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I’m not worthy!!!!!

Alice Cooper goes way back in Detroit with Iggy. Johnny Rotten sang “Eighteen” by Alice Cooper to try out for the Sex Pistols. The Melvins cover him. Needless to say, Alice Cooper is a legend. I saw Alice last night and he rocked. Keri Kelli his guitarist invited me and Amanda to the show. When I met Alice he said he liked me in “Exit Through The Gift Shop” I said “thank you”, but all I could think was “Whoaaaaaaa…I’m not worthy!!!!!”

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Colbert Speaks on Shepard Fairey Obama Response

Even Colbert jumped on the opportunity to comment on the spin-doctored “Obama Poster Artist Losing HOPE” story. See how this misinformation thing works? At least he gave a shout out to Farah’s attributes.

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Shepard Fairey Response on Obama

Regardless of how I feel about Obama, I believe democracy is about more than just voting. I choose to address different political issues with my art, using images to increase awareness, and art sales to raise funds for social causes I care about. We all have outlets for our voices and choices about how we choose to spend our money, whether its purchasing a fuel efficient hybrid or paying a little extra for electricity from green energy sources. Each of these acts, sends a message to our leaders and corporations about the direction we want them to go.

Below is a link to my response to the media’s misrepresentation of my comments on Obama last week.


The original misrepresented article can be read here:


Colbert Testifies Before Congress

I have a lot of admiration for Colbert as both an entertainer and a political commentator. Many of my favorite people do both well, and Colbert is a shining example even if many people don’t grasp the incisiveness of his political wit. Colbert usually plays a character and part of his success is his dedication to remaining in character. There is video of Colbert addressing Congress about the migrant worker and immigration situation in character which is, as expected, pointed and hilarious. However, there is also video of Colbert breaking character and earnestly discussing his concerns for the well being of people with the least power in society. Of course, some people are claiming Colbert made a mockery of Congress, I feel that Colbert could not make any more of a mockery of Congress than they have made of themselves. Colbert demonstrates a compassion and sincerity in the linked video below that few members of Congress could compete with. Please support immigration reform and human rights for all.



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Freedom To Lead

I recently donated my FREEDOM TO LEAD image of Aung San Suu Kyi to an organization called The Best Friend. They printed posters to raise funds and awareness about the situation in Burma. You can support by buying a poster from them or making a donation. I recently watched a great documentary called BURMA VJ that follows the 2007 Saffron Revolution that the founders of The Best Friend were deeply involved in. The film is moving and powerful in showcasing the courage of the Burmese monks and guerilla video journalists. There are still FREEDOM TO LEAD poster available on obeygiant.com as well with proceeds going to support human rights in Burma.

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Art For Tibet 2

Art for Tibet Online Art Auction Open Now
Click here to view and bid:
Online Auction Closes September 25th at 5pm (EST)
Art for Tibet Honorary and Curatorial Committee Members
Richard Gere, Yodon Thonden, Robert Thurman
Shepard Fairey, Joseph Ian Henrikson, Jonathan Hulland, Kurt Langer
Simeon Lipman, John Peet, Tenzing Rigdol, Lisa Shimamura, Sonam Zoksang
Cordially Invite You to Art for Tibet II
For the second-annual Art for Tibet, over 150 acclaimed artists exhibit art works
in support of the Tibetan freedom struggle and persecuted artists.  A group of renowned contemporary
Tibetan and international artists have generously donated to this benefit event and art auction.
Silent Auction will conclude during the second annual
Art for Tibet benefit celebration Saturday, September 25th from 5pm –  10pm
DJ sets, live painting performances, and drinks throughout the night provided by Beerlao
For more information and to view the complete contributing artist list (in formation):

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The Warholian

The Warholian is an exhibition of photos, film, portraits and objects by Andy Warhol and various artists inspired and influenced by his work. The exhibit features a variety of Warhol-inspired pieces by artists such as Shepard Fairey, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst, celebrating the great pop artist’s deep effect on contemporary art.

Opening Reception featuring DJ Diabetic
September 23, 8pm – 1am

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Studio Number One (SNO)  now has a weekly blog post with Complex.com that Shepard and crew will be writing with updates dropping every Thursday AM.

This first post is about the recent Printed Matters show

Printed Matters x Subliminal Projects x Shepard Fairey

We are pleased to announce that OBEY GIANT ART will be coming to Subliminal Projects. PRINTED MATTERS, will be an exhibition that incorporates every variety of Shepard’s printed work, including prints on wood, metal, album cover and fine art collage on paper.

Some people say print is on its way out, that it will be wiped out by digital media, but I say you can never replace the provocative, tactile experience of an art print on the street or in a gallery. Printing still matters.

Opening Reception
Printed Matters
September 16th / 8 – 11pm

Gestalten x Subliminal Projects
Book Signing
Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art
September 16th / 7 – 8pm

Subliminal Projects
1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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To Build a Mosque

This weekend was the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and Michael Moore wrote a great piece looking at the recent NYC mosque controversy from above the irrational emotions and politicking. It is a sad anniversary. 9/11 can’t be undone, but the kind of hate that fueled it does not have to be perpetuated. Tolerance has never been easy, but at least it has at some times been an American aspiration. Let’s not allow Fox news style fear tactics to shift American culture in a more intolerant direction. Read below and rise above. Thanks-Shepard

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