is great to see advocates of political reform and human rights in Burma utilizing the Aung San Suu Kyi image I created. Check out the article below.


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Our friends at Causecast are putting together a flashmob this Sunday in Los Angeles to bring awareness to the human rights violations in Burma. The poster I created of Burmese leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, for Jack Healy and the Human Rights Action Center will be given to all participants of the flashmob. See below for details:

At 4:00 p.m sharp this Sunday at the Abbot Kinney Festival, hundreds of individuals will freeze in place, unfurl their free Shepard Fairey poster of Aung San Suu Kyi, and stand in silence for exactly five minutes to show their solidarity with Burma and raise awareness for her as the symbol of freedom. Then at 4:05 p.m. everyone will break their freeze, close the poster and pass out Burma information flyers to anyone around them.

Who: YOU! Anyone in Los Angeles and the Venice Area. Activists, artists, musicians, teachers, families, students…we need everyone.
When: THIS SUNDAY, Free Poster Pickup is from 10am -3pm. Flash mob is at 4pm-4:05pm
Where: ABBOT KINNEY FESTIVAL, Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice, Ca.

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Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change
Edited by Shepard Fairey & Jennifer Gross


In conjunction with the themes of hope and change, all of the authors’ profits from this book will be donated to Americans for the Arts (http://www.americansforthearts.org/) charity.

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Michael Jordan/Shepard Fairey Dual-Autographed, 26 x 36, Edition of 50, Master Serigraph Prints
Individual Prints of the Hall of Fame Portrait, Chicago Bulls, and North Carolina

Shepard Fairey Autographed, 26 x 36, Edition of 50, Master Serigraph Prints
Individual Prints of the
Hall of Fame Portrait, Chicago Bulls, and North Carolina

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Dan Baldwin x The London Police

If you did not catch Dan Baldwin and The London Police at The Carmichael Gallery make sure to head down or check it online. The work is great.



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G20 Conference Pittsburgh

This is a big week in terms of global issues with the G20 Conference in Pittsburgh and the opening of the general assembly of the UN in NYC. To create awareness for global warming and the human atrocities in Burma, I’ve created the “Windmill” and the ASSK “Freedom to Lead” images, respectively. I encourage everyone who is in those areas to download these images and spread the word. For collectors, signed posters are still available HERE AT THE OBEY STORE.

Clean Energy for America PDF Download

Aung San Suu Kyi Download PDF

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Global Premiere of “The Age of Stupid”

My friend Laura Dawn from MoveOn.org sent me this. I have not seen the film but I have the highest regard for Laura’s opinion. Anyone who has been paying attention to my art knows that I have concerns about global warming and the environment. Please take the time to read this and if you are in NY try to go to tonight’s screening.

Monday, September 21st 2009, MoveOn.org is co-sponsoring, along with Greenpeace and Tck! Tck! Tck!, the Largest One Night Screening of a Film Flipping EVER–seriously, we are breaking the Guiness Book of World Records. We are now in over 700 theaters in over 62 countries with over 1 million viewers, and its all happening tomorrow night. Due to the amazing response, we’ve moved to the biggest theater in Union Square in NYC and there are still some tickets left in LA.

PLEASE, click here –  http://www.ageofstupid.net/

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I am very frustrated by the number of people spreading misinformation, or disinformation,intentional lies, about health care reform. If you want to know exactly what health care reform entails please check out factsaboutreform.org and help counter the false information out there. Thanks for caring.

Cover September in Windmills

In case you didn’t know, September is the month to raise awareness and push for Clean Energy Change in the U.S.  Wind energy is one of the most important facets of a Clean Energy Future for America – that’s why we need your help with our new Cover September in Windmills Campaign.

We are releasing a PDF of the Windmill image so you can download and print the Clean Energy for America image and help spread the word!
Clean Energy for America PDF Download

ATTENTION: This Download is not to be reproduced for Sales Merchandise or For-Profit Materials.

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Right Wing-Tards

My friend Tim from the band Rise Against sent me this video link. It would be amusing if the media were not conceding to the irrational discourse perpetuated by people like the ones in this video. If you pay attention, most of the arguments are based on emotion and are not rational. The majority of the people don’t know any details of Obama’s health plan or tax structure. I think if you don’t know the facts, let the adults who do know them handle things. I spoke to a reporter yesterday who admitted that the media needs to cover these idiots and their drama for ratings. When watching the news keep that in mind. Check the video out.
– Shepard


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